4 months late: TUSD board candidate has not filed required campaign finance reports

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Last week the 2016 4th Quarter reports were due for all campaign finance committees still currently open, which applied to all 7 candidates who ran for TUSD school board.

6 of the candidates filed them on time, with Rachael Sedgwick terminating her committee on 1/17/17. The other 6 remain open to this date.

Only one candidate has not filed the required reports on time, and in fact it has been 4 months since they last complied with the law and its deadlines. Since then there have 3 reports that should have been filed, which means that every day their committee is incurring a $30 (3x$10) fee DAILY.

The last TUSD board candidate that had this problem, not filing until 6 months later, was Adelita Grijalva.

It is unfortunate that the only two Latinos on the last TUSD board turn in their campaign finance reports on “Mexican time,” thus perpetuating that stereotype. However, this time the candidate that is in violation of campaign finance reporting deadlines is now a federal employee and should know better.

His/her name has not been mentioned in this article, but below is a screenshot of the latest filing, which is all public record, and a screenshot for all 7 candidates can be seen in the slideshow above. This campaign must have a lot of money left over from the campaign to grow a debt of $30/day for not complying with the law when simply filing a few pages would resolve that issue.

No filings in 4 months.

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