TSON News | Kristel Foster transformed into Rodney Glassman tonight

Kristel Foster transformed into Rodney Glassman tonight

Full disclosure: Kristel Foster and Three Sonorans used to be really good friends.

In fact, she was the one that convinced me to start blogging!

It was the summer of 2010, right when SB1070 and HB2281 were going down. Only one person was running for the US Senate against John McCain from the Democrats at the time, and it was a slimy weasel by the name of Rodney Glassman, who is now a Republican today.

Rodney used to love to sing, and you may have heard him at a UA game singing the national anthem. The sad thing is he will never know if he gets to sing because of the millions of dollars he has from daddy and the Glassman Foundation, or if because people really like to hear him sing.

Rodney also used to love being the perfect grandson that every older person wanted. He acted like a good boy, collars through the Christmas sweater as he sang Christmas songs as everyone lifts up their wine glass to the perfect little boy who earned his Eagle Scout at the age of 13.

But those of us who knew better supported another candidate who jumped into the race with only one month left to collect signatures: Randy Parraz.

While volunteering for Randy in May 2010, I suggested we drop by an all-night vigil at Tucson High School for Ethnic Studies, and that’s when Kristel met Randy, and needless to say her Latino fetish kicked in.

We learned just how much of a weasel Rodney Glassman was, and that’s when I learned how little I trusted the Tucson Democrats for supporting a candidate from a rich farming and pesticide company in Fresno, CA, from a Republican family that supported John McCain against Barack Obama, and now they are going to run their son against him?

I did mention that Rodney is now a Republican right?

Oh but the Democrats were so in love with him…

And as the primary neared, in July, Randy Parraz had his birthday, but he had to speak to the Pinal Democratic Party that afternoon. Parraz’s campaign volunteers were close like family, and one of the women volunteers decided that they would surprise Randy at this event. She bought him a cake, and they planned to have it brought out when he spoke and that would be a nice surprise.

But then Rodney Glassman found out about the cake…

And he was there also, speaking first. As he started speaking, he asked Randy to stand up because it was his birthday, signaled for this cake to be brought out, and then started singing happy birthday to Randy! The woman who bought the cake was crushed because this weasel just stole her surprise.

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And the Democrats, oh my god they were in love with Rodney… I mean, here he is signing happy birthday to his opponent with cake… what a great guy Rodney Glassman is… I hear he got his Eagle Scout when he was 13 years old!

Former Grijalva aide Rodney Glassman, a rich Fresno farmer that even Dolores Huerta and the UFW endorsed, is now a Republican, just as he was before.

Former Grijalva aide Rodney Glassman, a rich Fresno farmer that even Dolores Huerta and the UFW endorsed, is now a Republican, just as he was before.

A lot of us learned how horrible Rodney was that day, especially those of us who knew the person who planned this surprise.

But the former Grijalva-aide and fully-endorsed-by-the-Grijalva-machine candidate Rodney Glassman still had people fooled.

Or maybe they knew his true nature, which makes them even worse.

And then tonight, just 6 years later, my former “Parrista” friend Kristel Foster turned into a Rodney Glassman before our very eyes.

The board meeting just started, and Kristel asks if she can speak.

Kristel then pulls out a card, and says that she wants to congratulate fellow board member Mark Stegeman for recently getting married.

This was news to everyone, since Mark Stegeman had not revealed this happy news yet but here Kristel goes and ruins HIS good news, HIS surprise?

Kristel, who the f*ck told you it was okay to just reveal Stegeman’s personal business like that to everyone? Where you trying to get extra points for being fake-nice… like Rodney Glassman did 6 years ago?

Did I mention that Kristel is running against Mark this year, and it’s not like they are friends. She was as genuine with spoiling Stegeman’s news about getting married as Rodney Glassman was when he let everyone know that it was Randy Parraz’s birthday and sang to him.

And thus I saw a former friend of mine finally get sucked in completely to the darkness of whatever local party runs the town, the nastiness, the conversion into a mean girl like Rodney Glassman is. Kristel and I saw it together and we saw how despicable it all was. Today I still see how despicable it is, but Kristel has a new Latino flame in town: The “Half-Million Dollar Man” that is the superintendent of TUSD. This new mis-leader of TUSD doesn’t like Stegeman, so mean girl acts like the one Kristel pulled tonight with Stegeman, while despicable on the level of a Rodney Glassman… well now they are just her showing how true she is to the Party, to the Machine, and to the local corruption that she ran to fight against, but now it is Kristel that is a main part of the problem.

Dems love her, and she loves Dems, which makes the entrance of a Republican like HT Sanchez into this picture kinda strange, a man who would love to have public schools turn into charter schools, a man from a Texas oil company family in the same part that George W. Bush got his start.

But Glassman was also a Republican and the Dems loved him… and thus history repeats itself all over again… and now that Rodney Glassman has left the Democratic Party the new Mean Girl in town has arisen: Kristel Foster, the new Rodney Glassman.

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