JT Harris Show breaks news on “pay-to-play” scheme in TUSD board race (VIDEO)

For Kristel Foster this one mysterious donation makes up a whopping 63% of her total funds raised… for Cam Juarez it’s nearly 80%!!!

Things become even more mysterious once you discover that this “Carly Brooks” has never donated to campaigns before and she is a Republican from the richest part of Arizona; Paradise Valley in north Phoenix and who listed her occupation as “housewife.” Now all of a sudden this Republican with no previous donation history is going to drop $10K on a TUSD board race, to two liberal Democrats who belong to the G-Crew (Grijalvistas)?

We are not buying that, but it appears that Kristel and Cam are being bought.

Read more at Quid pro quo: Are Kristel and Cam receiving “pay to play” donations in their TUSD race?

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