Old Marana returns, ready to go national for the war over the Confederate “battle flag”

The old dusty agricultural rural town of Marana, Arizona has made national news at least three times.

I grew up in Marana, the land of Mormons and Mexicans, and my father also grew up there, going to school with the current mayor. The first time I saw Marana on the national scale cost a lot of money and required carving into a mountain to build a luxurious Ritz-Carlton and bringing a golf tournament here in which even Tiger Woods himself would compete.

The second time occurred last year. Just type in “Marana cop” into Google and then just wait a second and look at how Google finishes the sentence for you. There was another time Marana was in the news but it wasn’t the focal point: Jared Loughner bought his bullets at the Marana Walmart before going off to commit the Tucson Tragedy almost 6 years ago.

Now Marana will make it to the national scene again, and you get to read about it here before it happens.

Marana High School has banned the Confederate Flag from its campus and it’s getting the self-identified “rednecks” madder than a husband having to move the radiator so his wife can take a shower.

This comes just a week after the Dylann Roof ruling.

Roof, seen to the left, was the punk who went into a black church and, like most cowards with guns who feel the power of a god when armed, shot and killed the black humans gathered in prayer.

The link was so obvious that even South Carolina banned the flag from its state Capitol.

But now that we are less than a month away from President Donald Trump, the man who said he didn’t know David Duke and the KKK (yeah, he will be great fighting terrorism when he doesn’t even know our domestic terrorists and hate groups) and the underground martyrization of Dylann Roof, the Pandora’s Box that Trump unleashed to win an election will have its first battle in the schools thanks to Marana.

The school board will take up the issue at the January 12th, 2017 meeting, almost exactly 6 years after the Tucson Tragedy. But supporters of the Confederate Flag are already making their intentions known.

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Some students, however, say the school is violating their rights.

“The school is trying to take away my freedom of speech, my roots, what I believe in, they’re trying to take that away from me,” said Alexis Kring, a student. “We haven’t started any fights. We don’t go and shove it into other people’s faces. We’re respectful. We keep to ourselves. I understand the intimidation that comes with it because of the past. But this not the confederate flag. This is the battle flag.

This is the battle flag… so much was said in that sentence. It’s not the confederate flag but instead a battle flag. A flag that represents what battle exactly? A war against the United States to save a way of life that believed to the death that black people were inferior and should be enslaved.

Since I grew up in Marana and visit every weekend, my Facebook still has remnants of people that never left. I actually went to school with a Kring who sadly is no longer with us, so maybe they student interviewed by KOLD-13 is related. That’s beside the point for now. What I see on Facebook from people sharing this article and from the Old Marana are things like Defend our young patriots, Protect our warriors, etc.

This is exactly the type of story that will go national, especially if the Marana school board upholds the ban on January 12th, just days before President Trump. Hell, I think the President may even tweet about it, how when he becomes President he will not allow this oppression that Obama allows to take place.

Fox News will surely love it, and Sean Hannity will interview the students and their parents who speak to the heartland of America, all those rural counties that we saw colored red after the election.

And thus Marana will go from the pride of having the first black man to master golf playing on its courses of grass built on a desert, a biblical calling of “greening the desert” to the Mormons that run places such as Marana, to Confederate Battle-Flag waving which may bring up memories of an older type of Mormonism, the one that banned black men from becoming priests until just one year after Marana became incorporated in 1977.

As I mentioned above, Marana is a land of Mormons and Mexicans, with Mormons owning a lot of the farmland that the Mexicans work. When I was growing up in Marana the racial tension was there, and now it will be intensified once Trump begins his roundup of immigrants in this town that is less than 100 miles from the Mexican border.

Also in the latest Marana news:

The Marana Unified School District board has unanimously approved a property tax arrangement with agribusiness giant Monsanto that will save the company roughly $3.4 million in taxes over 10 years.

Monsanto GMO seeds will now also be grown in Marana, just down the street from the embattled Marana High School… so… go Tigers?

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One comment on “Old Marana returns, ready to go national for the war over the Confederate “battle flag”
  1. All the rhetoric aside the issue comes down to the fact that anything on a school campus that disrupts the learning environment can be banned. Pokemon cards, save the boobies bracelets, clackers, are examples of items that can be banned. The good old boys could form a club and have their own meetings (if they can find a faculty sponsor). The Marana board should uphold the ban on the simple premise that the flag, the bluster, the news stations are creating a disruption to the school’s primary mission: teaching and learning.

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