When a black African man takes on an angry white American conservative woman in debate (VIDEO)

ICYMI: Last week Trevor Noah, the new host of the Daily Show, had on a conservative guest, Tomi Lahren, and the video continues to be popular after going viral.

If you ever wondered what would happen if a black African immigrant from South Africa who now has his own show argued with a petite white conservative blonde woman with her own show on The Blaze called “Tomi” but who somehow lacks the ability to ever smile as she is always mad at Black Lives Matter (but keeps saying she is not racist), well now you have your answer that you can see in the video clip below.

It should be required viewing for all on the left and right of the political spectrum.

It was no surprise that Tomi Lahren (angrily of course) had to chide “The Left” after this interview when she discussed it on her own show.

Tomi Lahren says the blacks that talk to her are considered “coons and Uncle Tom’s” according to “The Left”. After this interview, Trevor Noah discussed the interview, his latest book, and growing up in apartheid South Africa in the video below.

“There’s difference between claiming a victimhood and standing up and saying the playing field is not level… it’s the same way it was hard to see that as a man, I had to acknowledge that I lived in a misogynistic world, that as a man I had privilege.” – Noah Trevor

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