Kristel Foster’s pathetic appeal to donors: I really needed that $5K pay-to-play contribution, help me recover!

Sin verguenza!

I would almost feel sorry for Kristel Foster, but then I remembered she did nothing recently to stop Adelita Grijalva from having security escort me out when I tried to speak at the TUSD call to the audience; Cam actually had a huge smile as they did so.

Has Kristel Foster any shame… well.. no.

Regina Romero is still going to raise money for Kristel and Cam because they just lost $10,000 for a corrupt contribution.

Regina Romero is still going to raise money for Kristel and Cam because they just lost $10,000 for a corrupt contribution.

Below is a pathetic appeal to collect money from donors using… well… her entire campaign scandal to garner sympathy?

Yes, we all did hear about the $5000 your campaign had to return, because you should not have accepted it in the first place!

It left you in a hard spot because… well… you relied on corrupt campaign contributions to run your campaign.

Kristel says that she is running against individuals who can donate $1000 and… well… Cam Juarez and Kristel had no problem accepting 5x that amount from a Republican living in Paradise Valley!

To be honest… well… that’s not what I would call a “grassroots” campaign!

Please try to hold back your tears as poor Kristel, who was bragging on Facebook recently that her campaign had raised the most money, and now she is taking swipes at candidates like Brett Rustand who do have rich friends, but none as rich as Kristel and Cam’s $10,000 donor.

Kristel’s tears can only be wiped away with… well… $100 bills.

From: Kristel Foster
> Date: Thu, Sep 15, 2016 at 5:59 PM
> Subject: 50×100
> You may have heard the news about the $5000 donation our campaign had to return. It wasn’t a hard decision, it was the right thing to do. But it sure has left us in a hard spot. We have an organized business plan with goals and deadlines to win this race, and we can’t….well….we have to win this election!
> I’m sending this email to 50 people who I hope will each contribute $100.
> If you can’t contribute $100 —I’m a teacher, I get that— please give what you can and recruit other donors to make up the difference.
> What I’ve realized through all of this is that this is a campaign of people like me…people who can give $20, $25, $50 ….and we’re running against individuals who can donate $1000, $5000, $7500. We have over 160 individual donors, they have…well, maybe 10.
> This is grassroots organizing for our kids and our community. Please help us keep a teacher’s voice on the TUSD Governing Board.
> Thank you, thank you for your support.
> ~kristel

I know many of us will be looking at all the donors who do decide to donate to Kristel Foster after her pay-to-play scandal was revealed, getting caught with her hands in the cookie jar in front of all.

And think… all these donations just to make up for the loss of Carly Brooks’ single donation.

This is… well… pathetic… as are the Democrats who still continue to work to raise money for her and Cam. A list of them is below.

All these Democrats, helping Kristel and Cam to raise the $10K they lost when they got caught with pay-to-play donations.

All these Democrats, helping Kristel and Cam to raise the $10K they lost when they got caught in a pay-to-play scheme.

P.S. While Kristel is certified, she is currently not teaching and thus is not a teacher’s voice; she needs to stop lying about that.


A recent commenter on Three Sonorans had the following to say:

There are three possible conclusions that can be drawn from these endorsements:

1) these so-called “Democrats” know nothing about what progressive policy priorities should be in the management of public school districts

2) if they do know what progressive policy priorities should be in these settings, they don’t actually support progressive policy priorities


3) they haven’t been paying attention to the actual voting records and behaviors in office of Foster and Juarez.

Any way you parse it, their endorsements of Foster and Juarez are black marks against their credibility as responsible representatives of the progressive agenda. Progressives should not vote for people who continue to feed the nasty quid-pro-quo insider-controlled, dishonest machine: Pima County Democratic Party politics. This network continues to put ignorant people they can control forward for public office and expect Democratic voters to rubber stamp their ludicrous choices. Foster and Juarez are prime examples of this modus operandi, but you can see it in action across the board, with candidates for many other elected offices.

Ann-Eve Pedersen has been and continues to be a big part of the problem with our local Democratic party. Her critical thinking abilities are weak and her understanding of sound progressive political strategy is non-existent. But she knows everyone and shops around her weak and compromised candidates to her network and the donations roll in. The progressive cause in Southern Arizona would be 100% improved if she left town or found another hobby to fill her time.

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  • Democratic Voter

    WOW! If people donate, endorse or vote for her they are fools! After all that has been exposed on her and Cam, they are incompetent to be running the largest school district in southern Arizona!

    As a life long democrat, I will never vote for anyone endorsing Kristel or Cam!

    The Democratic Party has lost credibility given their endorsement of these two.

  • juan

    Foster, get your signs off Tanque Verde Highway, we all know who you are!
    David, you stole my comment “hands in the cookie jar” that’s okay, use it as you see fit!

  • TUSD Employee

    Methinks she’s dipping her hands n the cookie jar too many times!

  • Concerned Teacher

    First off, Kristel is NOT a teacher. She is a PNT (Professional Non-Teaching), which gets paid more than teachers. Unless you are in the classroom, teaching and accountable for a group of students, which could number up to 40 in some cases, on a daily basis, do NOT call yourself a teacher. You cannot fully understand what teachers go through on a daily basis unless you are in their shoes everyday. You may remember a time when you used to teach, you may empathize with teachers, you may care about teachers and their needs, but that does not give you the right to call yourself a teacher. I work with Kristel, and I found out the hard way that she will “throw you under the bus and run over you a couple of times” the first chance she gets. And yes, I am a TEACHER and proud of it. Enough is enough, drop out of the race.

    • TUSD Employee

      Concerned: I agree 100% with your comments concerning Kristel! She is a poor excuse for a female leader. She is so enchanted with HT that she can’t hold him accountable. She thinks her “one on one” meetings with him makes her special. She is needy for attention, lazy and weak as a member of the TUSD board. In a sick way I love that she thinks people like her and believe her spin on the truth. She doesn’t get it that people in her inner circle are “selling” her out because of their contempt for her and her lack of leadership ability!

      Vote out Kristel Foster and Cam Juarez!

      • TUSD Employee

        What happened to Cam Juarez’s story that a “Doctor” in Phoenix donated the $5,000 when this was first uncovered by TSON?

  • juan

    Kristel, I was so moved by your appeal for donations that I made a $100 donation. To Dr. Stegeman!

    • Vote Out Corruption

      Seeing pay-to-play politics on the school board and watching the Pima County Democrats lock ranks behind Mr. Juarez and Ms. Foster makes me angry. But doing literature drops for Dr. Stegeman in my neighborhood provides some cathartic therapy.

  • Clean Sweep Needed

    Foster and Juarez for sure don’t deserve a second term, but why does Stegeman deserve a third? He has been a major contributor to dysfunction on the Board and the decline of TUSD during his tenure. Betts, Rustand and Riegel all deserve our support because neither of the three incumbents have demonstrated leadership, vision, tact or concern for the impact their continual infighting has on kids and those who serve them in TUSD school.

    • juan

      During the raging war against La Raza/ Mexican American Studies (MAS) in TUSD, Dr. Stegeman suggested that the classes could continue if made “elective” classes that didn’t count toward graduation. That would get the state off our backs.
      But those that opposed the state mandate were “all or nothing”. They got their wish!
      Now Dr. Stegeman speaks out against consent agreements that do not allow comments or discussions concerning the awarding of 21 million dollar contracts to single provider contracts.
      He speaks out against turning off the microphones of both board members and the public input. He speaks out against the board members and the superintendent rudely walking out of the proceedings when speakers present opposing views.
      What’s in it for him? Does he make a salary from serving on the board? No.
      Does this lead to further political careers? Maybe.
      We need a continuing steady force on this board to steer us clear of the cancer that the TUSD board has become.
      Any more questions?

What do you think?