TSON News | Whistleblowers: More tragedy at Pueblo HS, Sedgwick calls out wimpy Cam Juarez, Ann Eve defends current regime

Whistleblowers: More tragedy at Pueblo HS, Sedgwick calls out wimpy Cam Juarez, Ann Eve defends current regime

Open 44th Letter- Annie Eve Pedersen Tries Again to Influence TUSD Board Election; Brave Rachael Sedgwick Calls Out Wimpy Cam Juarez; More Tragedy at Pueblo Magnet School

Well, well, well! There has been more slimy political involvement in the TUSD Governing Board race.


Let us begin with Annie Eve Pedersen whose elitist family roots (step mother) have shown greater support for Catholic schools than for public schools.

Her family members have been heavy contributors to Catholic schools and she herself is a Salpointe H.S. graduate.

She behaves like a born-again public school supporter and heads up Arizona Education Network, which is a lobbying body said to be “non-partisan” but which supports only specific Democrats who buy in to her initiatives. We guess she is repenting for her family’s private religious school support or, perhaps it is a form of rebellion. Elitists have interesting ways of repenting.

Annie was Jen Darland’s official or unofficial campaign manager when Jen ran and lost. BTW, Pederson is listed as the registered agent for the organization for which  Darland serves as Director (Arizona Parent Network) and as the VP for the Arizona Education Network; the one that Annie heads up.  How absolutely cozy.

David Safier, Tucson Weekly “education” blogger was entrenched in the Darland campaign and attempted a smear tactic against Mike Hicks, which failed. Did we mention that Jen lost to Mike? Safier never reported the cozy working relationship that Annie and Jen share. Annie Eve is a gigantic supporter of HT Sanchez and Kristel Foster.

Annie Eve Pedersen recently wrote a smear letter against Mark Stegeman, which was timed at exactly the same time that the “Stop Stegeman” signs were erected. The snotty signs have been funded by Raul Grijalva’s “D.C.” tentacles, one of which is the Livable Communities group and the other is Great Public Schools Now. There are probably more.


Annie Eve Pedersen’s Arizona Education Network mission states that it exists ‘to provide factual, relevant and up-to-date information as it pertains to public education in Arizona and that the Network seeks to provide parents, students, businesses and community members with accurate information and the resources to enable them to take action on behalf of Arizona students.’

She has, IN FACT, not presented facts to parents, students, businesses and the community. Her recent propaganda on Mark Stegeman and her buy-in to the smear signs show her to be nothing more than a political hack; one that belongs to the Grijalva gang. Message to Annie: May your dad rest in peace after he turns in his grave over your unethical political antics. In this case, the seed fell very, very, very far from the fruit of the tree.

Annie has had NO involvement in Tucson’s ethnic and racial minority community, yet her involvement in TUSD politics is extreme. The total TUSD non-white ethnic/racial composition is now over 80%.

Hanging out with Kristel Foster does not count as dipping one’s toe into an ethnic community. In fact, we would like to point out that Annie Eve Pedersen, Kristel Annie Foster and Jennie Darland frightfully remind us of the robotic, insincere behavior illustrated by what many refer to as the “Stedford wives syndrome.” They go through insincere helpful motions for self-gain for which there is no real feeling.

They each have “savior” complexes and they are each from privileged backgrounds. They could care less about the horrific and intentional exclusion rate of African American children in TUSD through its failed- Sanchez led- discipline practices (in violation of its own policies). Nor do they know or care anything about the rate of substitutes which are imposed on west and south side schools. They remain in their pristine princess palaces and pretend to dowel out compassion. It is all more hypocrisy.

Now they are each in the midst of a smear campaign to help save each of their power positions in our community. This all is being done with the help of a used-to-be Chicano leader. His Chicano activism relative (pardon the pun) to TUSD has turned into one stunt after another to save his daughter (having nothing to do with the students).  All of us in our group- African American, white, Latin/Chicano, Native American- find it all revolting and you should too.

We guess that Raul was shaken out of his drunken stupor last week when he had to welcome Bernie Sanders to Arizona to campaign for the presidential election. He got all cleaned up and actually could put a few sentences together without slurring. It was during this short sober span  that Adelita told him how close Foster and Juarez are to losing their bid for re-election and she pleaded for his help.

We can imagine her plea, :Without them on the Board Daddy, I won’t be able to do HT’s bidding. Daddy, help!” Wala! He made a few calls and the money began to flow in for the Grijalva crusade against Stegeman. The HT Sanchez Board majority must be mighty scared of the tall somewhat eccentric economics professor. Funny, it just gives Stegeman more power. We did not endorse Stegeman and provided our reasons at:http://threesonorans.com/2016/10/04/whistleblowers-announce-their-endorsements-for-tusd-board/

However, we do not like dirty play and encourage you to help him by putting up more of his signs just to put him back on an even playing field. Let’s hope Raul crawls back into his red-red wine bottle. (Several of us wanted to crawl under the proverbial table at the Dem primary election victory party, as he swayed and slurred his inebriated self through the night. He is a disgrace to himself, his family (the enablers of all enablers), and his community.)

The $$$$$$$$$$ for the smear signs are being paid for by Tucson and Arizona outsiders, who should have NO say in a local school board election. This anti-Stegeman campaign is coordinated with TEA, which has become nothing more than an impotent organization that does as it is told by Sanchez and his Board bloc.

(Article continued below)

Annie Eve Pederson wants Foster and Juarez to remain in office so that she can exploit the largest public school system in southern Arizona to lobby in favor of whatever legislation she and Darland are promoting. It promotes their privileged importance to our elected legislatures. What they don’t not understand is that she would likely get this type of support from new Board members if the legislation is worthy of support.

However, it is the fact that the current Board majority just goes along, without question.  Plus, HT Sanchez and the Board majority have given her and her side-kick David Safier a great deal of access to selective information that District officials desire to put out to promote the District. Most of the information is distorted and is not based on facts. Safier and Pedersen have ACTUALLY visited very few schools.

We have several principals and teachers within our group which includes most, if not all schools. NONE of us have ever seen either one of them at our schools. They say they know a lot about public schools but they have not talked to US; the ones at the schools. (And, we do not mean TEA.) BTW, Annie Eve Pedersen’s personal smear on Mark Stegeman manifests all of Adelita’s and Kristel’s hate.

It is interesting how each of them will open up to just about anyone about their deep disdain for Stegeman. He has outsmarted them, but then, who is to blame for being outsmarted? Annie Eve Pederson has not spoken to Stegeman in more than 5 years yet her smear on him implies that they have had recent contact. She knows little about TUSD or Stegeman- just what she is told by HT and his tedious three.


We knew it all along. Rachael Sedgwick will fight for truth and justice. This is why we endorsed her. She has taken Cam Juarez on and called him out via FB, along with his spouse, Montserrat Caballero, whose skirt Cam pleads he must hide behind. He has made up lies about Sedgwick and she has challenged him to face her with his lies, fact to face. Cam, who claims his Chicano-ism is simply showing that he is not Brown but rather the color of a coward- yellow-  mighty yellow. Many have said, for as long as Cam has been on the Board, that Montserrat makes all of the decisions. There’s nothing like confirmation. Go Rachael Sedgwick!!!! Keep it up.

Rachael Sedgwick calls out Cam Juarez for his slander and lies against her: Will he have the courage to face his constituent?


Pueblo Magnet High School has been riddled with all kinds of problems since Augustine Romero took over as its principal. There were many others who should have been appointed to the position. There were site administrators who had served as assistant principals who actually knew much more about the operation of a high school than Auggie, but HT Sanchez and Auggie’s dear friend, Adelita Grijalva, had to find a way to salvage Auggie’s career.

He had bungled his way through heading up the Multicultural Education Department as its Director and had flat-out failed to produce the one and single critical assignment that was on his desk, an assignment for which he was responsible. The inept Director wound up at Pueblo. Sanchez made it clear to him that Auggie owed him for saving his a_ _. This is the reality of how our District is being run on a day to day basis these days- all thanks to HT Sanchez.

At Pueblo Auggie continues to bungle one thing after another. The guts of our media magnet program has all but been dismantled for Auggie’s failure to protect our media equipment. Due to facility/AC problems compounded damage to our media equipment has caused a great deal of damage. Our magnet theme has been neglected. Meanwhile, Auggie sits in his office with two state-of-the-art computers on his desk. You think he would tolerate the AC not working in his office. We think not!

The AP enrollment is a mess. We started with several classes which have now shrunk down to a few. But 1010 believes that Pueblo has several AP courses when we don’t! Pressure to change grades is still part of the administrative culture and everyone knows it.

Auggie recently wound up at the hospital for what he portrayed as a heart condition. Interesting that the timing of this so-called heart condition surfaced at about the same time as the District was attempting to deal with the complaint filed by the teacher whose grades were altered from failures to “D”s last May. The teacher whose grades were changed  was not a “substitute” as he then reported in his defense. She was a veteran teacher who Auggie was thrilled to have at the school until she would not go along with his corruption. It allowed several flunking seniors to pass without meeting the state’s standards. It boosted Auggie’s graduation rate and lowered his course failure rate. When these facts were exposed, Auggie went ballistic and attempted to cover up all traces of his wrong-doing.

We are thinking that Auggie must have had some minimal self-reflection about his infractions which spun him into a frantic state of calling out for sympathy and support. Not so fast. The so-called heart condition turned out to be a minor heart arrhythmia. Per doctor’s orders Auggie is to diet, exercise and cease all corruptive acts. Sure!

We sense that Auggie is scared that his infractions have finally caught up with him. Faking a heart condition did not gain much sympathy or support. Perhaps it is time to look for employment outside of TUSD where he has perpetually been saved by Adelita and HT. They just can’t keep doing it and he knows it.

Meanwhile, HOWEVER, we believe that the community is owed a report on what Sanchez is going to do about Auggie’s actions in changing the grades of several students. He either changed the grades himself or directed someone to change the grades. Either way, he violated policy and law. Do these things just get tossed under the HT Sanchez dust rug? Someone please lift the rug! Clear the dust! Obviously, we are talking to you Mark Stegeman and Mike Hicks. No one else on the Board can or will do it.

Here’s an idea! Vote out Kristel Foster and Cam Juarez so that the dust rug disappears once and for all. No more monumental mistakes that are then swept under the 1010 Sanchez dust rug. Enthusiastically vote for Betts Putman-Hidalgo, Rachael Sedgwick, and Brett Rustand. If you disagree with our selected three, please vote for anyone but Foster and Juarez! Remember that voting Foster and Juarez out will mean that Sanchez is finally held accountable or that he high-tails it out of our community.

Of course, we continue to write these letters because we believe they have made a difference. Help us make even a bigger difference and remind your family members, neighbors, work peers, friends, and anyone else you have in your life to vote! Thank you!


Thanks to Three Sonorans for publishing every single one of our letters! We appreciate greatly that the Arizona Daily Independent publishes many of our letters and/or references them within their own posts, from time to time. Additionally, we continue to acknowledge an organization that is also working very hard to expose the facts about TUSD: TUSDKidsFirst, which also has made reference to our letters, which we appreciate. Check the organization out at: http://tusdkidsfirst.org/


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2 comments on “Whistleblowers: More tragedy at Pueblo HS, Sedgwick calls out wimpy Cam Juarez, Ann Eve defends current regime
  1. I have been reading your letters since the beginning and you have done a good job exposing important issues in TUSD.

    Lately, I becoming more turned off by your gossip column approach.

    In my opinion, I believe you would get more traction if you took a more factual stance.

    Petty comments, although entertaining for some, weaken your argument and ultimately your cause.

    • I agree. As a TUSD teacher, over 20 years, gossip and name calling aren’t winning votes. Stick with facts- the $700 I got from 123. The hoarding of 301 monies. The misuse of ESI and subs now with tusd contracts, but apparently, not covered by consensus. TEA dwindling members and kissing HT’s and the board majority’s butts. Lack of discipline. Movement of admin around the district. Not funding magnet programs. Administration pay and top heavy positions. Moving known awful administration up. Keeping awful administration. Situation at Catalina and Santa Rita- teachers leaving in droves. Low morale. Lies. Retribution. Synergy- why? The list goes on…and on…and on.

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