Jon Justice joins Joe Higgins in leaving conservative morning talk in Tucson

Jon Justice is leaving Tucson and vacating his morning show that he has had for the past 9 years on 104.1.

Jon Justice.

Justice was one of the top vocal critics of local Latinx activists who used to bash on the now-banned yet super-successful Mexican American Studies program almost daily while it still existed.

Jon Justice is leaving Tucson today.

Joe Higgins from the morning show on KVOI is leaving at the end of this month. However, he is staying here in Tucson to focus more on his business.

The morning show, Wake Up Tucson, will be expanding to 3 hours, from 6-9am. “Chris [DeSimone] will be bringing in folks as guests to keep the show moving,” said Doug Martin, the owner of KVOI.

Martin was also asked about the 9am slot when the daylight savings occurs, which last fall and spring was filled by Shaun McClusky’s Talk of the Town; “We will be having a lifestyle show for seniors. It won’t be political. More about health care, travel, entertainment etc.”

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