Quid pro quo: Are Kristel and Cam receiving “pay to play” donations in their TUSD race?

Below you have a table and two graphs; all showing the same information from the most recent pre-primary campaign finance report.

A breakdown of Cam Juarez's donors reveals something strange is going on...

A breakdown of Cam Juarez’s donors reveals something strange is going on…

Sometimes by just looking at a table, which is what you get from the PDFs that are publicly available, can make outliers hard to find. So we now provide two graphs on the right side below.

In the bar chart, you can clearly see one huge outlier for donors to both Kristel Foster and Cam Juarez; two $5,000 donations from a mysterious “Carly Brooks.” If you take out this one donation for a moment, you realize why Kristel and Cam are so afraid of losing right now…

  • Kristel Foster is bragging on Facebook that she has raised the most money, but she really only raised under $3,000 in the last cycle, much less than both Betts Putnam-Hidalgo and Brett Rustand.
  • Cam Juarez raised a measly $1,300, putting him at the level of Lori Riegel and Rachael Sedgwick, all three of whom have been lackluster when it comes to raising money.

To be clear, there is nothing wrong with getting big donations… except when you now look at a pie chart and you see that just this one donation makes up more than half of the total donations for both Kristel and Cam.

For Kristel Foster this one mysterious donation makes up a whopping 63% of her total funds raised… for Cam Juarez it’s nearly 80%!!!

Things become even more mysterious once you discover that this “Carly Brooks” has never donated to campaigns before and she is a Republican from the richest part of Arizona; Paradise Valley in north Phoenix and who listed her occupation as “housewife.” Now all of a sudden this Republican with no previous donation history is going to drop $10K on a TUSD board race, to two liberal Democrats who belong to the G-Crew (Grijalvistas)?

We are not buying that, but it appears that Kristel and Cam are being bought.

So we did some investigating… tune in, or rather log in and read, tomorrow for more on this breaking story!



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  • Lillian Fox

    Good work! TUSD needs as much careful examination and good investigative reporting as possible. Someday, TUSD will be the great school district it should have been all along. Even now, with dreadful management, TUSD still has a large number of very good elementary schools and dedicated teachers at every grade level who work very hard to teach their students.

    We need school board members who pay attention and demand responsive, effective leadership for TUSD. Then we’ll be able to brag about many more TUSD schools.

  • TUSD Employee

    David, thanks for your hard work in uncovering this news!

    Vote out Kristel Foster and Cam Juarez. They are unfit to be board members.

    I attended last night’s forum for candidates running in the TUSD board race…Kristel and Cam were absolutely terrible in their responses and knowledge of the issues!

    Vote out Kristel Foster and Cam Juarez!!!!

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