TSON News | UPDATED with pics – Pima Sheriffs: FBI investigation, suicide, ecstasy-import and mansion parties – are these all related?

UPDATED with pics – Pima Sheriffs: FBI investigation, suicide, ecstasy-import and mansion parties – are these all related?

Previous coverage of this developing story:

June 28th, 2016 – Under FBI investigation, why did Pima Sheriff’s second-in-command commit suicide? Is there a cover up?

[Shaun McClusky and Chris DeSimone] discussed the quandary that arises when a powerful person, the second most powerful person in the Pima County Sheriff’s Department, then takes his own life while being under an FBI investigation.

One would think there would be a deeper investigation by the local media into this, at least something on the order of their interest into the Ally Miller story, which is also a county-related story.

McClusky mentions that there is no 911 call on record, and after deputies and the homicide unit show up, the #1 and #3 in command, Sheriff Nanos and Radtke, then arrive on the scene of the now-deceased #2 and dismiss those that had already arrived; the deputies and homicide unit.

August 30th, 2016 – Is the Pima Sheriff Dept covering up a drug trafficking operation from one of their own?

Shaun McClusky, a good friend of many police officers in town, lets us know the rest of the story as Paul Harvey might say, regarding recent scandals and possible coverups inside the Pima Sheriff’s Department. Recently this story includes an FBI investigation, a suicide of a top-ranking deputy inside the PCSD, and now a possible ecstasy-import from Germany ring that includes a recently promoted officer.

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September 22nd, 2016 – The latest

We begin with the latest from yesterday’s Arizona Daily Star regarding a lawsuit that is being filed against the Pima County Sheriff Nanos and the county:

While she was being booked, Guzman was forced to strip and when she resisted, the three guards grabbed her hair, slammed her head into the wall, punched her and used “grossly excessive force,” says the claim.

Guzman says she’s suffered reduced vision in her left eye and suffers from headaches, the claim says. A physician who is treating Guzman also told her she may lose all vision in her eye.

“The assault was captured on video, but the officers deliberately placed Ms. Guzman against the wall directly under the camera, so that most of their acts of brutality could not been seen, proving that they planned the assault and knew their conduct was illegal, Guzman’s attorney, James Wadleigh, wrote in the claim.

This part is also discussed in the video you can watch at the top, but the breaking news begins around the 22:30 mark.

According to Shaun McClusky, there has been a recent epidemic of vacant houses, mostly in the surrounding areas outside of Tucson, that have been broken into to be used for raves (underground parties that include party drugs such as Ecstasy).

KVOA covered this story back on August 30th, 2016 under the headline Crime Trackers: Mansion Parties:

Kids will be kids, but throw technology and partying into the mix, and you have a recipe for disaster. They are called “Mansion Parties,” taking place in luxury homes in the Tucson Mountains.

Pima County Sheriff’s deputies said vandals are making themselves at home by breaking into the homes and having parties.

(Article continued below)

Part of the Directed Patrol Unit, Deputy Daniel Sharp says a vacant house, that has had its “for sale” sign taken down and not occupied, is what party goers call “Mansion Parties.”

Miller’s $600,000 house was broken into a second time despite signs indicating video surveillance.

“They sprayed all the cameras with silly string, and then pushed all the cameras up,” Miller said.

She added, this shows total disregard for other people’s property.

In another home, vandals broke numerous windows, walls were destroyed, and a door ripped off its hinges. It is costing the homeowners tens of thousands of dollars.

The homeowners now live out of state so now they’re making two house payments. Deputies said there were at least 300 to 350 kids in their home.

The homeowner who wanted to remain anonymous said, “The question definitely goes through my mind, as a parent myself, where are these parents and they should be paying attention to what their kids are doing, teaching them right from wrong.”

In the end, kids who learn this type of behavior will cost their parents money.  Sheriff Chris Nanos said, “If you are 18 and above you’re going to be held financially responsible. If you you’re under 18 your parents are going to be held financially responsible.”

As of now, sheriff’s detectives have arrested more than a dozen people. Most of them  teenagers. So far, they are looking at 70 suspects, more arrests are expected.

Sheriff Nanos added, “We will catch you.”

McClusky then adds that many of these teenagers have been caught, including one from Empire High School (Vail). When the detectives showed up to question the student, he immediately calls his mother, Patricia Radtke Cordona, who is the sister of Chief Deputy Radtke, the second-in-command of the Pima Sheriffs Department who has been part of this story since we first started covering it (see the first excerpt above).

After making the student made the phone call “the entire investigation is shut down by Sheriff Nanos. All the evidence is given back, all the cell phones are given back. The deputies that were involved, the SROs that were involved that were watching the Twitter feeds go across telling kids to factory reset their phone, delete pictures and everything else… the entire investigation that had been put together, that has caused tens of thousands of dollars of damage.”

The links raised between all these stories is very interesting. We have one Captain whose son was conducting an ecstasy-import ring from Germany out of his house, and it appears that the Captain himself dropped dirty when he had a drug test.

Now we have these mansion parties which involve the use of Ecstasy and one of the teenagers involved is the nephew of the #2 in command, so suddenly the entire investigation gets shut down…

In the KVOA story above, “Sheriff Nanos added, ‘We will catch you.'” It appears he did catch them, but when once again the people involved in the drugs and raves turned out to be family members of members of the Pima Sheriff’s Department, Nanos seems to have a “catch-and-release” policy which allows certain families in Pima County to be above the law.

What makes this story more horrific is that these are drugs being distributed to juveniles who are then causing tens of thousands of dollars in damage while partying on those drugs.

FBI investigation, suicide, drug rings, and now mansion parties… and keep in mind that Sheriff Nanos was never elected, but appointed by the Pima Party Machine, and the Democrats are standing by their man just as they are sticking with Foster and Juarez at TUSD, even if doing so ultimately hurts our kids.

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