VIDEO: 9-14-16 TUSD candidate forum with excerpt of comments regarding pay-to-play donations by Cam & Kristel

Above is the TUSD candidate forum from September 14th, 2016, raw and unedited.

I also recorded parts of the TUSD board meeting the night before and forgot to charge my battery, so I got most of this forum except for the last question. I saved the 5 minutes I had remaining for closing statements.

HT sits next to H-TEA President, the man who is not Freed from the claws of HT and Adelita Grijalva

HT sits next to H-TEA President, the man who is not Freed from the claws of HT and Adelita Grijalva

One excerpt from the closing statements is below, where Cam Juarez lets everyone know that he is giving back the pay-to-play donation of $5,000 that he received from the Vice President of a company (ESI), that just the month before, received a no-discussion $21 million contract from the TUSD board majority.

Kristel Foster also received a $5,000 donation. Also running for re-election is Mark Stegeman, who voted no for the ESI contract and he received no donations from the family of the Vice President of ESI.

After first standing up for the donation, contradictions and inconsistencies appeared, including a possibly illegal action by the treasurers of both Foster and Juarez’s campaign to not record Rob Brooks, the Vice President, on their campaign finance reports. Brooks claims his name was clearly present on their check, but if the treasurers included his name also, they would have to include his employer; it would be clear to all that an executive for ESI is giving large amounts of money just after a multi-million dollar contract was approved by these two candidates.

Cam Juarez said last night that he is giving the money back so that this election can be about the kids, not slander. Yet to everyone who I talked to after the forum, they all thanked me for helping to uncover this pay-to-play contribution and all agreed that what Kristel and Cam did was wrong.

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