Hicks files complaint against Foster and Juarez: TUSD board candidates caught in pay-to-play scandal

I was a guest on the JT Harris Show last week on Mexican Independence Day. Also in the studio was TUSD board member Michael Hicks who just announced that he was filing a complaint against Kristel Foster and Cam Juarez regarding their $10,000 donation from a Republican housewife in Paradise Valley; it turns out she is married to the Vice-President of a company that just weeks before received a no-discussion contract from TUSD worth over $21 million.

After being caught with their hands in the cookie jar, with crumbs on their shirt and chocolate on their lips, Kristel and Cam decided to give back the donation, but only after they justified these contributions for a week before realizing how bad and corrupt they were looking.

As Hicks says in the video above, if you rob from the Circle K, you can’t just give what you stole back after being caught and everything is okay. However, we do live in a Democratic County where Mrs. Tough-on-Crime Barbara LaWall may do nothing as the County Attorney.

Yes, things have flipped around in TUSD, and only those who have not been paying attention lately, those who used to protest and disappeared once Adelita Grijalva became the board president, will criticize me for working with folks such as Michael Hicks and conservative talk radio. Hopefully, this also shows that I’m willing to work with everyone if they set aside their egos, and that includes the current board majority.

Sadly every time I try to talk at the call to the audience, they either silence me, have me escorted out and finally after another long saga of getting TUSD to respect the First Amendment during TUSD board meetings, I finally got to speak but the superintendent left once again. Either he has a really weak bladder or HT has a major disrespect for citizens who come to speak at the monthly regular meetings.

KGUN9’s latest update on this pay-to-play campaign contribution saga is below

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  • Anonymous

    If in fact Mr. HT Sanchez is walking out during call to the audience, whether it’s all speakers or just a select few like Mr. Morales, it is an egeigious lack of respect to the taxpayers and students of TUSD. Mr. Sanchez is paid a hefty salary and he needs to be respectful. It is the boards (especially the chair) responsibility to set the Superintendent straight and show some respect. What’s going on? At Pima college we have a CEO that violates peoples civil rights and at TUSD we have a disrespectful, corrupt CEO and in both cases we have complicit board majorities.

  • Lillian Fox

    Dr.. Sanchez regularly carries on conversations with Board member Juarez while Dr. Stegeman or Mr. Hicks are addressing the Board. In a Board meeting, He’s also told Mr. Hicks, “I’m not going to answer that. I’ve already answered you!” Mr. HIcks wasn’t the only one who missed Sanchez’s answer! When Dr. Stegeman had an agenda item to discuss whether or not contracts were valid, when the Board weren’t given copies of the contracts and Dr. Sanchez had not told the truth, Ms. Grijalval, the Board President left the room and Sanchez followed her out within a few seconds. Neither of them returned until that agenda item was nearly over. Listening, paying attention, and courtesy are reoccurring problems.

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