Democrats double-down on support for TUSD cabal despite Kristel & Cam campaign contribution corruption

Kristel and Cam

There are some interesting things to note from the flyer above.

The first question is obvious; why are Democrats doubling-down on their support for Kristel and Cam after they were just exposed for a blatant pay-to-play scheme using their power as board members in TUSD to approve no-discussion contracts that outsource substitute teachers to a company out of Phoenix?

  • Do Democrats now approve of privatizing the substitute teachers?
  • Do these Tucson Democrats approve of spending TUSD taxpayer dollars to Phoenix instead of dealing with issue locally?
  • No discussion or no mention of the ESI contract on the agenda. You have to dig deep on the website to find it. It was hidden inside an item on the consent agenda. If you rewatch the board meeting, it appears that not even the board president Adelita Grijalva knew what they just voted on; she was asked about this contract by Michael Hicks and claimed that he was just throwing numbers around, but indeed TUSD did approve a $21 million contract with ESI and the board majority probably did not even know.

A second observation is ironic.

quidproquo-001After spending 4 board meetings discussing whether citizens should have to state their address before speaking at the call to the audience, which led to Adelita Grijalva ordering security to escort me out of the TUSD board meeting because I refused to give my home address since it was not required by state law…

this same board majority is now raising money Hillary-style with powerful people, but they are not making the address of the fundraiser public!


Every one of these Democrats listed on the flyer above, from Ron Barber, who refuses to endorse the man who saved Gabby Giffords’ life, Daniel Hernandez, in his race but yet is going out of his way to endorse Kristel and Cam, to the mayor, to the entire city council including members of the Pima Board of Supervisors, should be held accountable in their own races.

Why are they supporting Kristel and Cam despite their recent scandal now known to all?

Is the purpose of this fundraiser to make up for the $10K that these two candidates had to return after the local media exposed their pay-to-play scheme?

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One comment

  • These endorsements are black marks against each and every Democrat who made them.

    There are three possible conclusions that can be drawn from these endorsements:
    1) these so-called “Democrats” know nothing about what progressive policy priorities should be in the management of public school districts
    2) if they do know what progressive policy priorities should be in these settings, they don’t actually support progressive policy priorities
    3) they haven’t been paying attention to the actual voting records and behaviors in office of Foster and Juarez.

    Any way you parse it, their endorsements of Foster and Juarez are black marks against their credibility as responsible representatives of the progressive agenda. Progressives should not vote for people who continue to feed the nasty quid-pro-quo insider-controlled, dishonest machine: Pima County Democratic Party politics. This network continues to put ignorant people they can control forward for public office and expect Democratic voters to rubber stamp their ludicrous choices. Foster and Juarez are prime examples of this modus operandi, but you can see it in action across the board, with candidates for many other elected offices.

    Ann-Eve Pedersen has been and continues to be a big part of the problem with our local Democratic party. Her critical thinking abilities are weak and her understanding of sound progressive political strategy is non-existent. But she knows everyone and shops around her weak and compromised candidates to her network and the donations roll in. The progressive cause in Southern Arizona would be 100% improved if she left town or found another hobby to fill her time.

What do you think?