Is the Pima Sheriff Dept covering up a drug trafficking operation from one of their own?

Shaun McClusky, a good friend of many police officers in town, lets us know the rest of the story as Paul Harvey might say, regarding recent scandals and possible coverups inside the Pima Sheriff’s Department. Recently this story includes an FBI investigation, a suicide of a top-ranking deputy inside the PCSD, and now a possible ecstasy-import from Germany ring that includes a recently promoted officer.

The audio excerpt above is from WakeUp Tucson on KVOI-1030AM, when they interviewed McClusky during their August 29th, 2016 show. They begin, as we will, with a recent story from the Arizona Daily Star:

  • The son of sheriff’s captain is facing multiple felony charges after a federal investigation revealed he was having drugs shipped to his father’s home, court records show.
  • Kevin Brent Anderson, son of Capt. Gary Anderson, who heads the Pima County Sheriff’s Department’s criminal investigations division, was arrested at a Marana residence May 13, according to a probable cause statement filed by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.
  • Pima County property records show Capt. Anderson and his wife are the owners of the home where their son was arrested and drugs seized.
  • Court documents indicate that Kevin Anderson was living in the house with his parents at the time.
  • On May 6, U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents at JFK International Airport in New York intercepted a package containing more than 1,000 Ecstasy pills, addressed to Kevin Anderson at his Marana home, the probable cause statement says.
  • On May 13, Homeland Security and the U.S. Postal Service agents arrested Anderson after he signed for the package, the court document says. While searching the house and Anderson’s car, agents found several different types and quantities of drugs, including Ecstasy, amphetamines and cannabis oil, as well as digital scales, according to the document.

What McClusky pursues in this interview is whether Captain Anderson knew about this drug trafficking operation, or perhaps was involved himself. The Arizona Daily Star article adds:

“PCSD was informed by the Department of Homeland Security that they were investigating an employee’s son for drug trafficking and that our employee was not involved,” Deputy Ira Sewell, a sheriff’s spokesman, wrote in an email. We “conducted an administrative investigation which resulted in a finding of unfounded, as there were no violations of department policies/procedures or state laws.”

(Article continued below)

Capt. Anderson did not respond to a request from the Star for a comment.

McClusky begins by saying that the statement about no violations being found is “100% incorrect.” Shaun asks why Captain Anderson’s polygraph or drug test have not been released because his close insiders say that he actually failed the drug test after his son was arrested. Ecstasy was found in his system.

The PCSD has a strict no drug policy. If you drop dirty once, you are done.

At this point Lieutenant Anderson went to his superiors (PCSD’s #2) to resign after failing a drug test and with his son being arrested, he was instead promoted to Captain…

How far up does this go, and who knew about this?

These are all questions asked on the morning radio show interview which is included in the video above for your convenience.


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