TSON News | Whistleblowers have had it with mean girls on TUSD Board, Magnet Schools and advice for new board 

Whistleblowers have had it with mean girls on TUSD Board, Magnet Schools and advice for new board 

Three Sonorans note: Video from last night’s board meeting, which is a focus of the letter below, can be found here. We are not part of the Whistleblowers group nor do we know any of their members. We just post their letters and keep an archive, but we are not responsible for any of their content which is emailed to hundreds of people, and all media sources, including this news source.

Open 47th Letter
From:  Whistleblowers– Comprised of a Large Group of Extremely Concerned TUSD Administrators, Teachers, Retired Administrators, Parents and Grandparents

TUSD Mean of the Meanest Mean Girls- Kristel Ann Foster and Adelita Grijalva: The Psychology of Meaness and the Importance in Understanding it

Image from the movie “Mean Girls”

Many, many open letters ago, we began labeling Kristel Ann Foster as a mean girl. We then added Adelita to the same category. We received push-back on our labeling from those of you in the public who thought it was beneath us.

Obviously, we did not let go of the truthful labeling because we felt it was important to keep exposing Foster as one of most naturally nasty and mean people we have ever seen function within the TUSD community. Her sarcastic “digs” and conspiring and colluding ways have now received more recognition.

Many now agree with our label and are calling Kristel out on their divisiveness.  We are thankful for this because the more she is exposed for being an instinctively unkind and malicious human, the more she will get called on it. Kristel Ann Foster is mean to the bone.

Foster is a furious woman and holds a lot of bitterness, contempt and general unhappiness within herself. She says that she adores her mother but resents the fact that she does not “get” politics. Of course, if her mom does not “get” what her daughter is entrenched in, her mom certainly does not embrace and accept who her daughter really is.  Foster speaks of her deceased father, a military man, as the one who most influenced her. He was thick into politics. Never mind the fact that the politics were the opposite of what Foster asserts to be hers. Nonetheless, she misses her father, mostly for the approval she never gained from him for being most like him. In many ways Kristel has made her father, in death, into more than what he really was in life. It seems that Foster is stuck in some place of desiring approval from her mom and dad, which will always be impossible to obtain.

In other words, she has failed to grow up. Kristel Foster can call upon her perpetual sad place in an instant and begin an episode of pathetic crying over almost any topic. At first it almost comes across as though she is SO caring and SO feeling and people excuse her thinking that her emotions have temporarily overwhelmed her. But then as one experiences her episodes, one after another, it becomes clear that the woman is off balance; not right; off kilter; and desperately in need of mental health treatment.

Anyone who engages with Kristel Ann Foster for more than half an hour learns that she projects a great deal of judgment and spews a lot of anger about everyone, except those who she cherishes, which includes only her family, HT Sanchez and Adelita Grijalva.

She is nice to TUSD people and Tucson shakers and movers who she can exploit to serve her in her end-game. Adelita, unlike her horrid peer, has to work at being nasty. But when Adelita decides to retaliate, it is not only her revenge that it triggered. All she has to do is play victim to her daddy and his allies and suddenly a wave of despicable behavior is unleashed by them onto anyone who crosses her.

Adelita does not plot as much as Kristel does. She doesn’t have to. All she has to do is make a few calls and the dirty work is all done. Her dad will make some calls; threaten some people and inform those with whom he surrounds himself that “the target” is an enemy and to be forever frozen out of HIS camp. It is all pretty treacherous conduct. The thing is, his repetitive falling- to- the- ground drunken behavior seems to be catching up with him and when he finally falls for the last time, all of his so-called supporters will undoubtedly distance themselves from the shame. (Lots of Adelita’s “issues” can be attributed to being the daughter of an alcoholic. She does more denial than most on the topic.)

Kristel has manipulated herself into this web of retaliation by becoming what she believes is part of the Grijalva family. (She refuses to acknowledge that most within the “family” cannot stand her.  They use her as she uses them. It is all very convenient.)

Adelita and Raul have everything that Foster jealously lusts after. They are Mexican and they are powerful. In the end, Kristel wants both and she has neither.  She desperately wants to be in a relationship with a Latino so that through some drastically impaired sense of osmosis, she becomes Mexican. But, as she found out the last time she was with a Latino; once she is seen for what she is, he will high-tail out the door- running as fast as possible! She makes a conscious effort to befriend people who are brown, not based on their individual character, but on the color of their skin. Her taste of power as a TUSD Board member and active member of the Pima County Dem party has, like crack, gotten her hooked. She wants more; as much as she can get and she does not care what it takes to get it!

Did any of you pick up on one of Kristel’s most malicious acts just a few months ago during a Board meeting, while she took “personal privilege” in congratulating Mark Stegeman on his marriage while handing him a congratulatory card? We know, it sounds like a nice deed but it was actually hateful. Dr. Stegeman had kept his recent marriage a secret, wanting to announce and celebrate it in his own time and on his own terms. Instead Kristel, who has along with Adelita, often told people that she despises, hates, abhors, cannot stand,  and otherwise loathes Mark Stegeman took the opportunity to rip Mark Stegeman’s announcement away from him. She had spent hours upon hours on the internet searching public records when she came across the marriage license information. She then plotted exactly how she would use the newly learned information to make herself look good while stealing the glory of making his own announcement from Mark. The act was nothing short of wicked. She is mean to the bone!

During the January 10th Board meeting, Kristel and Adelita went through their individual idiotic reasons for not voting for Mark Stegeman as Board clerk. They each attacked him on their perceived opinions about his leadership skills. They attacked him for violating confidentiality requirements, although there is no evidence to support their accusations. IN FACT, the former Board majority (Foster, Grijalva, and Juarez) was found to be guilty by the Arizona Attorney General for violating open meeting law but any self-reflection by these two women is, of course, out of the question.

Attorney General says TUSD violated Open Meeting Laws

Self-reflection is important. It is what makes us learn from our mistakes. It is what makes us human.  Within our group of Whistleblowers we have wrestled with whether bringing up the outrageous weight gain by Foster and Grijalva during their individual TUSD Board tenures is relevant. Is it relevant to their behavior as Board members? This is especially the case, since many of us within our group are overweight. We do not want to be hypocritical. But as we discussed the issue, we all shared that within our schools many have made repeated comments about the observed Foster weight gain and/or the Grijalva weight gain. It is not just a few pounds here and there. It is tremendous weight gain. It is going from one size of clothing to a larger and then a larger and then a larger size. This is not about body shaming, just as it was not body shaming in pointing out Chris Christy’s weight.  It is rather an added observation to the malicious behaviors that we see manifested by these two women, but especially, Foster. Are they comfortable in their own skin? If so, it is a non-issue. Or are each of them miserable in their own skin and does that misery lend more fuel to their malevolent behavior? We believe this to be the case. We also believe that as female role models in the educational arena -to thousands upon thousands of students- obesity is not acceptable. We would say that same about Stegeman and Hicks if they were obese. Dealing with these issues goes well beyond dieting or more drastic measures such as a gastric bypass surgery (already known in Adelita’s family not to work). It begins with being honest with one’s self which is what we are promoting here. If Adelita is honest with herself and if Kristel is honest with herself there may be a chance for self growth. Otherwise, everyone, expect A LOT more meanness and more lies from these two mean girls! And everyone, line up to call them out on it!

(Article continued below)

For two individuals who so generously go on the attack about one of their peer’s leadership skills, it may be of some benefit for each of them to ask themselves about their own leadership skills and their success as role models. If they were each honest with themselves they would have to admit that they have failed in each area.

Stop and ask yourself why in four long years of Kristel Ann Foster being on the TUSD Board she never went beyond being “just the clerk of the Board.”  In decades of TUSD history it has NEVER been the case that a Board member, especially one who has served as clerk, has NOT been elected President. Foster, after all, was part of a solid Board bloc. Yet, she never served as President.

The same is true about Cam Juarez, although, he never even made it to the level of being elected Board clerk. Of the three, are we to believe that Adelita was the only one who could handle being Board president? Of course, the set-up was the most convenient for HT Sanchez because his highest regard (of the three) was always directed in very obvious ways to Adelita. Are we to believe that Foster and Juarez were just chumps in this set-up?

No! They knew exactly what they were doing. Raul and Adelita worked harder than Cam did on his campaign for re-election and had it not been for Raul and Adelita, Foster would have flat failed in her bid for re-election. It is all convenient usage and exploitation, which results in NOT one good thing for students, which takes us to our next topic:

Six Schools Lose Magnet Status! 

Kristel Foster, Adelita Grijalva and Cam Juarez are responsible for six magnet schools losing their magnet status. They are responsible because they and only they allowed HT Sanchez to sabotage Ochoa, Robison, Safford, Utterback, Pueblo and Cholla by not providing them with adequate staffing and resources.

HT Sanchez has fought the Unitary Status Plan for as long as he has been Superintendent and the Board majority that served from 2013-2017 NEVER redirected HT Sanchez to support and implement the USP, including fully supporting the magnet schools.

This is a tragedy that cannot be undone. For those of us who work at magnet schools, including the schools which now have lost their identity, there is grave disappointment and anger at what has taken place.

Another Message to Rachael Sedgwick: You are now a public figure and a role model. Do not allow your “win” to fool you into thinking that you can bully bartenders or bar owners into conceding to any illusive power you many want to slam down. This type of behavior does come across as snobbish and privileged; regardless of skin color. Your conduct will be watched by both your supporters and enemies. Do not let down your supporters (most of us are progressives not conservatives) and do not give your enemies ammunition to shoot you.

Strive to be humble and earn the trust of the community. Stop with the Facebook diary entries. You can be transparent without TMI. Your so-called Facebook-following should not be used as any type of sound methodology to govern or to be taken seriously. Think through your statements before you utter them. Right now, you do not sound “highly educated.”

Do not believe one single word that HT Sanchez utters to you. He is a pathological liar. Stay away from the meanness that now permeates the conduct illustrated by your gender on the Board. TUSD is a public school system; not a private school system and not a charter school district.

Do not allow right-wingers to convince you otherwise. Many of us voted for you because of your favorable positions on desegregation and Mexican American Studies. PLEASE Do NOT burn us.

We are hearing that you are very agreeable with everyone with whom you are meeting (even when two opposing positions have been presented to you at two different meetings).

For now, do not worry about “plants” such as Derek Ray Harris who trashed you during call to the audience at the January 10th meeting. He was put up to do what he did by those who want you to fail. (He has linkages to the Grijalva crew.) Derek is part of the exclusive fine arts department that serves primarily one sector of the TUSD community. He does not have a lot of political substance or influence and his own lack of character can easily be exposed. (Derek, hope you are listening. Put that rock down! After all, you live and work in a glass house!) Just remember that those who want you to fail can come up with more “plants” should you decide that you need to continue to act like a spoiled brat. Any of us would have paid the 12 bucks and avoided the negative exposure you have brought upon yourself. First impressions are lasting impressions. We support you and want you to succeed so do not sabotage yourself!

Remember, everyone knows everyone in Tucson. It is more like a small town than a big city. This means that what you do and say is known; good or bad.

Message to HT Sanchez: We suggest you begin packing all of the baggage you have accumulated while in Tucson. It will not serve anyone here so take it all with you. Please take Boe, Morado, MA Wallace and other blind supporters with you! While people from the community speak during Board meetings/call to the audience, have the decency to look at them. It is obnoxious and it is disrespectful for you to hang your head down and it makes you look as guilty as you are for all that you have done wrong here. We sincerely hope your departure will come soon. You can list us as a reference.

Could you get your Deputy to do or say something meaningful? Right now she appears to be a highly paid figure head who says and does little to impact instruction positively. She has not been helpful to a single administrator of whom we know.

Thanks to those who publish us or reference us: Three Sonorans and Arizona Daily Independent. We appreciate it a great deal!

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28 comments on “Whistleblowers have had it with mean girls on TUSD Board, Magnet Schools and advice for new board 
  1. The Three Sonorans is just as nasty as Foster and Grijalva. You said you “wrestled” with the idea of discussing their weight gain in your previous columns, but what is there to discuss? Does their weight gain make them any less qualified to lead? Of course it doesn’t; it’s just a personal dig at them—the same kind you hypocritically criticize them for doing. (You’re just as childish and mean-spirited as they are.)

    Folks: Three Sonorans is just as inept and childish as the governing board. DA Morales is using this “publication” as a Trojan horse to get himself on this board, because he can’t get the number of signatures that he needs to get on a ballot.

    G-d help us all.

  2. I did not write this. It got sent to thousands of people just like myself and I posted like I’ve posted their other 46 letters.

    Attack me all you want, but there appears to be some insiders that are really really pissed.

  3. Put another way, these letters will get written and shared without me. Do I think this one was harsh? Yes, but i don’t censor and you can take it up with the Whistleblowers if you don’t agree.

  4. UGLY,
    It has been awhile since you have posted. I have not missed you. Drop the second name and you are “right-on.” All you ever contribute to the TS blogs is ugly bigotry about poor minority parents and their kids. It makes sense that you are now defending Foster and Grijalva. Birds of an ugly feather…..
    First, you should know that the Whistleblowers write their open letters which then get posted on Three Sonorans and sometimes the Arizona Daily Independent. TS does not write the letters and several times this point has been clarified on TS. How did this very obvious fact get by you? Second, the Whistleblowers pointed out that Adelita and Kristel have gained a lot of weight. Not 10 pounds; not even 20 pounds but a hell of a lot of pounds. The observation of weight gain has been blatantly obvious. This is a fair and true observation, especially in the context of pointing out each of their many, many personality flaws and leadership failures which end up manifesting themselves in ways that hurt students, such as being oblivious to HT Sanchez’ lack of support to the magnet schools. Who knows, maybe they knew that HT was not supporting the schools and they just simply did not give a damn. The weight issue is one of many issues. If they were emaciated and purging and it was noticed, do you not think it would be discussed? The point that was made is that neither woman seems to be comfortable in her own skin and that their state of mind plays into their meanness. I think this is true. Adelita is a sarcastic nasty person. I know that she has told people how much she “hates” Mark Stegeman. She has made snide remarks about Mike Hick’s level of intelligence, as if she is some genius. Yes, she has her dad to lean on and retaliate on her behalf but Adelita is as awful as Kristel when it comes to the treatment of anyone who she thinks gets in her way.
    A teacher at Davis shared with me her observation about Adelita’s obesity, stating that she had noticed how difficult it is for Adelita to walk across a school campus without gasping for air. She said it out of some concern but she also added that Adelita has probably gained 75 pounds during the time she has served on the Board. She said all of this while saying that she thought that Adelita could have and should have done a lot more to support Davis and the other magnet schools. She specifically said that Adelita had lost touch with what she was supposed to be doing as a Board member and that the weight gain is probably part of the way that she deals with her “shit”. Another teacher from Pueblo shared with me that from the time that Kristel was elected in 2012 to the present, she has gained about 40 to 50 pounds. She said her knees have suffered from the weight gain which places strain on the joints. Pain causes stress. He also mentioned that she follows Adelita’s and HT’s lead without question, which has hurt Pueblo a lot since Adelita protects Auggie Romero from any form of accountability. HT takes Adelita’s directive (even though she is only on school board member) and Kristel endorses whatever she has HT do to protect Auggie. This teacher asked me if I had noticed the “blowing up” (weight gain) of not only Kristel but also Adelita, Auggie and Abel Morado. He said that TUSD was heading in the direction of an obesity epidemic. He said it was poor modeling for teachers and students. He said that each of these people are carrying the weight of two people in one body. How is this supposed to be accepted as being all right?
    These women are supposed to be our leaders and role models. They are far from doing any kind of leading and I reject them both as role models for teachers or students. It is not just because they are obese but their obesity does tie into their behavior and treatment of others. Enough said. Please, stay off this blog.

    • Why don’t you learn how to read? I was critical of Foster and Grijalva in my original post. How in the world was I defending them?

      You talk about Foster and Grijalva hurting children, but what are your thoughts on single motherhood? Children born to single mothers are more likely to dabble in drugs, have psychological issues and be incarcerated. (Please Google academic studies to confirm this, if you haven’t seen how disproportionately bad the children are that are raised in broken families—usually “lead” by trashy mothers.)

      Why let single mothers off the hook, but not not two interior, ineffective, but mostly powerless governing board members?

      (And no I don’t attack “poor minorities”; I do criticize trashy people though.)

      • Anonymous, Are you seriously going to attempt to attack single mothers? What about single fathers, are they “trashy” as well? You should cite your research so it can be reviewed by others. How do you know the social issues you mentioned are CAUSED by single motherhood? Maybe it’s because the fathers are absent or abusive or a number of interacting forces…but we cannot know for sure because you offered no references. Google is not a good source of academic or scholarly articles, google scholar can provide some links to peer-reviewed research but unless you have access through an institution or a subscription to the journal you may have issues accessing the article. Just as an FYI, I am a single mother, PhD student and I work full-time at a college, many of my colleagues are women, single mothers and have advanced degrees so I am not sure what you mean by trashy single moms but I think the foundations of your statements are sexist and are completely without merit.

        • Both Christy and the person who responded to Ugly are absolutely corredt. The person is a sexist and bigoted individual who has traditionally trashed single parents. The horrible thing is, he has given the impression that he works in TUSD, which means that he takes out his hate on both single mothers and their children. It is people like Ugly who TUSD allows to do harm while punishing those of us who genuinely have tried to serve children in the best way possible. Good teachers are leaving TUSD at a historical rate. Teachers know this and principals know this. If Marana or Amphi hire me, I will be gone. I have worked for TUSD most of my life. I am considered an exceptional teacher. HT has never even walked by my classroom much less entered it. Adelita and Kristel have “politicked” at my school and have never observed a single teacher actually instructing her/his students.

          As for observing yourself on video and realizing that you have gained weight- TS- I think it is great that you realize the correlation between the weight gain and the stresses in your life. We all know that you take on the burden of informing us about all the negative things that are taking place in TUSD. It is all about managing our stress and for many involved in the TUSD battle, it is difficult because so many of us feel that we have no control. We all need to speak out more- even if it has to be anonymous because of the treachery exhibited by HT in retaliating against those who speak out. At the very least, we are now rid of one of most inept Board members who has ever served on the Board- Cam Juarez. Yes, Kristel got in but she is being called on her very ugly behavior as is Adelita.

          I can’t thank the Whistleblowers enough for what they have done. They have stuck to their mission and have helped our community see the former Board majority as the corrupt politicians that they are. As for HT Sanchez, everyone in Tucson except some in the business community and the Mayors office have his number. He is a disgrace to the profession and has harmed more children and educators than can be counted. The man is a monstrous ego maniac.

          Rachael, Mike and Mark need to find a way to rid the District of Sanchez as soon as is possible. This one act in itself would give many of us a boost in our hope for TUSD.

        • If the shoes fit, Christine. What kind of woman opens her legs for a man and gets nothing (like a ring) in return for carrying a child in her body for 8 months?

          Can you imagine Michelle Obama walking around Harvard (Harvard!!!) pregnant with an illegitimate child? I can’t.

          No one serious does this.

          And if a woman forgets to get a ring, what is she forgetting to teach her children?

          • Why is your name Ugly Truth bc you are too scared to put your real name, right? A scared little man with a tiny little mind and teeny tiny little balls. That’s what you are and you don’t hate women you are actually scared of us. It’s a pathetic projection because no woman with eyes or a brain will give you the time of day.

          • Thanks for showing your class, Christine, and your lack of common sense. You ask why I don’t go after men for fathering children and not taking care of them? Well, 90% of the blame goes on the woman. It’s her body that’s going to hold a child in her for 8 months and it’s her that is supposed to find a suitable father, not a sperm donor.

            No self-respecting woman does this: allows some guy to knock her up and walk away (or at best be marginally involved in the child’s life.)

            You and your trashiness are what’s wrong with TUSD, not so much HT Sanchez. No officer that might racially profile someone is going to ask if that person’s school district was adequately funded. Nor will that police officer ask who the superintendent was as you’re being detained. It’s up to the parents to make well-rounded citizens in the community, not TUSD, the Governing Board or Dr. Sanchez.

            Spend a day at Utterback, Doolen, Naylor, Catalina and many other schools. You’re not cursing Sanchez as you leave campus. You’re thinking “Where are the parents?”

  5. I can almost feel the anger in this open letter about what has been allowed to take place with our magnet schools and I agree that our District has suffered greatly at the hands of some very dysfunctional/mentally unstable school board members. Kristel Foster and Adelita Grijalva are at the very top of the list along with their self-serving, narcissistic superintendent. Let’s not forget Cam Juarez’ own selfish needs to be part of the Grijalva gang and become one of Sanchez’ buds. There has been no leadership in our District for many years but the Sanchez regime has been the very worst of the lot. The Whistleblowers have written almost fifty letters to report infraction after infraction in our District. Maybe the thinking behind the most recent letter is to finally expose the underbelly psychology of the behaviors constantly demonstrated by Sanchez and the mean girls. We also should not forget that there is a sort of shadow governance in place by Raul Grijalva himself as he interferes in TUSD operations and politics on a constant basis- all thanks to his very inept daughter. The Grijalvas are a family of obvious enablers.

    I am an obese person who has taken the semester off from TUSD to finally conquer my number one health problem; my weight. I am not happy in my own skin but I am striving to get my body in better condition to serve my purpose in life in a fulfilling and happy manner. My obesity cannot be remedied just by going on a diet. I have to make serious life changes, especially when it comes to my own self-image and my relationship with food. I meet with a group of obese people once a week and our last discussion had to do with how our society has been convinced to ignore the health hazards of obesity in an effort not to body shame people. You will notice that commercials that address accepting one’s body never pose morbidly obese individuals. As I watched Kristel Foster at the recent candidate forums, I could see her grave discomfort with her body form. She had draped layers of lose clothing around her to disguise her weight gain. It can’t be disguised and her apparent need to camouflage herself is as big a lie as her lied about complying with the desegregation order. I agree with the Whistleblowers that she would have lost had it not been for Raul carrying her to the finish line (for his daughter). Part of my weight gain over the last three years I attribute to the lack of control I had in my classroom in dealing with student discipline. I would refer students to the office for any number of GSRR violations and they would be back in my classroom within minutes. My principal flat out apologized to me and told me that her/his hands were tied due to Sanchez’ edicts. I was told that the discipline numbers had to come down so that Sanchez could get out of the desegregation order. Many of us within the classroom have felt helpless. What happens to those who feel helpless? More dysfunction is created and those who can get the hell out.
    Our District is a mess and I am glad for the exposure that the Whistleblowers have brought in sharing not only the infractions but the dysfunction behind the problems that we have all been saddled with during the last four years. I hope the new Board will boot Sanchez out and I hope Foster will get some help. I see no hope for Adelita.

    • So I saw myself in a few videos speaking at the board meetings recently and realized I was gaining a lot of weight also. This past year(s) have been unhealthy for us all. It’s true, there is a link with rapid weight gain and stress or other factors.

      Time to accept, let go, and get back into health. TUSD is taking the brunt of our illnesses, and I am a part of that also.


  6. And by the way Christine: not that you don’t already know this, but you’re not marriage material. Your “baby daddy” showed this and I’m telling you this as well. You’re not the kind of person I’d bring home to my mother. Plus, I’m not going to be taking care of someone else’s child.

    You’re very undesirable. If you had any introspection, you’d know this, you’d have shut up about being a single mother and you’d find a sucker to build a family with to give off the appearance that you have morals and were raised right.

    I don’t talk to females like this but you brought this on yourself.

    • Thank you Mr. Ugly for allowing me to prove that I don’t like to censor, no matter how ignorant or repulsive the comment. Have a good day.

  7. If we want to talk about creating TUSD dysfunction, the people who wrote this should look in the mirror and think about the dysfunction they are creating. It’s one thing to critique the actions of people who are supposed to serve the public, but it’s an entirely different thing to attack folks this way. These folks are (allegedly–nobody really knows) teachers and administrators in the district and this is the way they act? This is the type of mindset they bring into their schools everyday when they work with the children in this community? These are the actions of people who claim to have the best interests of this community in mind and expect this to bring about positive change?

    In Lak’ech

    • Exactly, “In Lak’ech”:

      This “contributor” is a Mean Girl too with all the personal shots. If you want to allude to and imply that weight gain is a sign of them being mentally unstable, not happy with who they are, and more, I’d say, “be consistent.”

      Stegeman and Hicks are both grayer since joining the board. Does that mean that they’re overly stressed, can’t handle the pressures of the job, lying about their stated ages?

      That’s how silly this has become.

      Funny how a person’s weight gain is a point of ridicule, but an unwed mother on welfare having child after child, all with different last names, is a protected class.

      The community is the biggest problem; they’re enabling this board and they’re “raising” children in broken families. But this “news site” puts the blame on the superintendent and governing board.

      Well, please let me know when a judge or police officer will start letting people off the hook because they went to a sub-par school district.

      I’m so glad to be no longer affiliated with the district.

      • I am so relieved that Ugly is no longer a part of TUSD. He is an obvious canker sore in any environment. TS readers/supporters, we should be weary of haters like Ugly who post on TS as a means to detract from the issue addressed in the blog. (For all we know it may really be HT or Kristel Foster at their keyboard steering us away from the real issues, which includes them!) This particular topic had to do with the Whistleblower’s most recent letter which further exposed the deep seeded meanness of Kristel Foster and Adelita Grijalva. It is well beyond the intellect of someone like Ugly to understand what was actually said in the letter. He is an obvious bigot and misogynist. Back to the topic. We all need to call the mean girls on their behavior each and every time that it takes place. TS, yes you are extremely tolerant of psychos like Ugly but please, do not allow him to hijack your blog.

  8. I missed the Whistleblowers! Thank you for another letter, though I don’t like this one. Let’s see, as an obese teacher-I am not a good role model to my students. That’s it. Nothing else about me matters. And yes, I am exceptionally happy in my own skin. I was encouraged, learned tons from your previous 46 letters; recommended to tons in the community to visit this blog and read them. This letter is disappointing. (Christie-You are an amazing woman, kudos to you!)

  9. TS Readers:
    In our last letter we stressed the fact that many of us are also overweight (and comfortable in our own skin). Perhaps we did not make enough of a point by stating that the observed weight gain by the mean girls on the Board is just one of many variables that point to their translucent unhappiness which ties in to their extreme mean behavior (neither appear to be happy in their own body form but this is not the sole source of their misery). There are so many dysfunctional layers of behavior exhibited by Kristel and Adelita but some are much more prominent than others. We believe that the underlying reason for the excessive weight gain by Kristel and Adelita has to do with their foundational unhappiness. It appears that they each have decided to embrace their misery and project it onto others.

    As weak leaders they have failed to direct HT Sanchez. They each are either too inept to give direction or they are too lazy. In the end, the outcome is that Sanchez has botched up in every area of the District’s operation. The three of them constantly conspire with excuses, cover-ups, blame or denial over their failures, which further feeds their misery.

    You know that many of us are teachers. We know that children are sensitive to what a teacher projects to his/her students in terms of their own state of being. A happy teacher is bound to have a happier classroom environment than one who is resentful and unhappy. As a happy person, you do not have layers of dysfunction that causes you to create a dysfunctional instructional environment.

    Our end point in addressing many of Kristel’s and Adelita’s weaknesses is the fact that they have created the most dysfunctional environment within TUSD that anyone can remember. Cam Juarez was also part of the dysfunction by going along with Kristel, Adelita and Sanchez.

    In our last letter we attempted to expose just how miserable and caustic these two people are and NO one who reads our letter should impose what we said about Kristel and Adelita onto themselves. Our observations of Kristel’s and Adelita’s behaviors do not translate to anyone else, especially those who we do not know. Each of them are EXTREMELY mean. The meanness has contaminated our District. Six schools have just lost their magnet status based on the former majority Board’s lack of direction to Sanchez to implement the USP and support every magnet school. Dysfunctional behavior lead to dysfunctional decisions which lead to dire consequences.

    We are going to continue to push back on their behaviors and decisions by exposing them.

    • The only thing these folks have truly exposed is how dysfunctional they are themselves. You can’t rationalize your way around these types of personal attacks that extend far beyond simply talking about someone’s body image. You spent plenty of time talking about one of the board member’s deceased parents. Who in the world do you people think you are? Folks who act this way have no business running a school or teaching in our childrens’ classrooms. Imagine if a child had behaved this way. If I found out someone who participated in writing this was in charge of my child’s school or was one of their teachers I would not stop until that person was removed from that position. They obviously have no moral compass and have no clue what it means to be an example for children or the community.

      The truth is that whoever writes these letters thrives on a dysfunctional TUSD and their only aim is to create more and more dysfunction in the district. All they want to do is point fingers at others and write personal attacks instead of coming up with any constructive ideas for solutions that will help. These letters only contribute to the actual or perceived dysfunction in the district and only hurt kids. Congratulations “whistleblowers.” You’re a bunch of cowards hiding in anonymity and lobbing personal attacks that have nothing to do with the education of this community’s children. You must feel like such heroes.

      It’s time for these folks to take a look at themselves in the mirror.

      In Lak’ech

      Tú eres mi otro yo.
      You are my other me.
      Si te hago daño a ti,
      If I do harm to you,
      Me hago daño a mi mismo.
      I do harm to myself.
      Si te amo y respeto,
      If I love and respect you,
      Me amo y respeto yo.
      I love and respect myself.

      • and this is where we find ourselves exactly five years after the banning of MAS… Bullying and fighting and a new attack on ethnic studies. Maybe if we would have fought for justice and return MAS with the new board in 2013 we would have avoided the upcoming issues, but instead we let an innocent program remain on death row and continued on without the Tezcatlipoca taught. We are our own worst enemy in TUSD.

  10. TS. You are right. TUSD has gone from terrible to tragic.

    And KF (or one of your few and shrinking supporters), we see right through your attempt to salvage yourself by once again going on the attack. It is so desperate and so predictable.

    We have tried several strategies to reveal what HT and his former Board majority has done to harm our District. Some of the shenanigans within TUSD has stopped. HT’s spouse is no longer hanging out at 1010, attending professional development meetings or using his code to enter TUSD buildings. Most of the very inappropriate “hook-ups” by top-top TUSD level folks have come to a halt. The constant trashing of the USP, the Special Master has been subdued. HT has turned his total attack on the plaintiffs (and, we guess, those that they represent- the students). But, for the most part, things are bad and the level of bad hit us particularly hard with the announcement that six of our schools have been stripped of their magnet status. Yes, we are very angry at this and we will not sit back and just watch more destruction. HT will high-tail out of Tucson as soon as he can fool another school district into hiring him. Adelita and Kristel have got to be held accountable.

    We will continue to expose actions that we believe hurt our students and our District. We do this out of love and dedication to our students and our District. It is not pleasant but exposing corruption never has been. We often “self-reflect” and we have used an incredible amount of discipline in not exposing even uglier levels of misconduct by HT, Kristel and Adelita. The self-reflection that is needed must take place with these three people.

    • More rationalization of moral bankruptcy on the part of the “whistleblowers.” The idea that this is done out of love and dedication to students in the district is hard to believe. Maybe write a letter or two that actually talks about students and programs instead of anonymously hurling insults at people that have nothing to do with the running of the district. Fact is, even if the interest of students is something you have in mind, the ends simply do not justify the means. The behavior you’re engaged in is hurting kids, plain and simple. I just don’t remember where Dr. King wrote that one of the most important tactics of the Civil Rights Movement was to anonymously write letters personally attacking people, but if it’s there please provide a link.

      The other part is that a lot of what you write is factually inaccurate or incomplete. The district pushed back against many schools being stripped of their magnet status even earlier, and they were able to get the special master to hold off and many of the magnet schools were well supported. It’s not always easy to swallow, but desegregating schools is a tricky matter that involve a lot of complex factors, like the fact that it just isn’t easy to get families from the east side of town to send their students to west side schools. To take something as complex as this and to oversimplify it and blame it simply on these particular individuals is foolish.

      Finally, I am not a supporter of Kristel Foster, but I will call people out on attacking someone in this fashion. What I support is constructive dialogue and action that is going to help build this community and move it forward in a positive direction. Your “whistleblower” letters and their potential impact have gone unchecked for far too long, and your unwillingness to reflect critically on your actions demonstrates a lack of maturity, especially if you are educators. Being called out for childish behavior isn’t an attack, it’s a call to common sense.

      If you want to write letters, so be it, but actually write about things that matter. If you’re upset about schools losing their magnet status write about what that actually means for the schools and their kids, why they lost their magnet status, what specific actions led to the loss of their magnet status, what you would have done differently, and what should be done going forward?

      Maybe then there can actually be a constructive dialogue based at least partially on reasonable ideas. If the letter is simply the schools lost magnet status because Adelita and Kristel have gained weight, then just stop before you even get started.

      • “The other part is that a lot of what you write is factually inaccurate or incomplete. The district pushed back against many schools being stripped of their magnet status even earlier, and they were able to get the special master to hold off and many of the magnet schools were well supported.”

        I would disagree completely with this statement. What we do know is that while the district did push back, that came with antics such as the one at the Casino Ballroom and other shenanigans. The 6 schools would have lost their magnets in 2015 were it not for Mendoza coming up with a plan to give TUSD an extra year. TUSD signed off on this and they immediately broke their promises, such as not filling the teacher vacancies by Nov 2015.

        Since then TUSD has become worse. I have been following Utterback closely as I feel they are the ones most in need, and rather than give them the best of the best, as magnet schools require, they were led by a interim principal and an interim assistant principal, many new teachers and many subs that were filling the classes as late as Fall 2016. Blatant disregard comes from other antics such as not having a dance teacher for their dance program, the principal deciding not to even advertise for one because it is too difficult to find one (problem solved?), and yet TUSD still budgeting $42,000 to pay for a dance teacher for this year. And we haven’t even gotten into the lack of a crossing guard that continues until last week.

  11. I have heard Kristel’s story about her mom and dad. There aren’t many who haven’t. She loves talking about herself and “connecting” with those of us who really want to talk about what is going on in TUSD but who are instead diverted as Kristel turns the conversation to herself. So, if she pours her “stuff” out about them to anyone and everyone, why should it be prohibited for the Whistleblowers to repeat what she has shared (with too many to count)? If she complains about her weight (incessantly) why can’t the Whistleblowers acknowledge her unhappiness over her obesity? Of course, she blames her weight gain on everything and everybody except herself. It is a miracle that she has not blamed the desegregation order on the US Constitution.

    I have a friend who contacted Kristel about a major TUSD problem. Kristel, ended up arguing with my friend about the facts of the matter and then used her contact information to send her campaign information. This should be prohibited!

    She defends HT blindly and never has done anything to address the problems that have been reported to her by anyone.

    When she started to socialize with the former Director of Multicultural Education it became clear to me that the woman has zero boundaries. She has no understanding of what is right and what is wrong.

    In our building, we are grateful for the Whistleblowers. We are grateful for the broadcasting of the truth. We respect and honor administrators, teachers, parents and grandparents for taking the time to expose the truth. Had it not been for the Whistleblowers I am not sure that Cam would have been ousted and that Rachael Sedgewick would have been voted in. Much of what the Whistleblowers have exposed has caused people to question the white-washing, blaming, and denial that HT, Adelita and Kristel do so well. The Whistleblowers started much in motion. I also give credit to TUSDKidsFirst. Their organization further exposed the Board majority from the last 4 years as being inept.

    I am also very grateful for TS. Many of my associates and friends receive the open letter directly from the Whistleblowers but it sure is nice to have the letters posted and archived on TS.

  12. I am a retired teacher but continue to substitute for TUSD. I get to see and hear a lot of what is going on in every school. I do not sub for the money. I love working and teaching our children. In the decades that I have worked for TUSD, I have never seen it as bad as it right now. I do attribute this to horrible leadership from Kristel Foster, Adelita Grijalva, Cam Juarez, and a superintendent whose knowledge and experience base is lacking.

    A few months ago I was at a local restaurant and was seated within hearing distance from Kristel Foster as she met with someone. He shared with Kristel Foster his concerns about his school. His concerns were serious. She did not take a single note. At one point she told the man that she hated Mark Stegeman. The comment had no relevance from what I had heard. I wasn’t even trying to listen in; they both were speaking loudly. He commented that at least Mark Stegeman had visited his school and expressed support. She stood up, gather her belongings and threw money at the man to cover for whatever she had ordered. I was beyond horrified.

    As they have stated, the Whistleblowers are attempting not only to expose corrupt behaviors but also the place from which the behaviors percolate. After witnessing what I did, I understand fully what they are doing. They are exposing the essence of each of these corrupt individuals. They have a lot of material to cover with Kristel.

  13. Dear Anonymous- or let’s call you by who you really are- Kristel Ann Foster or her dear supporter (the same thing):

    Evidently you have not paid attention to all of the details presented by the Whistleblowers as they have reported dozens of actions taken by the Supt., Kristel, Adelita and go-along Cam in their many letters that have harmed schools, students, teachers and principals. Here is what I have learned from friends at 1010 about the reaction to the most recent letter. Kristel hit her all-time emotional roof. She became frantic in wanting the District to find out who the Whistleblowers are once and for all so that the District can “take action.” She has disregarded all of the infractions reported by them but was so torn-up by the profile that was presented on her in the last letter that she is now on another vengeance trip. It is interesting to see what it takes to get someone’s attention. My guess is that the Whistleblowers have figured out that if they continue to “push-back” with some of the evident dysfunctional information about the crazed people who run our District, they each will alter their conduct. NOTHING else has worked.

    The fact that you- Kristel or her dear supporter- have the nerve to defend the harm that YOU have imposed on the magnet schools reveals your identity. It is nothing but empty defense. Everything TS said in the response above is true. I work at a magnet school which will remain a magnet school only because my school receives preferential treatment compared to other magnet schools since Adelita’s and Cam’s kids attend the school.

    Our principal is experienced and knows how to deal with those at 1010 in order to get what we need. Our teachers actually receive direction. I have friends at Utterback and Safford and each school has received the opposite of support.Their principals inexperienced and inept and their schools are filled with substitutes. They do not have basic staffing (crossing guard, monitors, teachers, administrators, etc.) These type of failures have to be intentional and/or attributed to total ineptness.

    So Kristel Ann Foster or her dear friend- come on!

  14. Love the comment from the Carrillo teacher. We know there are several school that receive preferential treatment and we know it is not right.

    I am a teacher at Secrist- one of the schools that blew up with discipline problems last year. Sanchez scape-goated our principal and assistant principal and humiliated them. He then appointed an interim principal (one of Abel Morado’s former assistant principals and loyalists from his time at Tucson High) and asst. principals. The Board was told that the problems had been addressed. Nothing changed at Secrist. We still had too many exceptional education substitutes who were not qualified. We still had too many weak teachers and we had an interim principal who hibernated in her office. Our teachers received little to no direction from the interim principal. Our new assistant ended up carrying most of the weight for professional development, instructional direction, and discipline. Nothing really changed. How could it? One so-called professional publically blamed the principal and assistant principal even though she had been at the school as a counselor for most of her career. She had never done anything to support students. Sanchez’ actions did not remedy the problem. It was all cosmetic.

    Kristel Foster came to the school and did a walk-about and then used her “observations” as campaign bunk. She reported to the community that it was like night and day- all had been fixed. She did not talk to many teachers; she did not talk to the students; she did not talk to parents; and she did not bother to get into the details about how discipline was being handled (it is all a sham). Her shallowness shined through. She is a liar. Secrist still needs more help.

    The Whistleblowers need to keep doing what they have been doing. They have exposed a lot of problems and the people behind the problems.

    Would the Whistleblowers or anyone else in the community consider conducting a recall on Kristel? It is great that Cam has been eliminated but she needs to go!

    Ms. Sedgwick, we are counting on you to keep pushing accountability. Mr. Hicks and Dr. Stegeman, you need to show your leadership. Now is the time.

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