Why did Kristel Foster and Cam Juarez hide the name of their $5K donor?

The latest from KGUN9:

We heard from Carly and Robert Brooks’ attorney Robert Stewart who said “the campaign contribution checks prominently display the name of Robert Brooks Carly Brooks.”

Stewart went on to say “any suggestion or statement that Mr. Brooks attempted to conceal his identity as the originator of these campaign contributions is false.”

Source: KGUN9.

So Robert Brooks gave the donation with his wife and had his name clearly printed on the check, and just by chance BOTH (just by chance?) Kristel and Cam decide to not report his name and employer… This looks like their treasurers are trying to knowingly deceive the public.

This from the party that rallies against dark money… Meanwhile, everyone from Ron Barber, the mayor, all the city council and the unions are endorsing Kristel and Cam without any shame?

Even the dog whisperer could sense Kristel’s guilt?

Did Kristel and Cam do anything wrong? Apparently so, because Kristel is giving back that money.

After our initial report, Kristel Foster decided to return the donation.

She told KGUN9, “when I received this contribution, I was not aware that the donor is married to an individual who works for a company that does business with TUSD.

If they didn’t know who Rob and Carly Brooks were, then why did their campaign treasurers decide to take Rob’s name off the campaign finance report?

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  • TUSD Voter!

    Vote out Kristel A. Foster and Cam Juarez!

  • Anonymous

    Maybe Cam hasn’t returned his donation because he already spent it.

  • It has all gone to the dogs! This is not about a dog groomer's opinion on his PAYING customer

    See now, this is how out of touch Kristel Foster is right now, almost 4 years into her dreadful term. The 5,000 dollar check that she deposited, which had the name of the TUSD contractor whose firm was just awarded a 21 MILLION dollar contract, of which she voted in favor, has NOTHING to do with Kevin, Kristal’s dog groomer and his knowledge base of TUSD politics or operation. How many meetings has he attended? What does he know about campaign contributions and the link between a significant high contribution and an awarded 21 MILLION dollar contract? What does Kevin know about Kristal’s passive aggressive snotty behavior during Board meetings. What does Kevin know about Kristal’s approval of HT Sanchez retaliation on administrators and teachers who speak out against TUSD policies or actions? What does Kevin know about her client’s (Kristel’s; not the dog’s) mental health issues as she constantly and desperately tries to pull off being Mexicana? It is likely that all that Kevin, the 6 foot 4 inches tall dog groomer knows is that she is a PAYING CUSTOMER and that he likes her dog. Wow! What a reliable source!!!!! Kristel is full of her endorsements, who know very little about the actions she has taken as a Board member or about her conduct during Board meetings. Her endorsements are of no value. The Whistleblowers got it right a long time ago. Kristel has a terminal case of “mean girl” and she needs to be voted out of office.

    I work for TUSD. TS- please keep my email strictly confidential!

  • TUSD tax payer

    Dog groomer eh? That position requires more skill than a dog walker, I guess. That’s qualification enough for me.

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