Trump Accidentally Reveals his ‘Business Plan’ and It’s Pretty Much A Carnival Trick

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President-Elect Donald Trump presided as ring-master over a circus of a press conference yesterday, and came prepared with the props of a carnival swindler.

Shortly before Trump left the lectern after his first press conference in more than five months, also his first as the President-Elect, he directed reporters’ attention to a table beside him piled high with manila folders, each filled with papers.

“These papers are all just a piece of the many many companies that are being put into trust to be run by my two sons, who I hope at the end of eight years I’ll come back and I’ll say ‘you did a good job.’ If not I’ll say ‘you’re fired,’” Trump quipped with palpable self-satisfaction.

The signature joke drew some laughter and applause that could be heard over reporters scrambling for an actual answer to questions about Trump’s alleged compromise by Russian intelligence, which Trump ignored.

But the laughter and applause was fake — Trump had packed the room with staffers as a human laugh track, who applauded his every jab at the press and laughed at every well-worn joke. The show was for the viewers at home who could not tell the difference — the same thing goes for the table piled high with  supposed disclosure documents.

Chris Hayes of MSNBC, among other reporters, requested that he be allowed to review the folders, and was refused. He was refused because that would have spoiled the illusion. The pages were blank.

Trump resorted to a very hollow salesmanship, and unfortunately wasn’t called on it at the time.

Worse still, after that big show, the document released by the transition team later Wednesday regarding Trump’s steps to remove conflict of interest was only six pages long, and leaves about as much to be desired as a table full of manila folders stuffed with blank paper. Let’s hope he at least spares a few trees and reuses those props.

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