TUSD Whistleblowers: Stop the corrupt pay-to-play CAMpaign contributions, teachers at Pueblo left to fester under Foster

Three Sonorans Note: We are not part of the Whistleblowers group nor do we know any of their members. We just post their letters and keep an archive, but we are not responsible for any of their content which is emailed to hundreds of people, and all media sources, including this news source.

Open 36th Letter:

  • Frost Foster Out and Can Cam!
  • Stop the CORRUPTION;
  • Is the Illegal Grade Changing at Pueblo Just Going to be Ignored?

From:  Whistleblowers– Comprised of a Large Group of Extremely Concerned TUSD Administrators, Teachers (welcoming new teachers!), Retired Administrators and Teachers, Parents, Grandparents- Growing with Each and Every Letter

H.T. Sanchez has been Behind the Corruption in the ILLEGAL Campaign Contributions to Foster and Juarez from Robert Brooks

It is fantastic that the media disclosure of the $10,000 campaign contribution to Kristel Foster and Cam Juarez ($5K each) has made it all the way to K-Gun9 News and that the Pima County Integrity Committee is now reviewing the matter. This means that the Pima County Attorney’s Office may end up investigating the issue. The story was broken by Three Sonorans and followed by Arizona Daily Independent. We have more to share on the story than has been exposed.

As we have said before, there are TUSD Whistleblower members throughout the District, including inside of H.T. Sanchez’ haven at 1010 East 10th Street. He knows this for a fact because he becomes red-faced-infuriated when things are disclosed in our letters which came out of his high level meetings. Eyes and ears are everywhere- no matter who he thinks he has moved out of his palace. Most importantly his “loyals” just aren’t all that loyal.

What we have now learned is that H.T. Sanchez is the man behind all of the shenanigans in the illegal campaign contributions to Foster and Juarez from Robert Brooks, Vice President of ESI, a contracting firm that provides subcontracted employees to TUSD, such as retired administrators and substitute teachers.

Their most recent contract is for $21,000,000. The recommendation to approve the contract was made by H.T. and the “yes” votes were made by Foster, Juarez and Grijalva just a few weeks ago. Hum? While the contract was being negotiated and approval was “almost” guaranteed by H.T. to Robert Brooks, H.T. strongly urged Robert to show his support for “his” two Board members who are up for re-election by giving them a “generous” contribution. H.T. reminded Robert that the contract would require “renewal” and approval in the future and that it was in Robert’s best interest to have “supportive” Board members on the Board in the future, such as Foster and Juarez.

Robert waited until the $21,000,000 deal was sealed and then his wife cut two checks for $5,000 each. One for Foster and one for Juarez. It is definitely H.T. who closed the whole deal, inclusive of the $10,000 contribution to “his” Board members.

This connection is missing throughout all of coverage because, of course, Robert Brooks is not going to admit that his contribution was part of the under-cover negotiations in his attainment of ESI’s lucrative contract and H.T will keep the stink off of him by denying the link as he has done on all other shady and stinky corrupt deals that have taken place. It is Foster and Juarez who ultimately will pay the price for this pay for play game that H.T. got them into. But Foster and Juarez have to own up to their own stupidity.

quidproquo-001Really- how is it that the $5,000 check which was issued to each of these candidates did not get stopped in its tracks.

Does the Juarez or Foster campaign have a campaign treasurer?

If not, why?

If they do, why haven’t the treasurers been asked about this?

Did either Foster or Juarez ask, “Why is “someone” from Phoenix giving my campaign sooooo much money? Maybe I should call this person and find out why she and her husband have given me sooooo much money? Is there some connection here I should know about?”

Neither of them asked a single question and both of them reported the contribution as being given only from the spouse of Robert Brooks and not him. They just deposited the check. Juarez first said that the contribution was made through a physician that he saw in Phoenix but he then mutated this lie into another lie.

This is called serial CYA lying, in case anyone missed it. (The illness has spread widely within the TUSD administrative ranks.) They each knew exactly who the source of the contribution was- Robert Brooks- because his name was on the check which they received. They also knew to expect the check because H.T. proudly told them of the deal he had cut. This is called collusion and corruption. This explains why Foster and Juarez asked no questions about the large contribution and why they did not stop it in its tracks. Each of these candidates have no hope in restoring trust from the community and each should lose their seat for re-election. The corruption during the last four years has just escalated. It is the TUSD-H.T.-board- bloc sleaze snow ball- rolling, rolling, rolling!

The actions of Foster and Juarez in this situation are reflective of how they conduct business on the Board all of the time. They are mere puppets of this Superintendent and everyone knows it. They are liars and they are corrupt.

(Article continued below)

H.T. “got” Adelita Grijalva and Jen Darland their Tucson Metropolitan Business Chamber endorsements two years ago by purchasing a $5,000 membership and convincing Michael Varney that TUSD would not survive without “his” two candidates. Darland almost won which would have been even more catastrophic for TUSD. H.T. would have had 4 minions on “his” Board.

H.T. often “gifts” his majority board by purchasing expensive tables at various galas. He will purchase a table for $800-$1,600 and then invite Juarez, Foster and Grijalva (along with their friends and relatives) to sit at “his” table. The payment for the table is funded from his very hefty contracted salary/benefits. These galas are provided at the expense of tax payers, he and his Board majority are impressing several community organizations with their attendance at these functions. It is a community fraud with the convenience of NO paper trail. The Board members have never reported their gifts from H.T. and Sanchez has NEVER invited Mike Hicks or Mark Stegeman to sit at “his” table.

Corruption is never minor. It is never “just a little.” But once you get away with pulling off a contract for a friend from Texas without going through a competitive process, or cutting endorsement deals or having checks cut for your puppets on the Board- well then, it just keeps going. Let’s hope that this time the corruption is LEGALLY stopped in their corrupt tracks! And, oh, by the way, it does not matter that Juarez and Foster returned their contributions to Brooks. Corruption cannot be erased all that easily.

The Superintendent and His Wife Should NOT be Anywhere Near TUSD Candidate Campaigns!

She’s back! Mary Sanchez was spotted at one of the TUSD school board forums two weeks ago, taking intense notes on the responses of each candidate. She was not sitting with her spouse, H.T. Sanchez but he too was at the forum as well as last week’s forum.  Remember the story we told you about Mary speaking to the Board from H.T.’s former school district in Texas? She lobbied them to hire her husband as Superintendent. Her crassness in Texas was reported in the news. Here it just slithers by.

TUSD candidate forum, 9-14-16

TUSD candidate forum, 9-14-16

It is outrageously tasteless to show up at meetings as part of the ploy to select your bosses or your husband’s bosses.

Mary’s conduct in attending TUSD administrative professional development meetings, attending Board meetings, and generally hanging out at 1010 East 10th pretty much stopped after we called her out on it.

There are no first ladies in public school systems, we pointed out. We know she and her spouse did not like it but we did not like having TUSD tax payers paying for her administrative training or acting as though she was one of us. She is not.

We did not like that she used H.T.’s confidential code on the security system to gain entrance into a TUSD building. We did not much like having her try to befriend many of us with the obvious intent of being a “plant”. Are we to assume that she has once again started her rude intrusion into TUSD? We suggest that her time would be better spent in inquiring from her husband about the female company he keeps on his “off” hours. She should take intense notes as he explains why there is so much smoke when his name is uttered along with Maria Marin’s or why he talks to, texts, and meets with Kristel Foster more than any other Board member.

HT sits next to H-TEA President, the man who is not Freed from the claws of HT and Adelita Grijalva

HT sits next to H-TEA President, the man who is not Freed from the claws of HT.

No other superintendent has become so inappropriately involved in TUSD school board elections.

Of course, H.T. and his wife have the right to vote. But for H.T. to sit right next to TEA leadership who has endorsed only “his” candidates at one of the forums, not only shows his grimy hand; it shows his lack of political astuteness.

H.T. Sanchez and Mary Sanchez should stay away from the political campaigns of anyone running for the TUSD Governing Board.

Is the Illegal Grade Changing at Pueblo Just Going to be Ignored?

Is Auggie Romero going to get away with the overt illegal grade changing that took place last May?

We know that Auggie Romero or anyone who followed his directive to change the grades violated TUSD policy and State Statues by changing the grades of several students.

Is it just going to be ignored? Yes, we know Auggie is protected by Adelita Grijalva and she should recuse herself from any issue involving Auggie but, come on, is there no one left at TUSD who cares about doing what is right when it comes to tampering with a teacher’s grades.

Quick Note about AZMerit Results

This is a quick note about AZMerit results. The Arizona Daily Star actually covered the test results on September 18, 2016 on page C8- the story is found right next to the obituaries. Need we say one more word?

Eyes are Upon TUSD!

We continue to be grateful to Three Sonorans for publishing every single one of our letters and for exposing the campaign contributions discussed above. We appreciate greatly that the Arizona Daily Independent publishes many of our letters and/or references them within their own posts, from time to time. Additionally, continue to acknowledge an organization that is also working very hard to expose the facts about TUSD: TUSDKidsFirst, which also has made reference to our letters, which we appreciate. Check the organization out at: http://tusdkidsfirst.org/


Be on the look-out for our next letter in which we will endorse three change-makers for the TUSD Governing Board.

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  1. Bravo Whistleblowers! Your courage to voice what is really occurring day to day in TUSD is appreciated by many of the employees who work for this school district!

    Vote out Kristel Foster and Cam Juarez! Change the Board!!

    • We here at Three Sonorans have made a point to not inquire as to the identity of any of the Whistleblowers. That said, they know my email address to send me stuff and I know they read this site in case I ever need to get a message to them, whoever they are.

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