Why are Pima Election officials working against publicly verifiable elections?

ES&S DS850 system

ES&S DS850 system

We know a lot about the ES&S DS850 system and can see the that [Pima County Election officials] were trying to amputate the audit function out of a federally certified voting system that was certified to:

  1. create ballot images by scanning the actual ballots
  2. mark the actual ballots with numbers to match encoded corresponding ballot images and then
  3. count the ballot images to get its vote totals.
  4. create a Cast Vote Record (CVR) audit trail that tracks every ballot and all votes cast.

All of those good audit features verifying elections have been amputated from the system!


How does one keep the federal certification after amputation?

Brad Nelson reply to our Public records request stated that there is NO ballot images or CVRs for past 2 elections that I asked for!

Because we were proactive and filed a TRO the images exist for the Aug 30 primary.   In order to make the Cast Vote Record (CVR) the ballot images have to be downloaded into Election Management System, (The central tabulators). Once that is done, it should add up to what they have shown for the primary.  That is how the system was designed and federal certified to do.

They also will have a better system for write-ins. And “We the People” might have a voting system that is Transparent and Publicly Verifiable once ballots images are randomly verified against the original ballots.

-John R Brakey

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