TSON News | TUSD Board Meeting 1/31/17: What’s going on tonight?

TUSD Board Meeting 1/31/17: What’s going on tonight?

The text written in green will be my comments on tonight’s TUSD board meeting agenda, and the significance of the items.

Call Meeting to Order


  1. Schedule an Executive Meeting

Action Item


Recess Regular Meeting to Executive Session

Action Item


At this point the public part of the board meeting begins, which will be around 5:30pm

Pledge of Allegiance

Information Items

  1. Arizona Open Meeting Law Training Pursuant to Resolution Agreement with the Arizona Attorney General approved by the Governing Board at the September 13, 2016 Board Meeting The TUSD board has to go through the following training because they were found guilty of violated Open Meeting Laws.
  2. Update on Magnet Schools – Mansfeld Middle Magnet School
    • Presentation This is the part of the meeting that many of us call a “Stephanie Boe Production” and is basically propaganda using students to talk only about the good things going on at magnet schools. Notice that schools such as Ochoa or Utterback have never presented and after losing their magnet status, probably never will.

Call to the Audience This is the funnest part of the meeting, when the public gets to speak.

  1. 2017-2018 Code of Conduct Review This item is super-important and has to do with STUDENT DISCIPLINE. TUSD hired an expert in this field, then basically ignored all his taxpayer-paid recommendations. The Department of Justice was not pleased, so here is a draft.
  2. FY 2016-2017 Budget Update CFO Karla Soto will give another useless presentation, and yes, you will see slides like page 21 being presented, which has hundreds of words in a size 1 font, displayed for only a moment; the purpose is for the public and the board to be confused and Soto rushes to get passed this.
  3. Substitute Compensation – Requested by Board Clerk Mark Stegeman After months and months of bringing this issue up, we now know that TUSD paid over $20 million to ESI to privatize the substitute teachers, which means they get paid less, get no benefits, and are no longer considered TUSD employees.

Governing Board Policies


  1. Governing Board Policy Code GCFC – Certification and Credentialing Requirements (revision) – Requested by Board Member Rachael Sedgwick It turns out the the highest paid superintendent in the state, HT Sanchez, who made a whopping $499,700 last year, is not even a certified school adminstrator in Arizona! This Policy would require him and all future superintendents to be certified. There are directors and administrators in TUSD that still remain without certification to this day.

Study/Action Items

  1. Restore Audit Committee Charter – Requested by Board Clerk Mark Stegeman The last audit committee members were being ignored and ended up writing a letter to the editor in the Arizona Daily Star. They were ousted soonafter in an act of retaliation by the notorious HT. More on this item can be found here.
  2. Reverse Membership Changes to Employee Benefits Trust Board Agreement – Requested by Board Clerk Mark Stegeman

Motion and Vote to Extend or Adjourn Special Meeting


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7 comments on “TUSD Board Meeting 1/31/17: What’s going on tonight?
    • Last night the board asked for the original draft by Freeman and the Plaintiff’s comments. HT agreed to release them. I will post them when they do and you can see for yourself.

  1. My jaw dropped when Dr. Stegeman asked for that information and it was clear that they had not been given it. OMG do you mean to say that even the BOARD doesn’t get to see the original version of the Plaintiff’s comments? NO WONDER THEY KEEP PASSING SUCH BS items about use of magnet monies, use of district resources, etc. NO WONDER they have impeded the implementation of the USP….if the Board doesn’t get the originals, then they rely on Sanchez et al’s interpretation of those materials which we all know (or should know by now) are hopelessly skewed and twisted. These are not items that the Board should have to ask for. They should be provided as a matter of course.

  2. There were so many things that were exposed at last night’s meeting that were jaw-dropping… here are two more:

    1. Yes, the fact that Sanchez has not provided the Board with the comments which the the plaintiffs have submitted to TUSD regarding the code of conduct is inexcusable. But the Board never really called him on it. What was revealed is that no one on the Board has asked for the feedback/comments until last night. Board members should not have to ask but if they are lacking information, they should be compelled to demand the information and call Sanchez on his blunder. Sure it’s OK to keep getting feedback from the community but it would be really nice if the Board understood the code of conduct so that they could better understand if the comments are relevant or not. Many are not.

    I bet that there are hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of teachers who have NOT been trained in PBIS and Restorative Practices. I have been begging for the training for two years and have received none, just like most of the teachers in my building. My students do not need shrinks, they need teachers who are trained in the District’s code of conduct and its discipline practices. In order to teach my students I have to keep them in my classroom. TUSD needs principals who have the courage to implement discipline policies and get the training that is needed for their teachers. Shouldn’t this be a basic question that is asked before the Board begins to believe that it is going to take counselors and social workers to fix the current problem? The current problems have to do with lack of communication and training. But mostly it has to do with Sanchez directing the principals to “look the other way and get the numbers down” and then reversing his wink-wink nod-nod policy to kicking kids out of school for any fight, even if a student is defending his or herself. TUSD schools began to explode with discipline problems so he did what he always does- knee jerk-reacted. HT Sanchez has jerked the principals around on discipline for three and a half years. No wonder discipline is the top school problem in TUSD.

    2. If it had not been that HT Sanchez got so frustrated while discussing the proposed changes to the Audit Committee, he would have never disclosed that Ricky Hernandez has resigned from the Committee. Thank you WHISTLEBLOWERS!!! They disclosed that Ricky’s wife works for Stefanie Boe, the Director of the District’s PR Department and spelled out the particulars of the conflict that Ricky has in serving on the Committee.

  3. Last night Sanchez claimed the Board needed to accept the proposed code of conduct because the plaintiffs & everybody and his brother had already approved it. Per Sanchez it would just be too, too difficult to go back and get the Special Master and the Plaintiffs to agree all over again, if the Board made ANY changes to the proposed code. That turned out not exactly to be the truth. The plaintiffs had submitted proposed changes that have not been incorporated and have not been responded to! It’s not clear that anyone has agreed to this version.

    I’m not sure very many teachers and parents even knew about the proposed Code of Conduct. Some I talked to said they didn’t know anything about it, until I sent them copies. I’m not convinced at all that parents, teachers and other employees were given the opportunity to respond to this proposal.

  4. HTs standard operating practice is to treat his board like mushrooms. Keep them in the dark and fed s**t. The prior board majority didn’t even care. Let’s all watch carefully how the new board deals with HTs gross mismanagement of the tusd.

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