TSON News | Is TUSD really breaking up with HT Sanchez on Valentine’s Day? Board meeting is tonight!

Is TUSD really breaking up with HT Sanchez on Valentine’s Day? Board meeting is tonight!

Update 6pm: The item was pulled from agenda by Michael Hicks, so the board has blown their one chance to terminate HT Sanchez.

The day has finally come.

It only took a month, but the new board majority in TUSD is ready to start draining the swamp at 1010. The first one to go will be the superintendent who lacks his certification in Arizona and yet made $499,700 last year. Item #15 which will be voted on tonight will be to terminate the contract of HT Sanchez.

HT Sanchez in the “love tunnel” at TUSD board meeting.

ÂĄAdios Sanchez!

Also ready to be ousted is the general counsel, Mr. Todd Jaeger.

At his very first meeting as the new board attorney, Adelita Grijalva tried to silence me during call to the audience, saying that I had to state my address.

I asked Jaeger about this, and he said it is required under state statute. I asked him to pull that up for me and then I’ll give my address.

I was asked to sit down, and then after the next speaker spoke, Jaegar says, Mrs. Grijalva, I’m sorry but I was wrong, it is not required to state your address during call to the audience.

Grijalva was furious. She said, okay, David can speak now, and as soon as I started speaking she got up and left the board room.

The top reason that HT Sanchez should be fired is because he is a flat-out liar and cannot be trusted. The lies that he tells then have to be kept up by administration and before you know it, the snowball of lies is causing an avalanche to all the teachers and students downstream of 1010.

During his very first meeting, back in July 2013, HT promised that he would comply with the Desegregation Order. In fact, he has done the exact opposite, to the point of hiring a law firm out of Phoenix and paying them a whopping $1,000,000 a year to fight MALDEF.

For this slap in the face to the Latino community, LULAC will be awarding HT Sanchez the Vendido of the Year award. Joking aside, LULAC really is giving Sanchez an award this year.

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Not only is super-machismo HT Sanchez fighting the Latina representative for all Latin@ students of TUSD, which make up about 63% of the population, he has his enamored sycophant Kristel Foster actually vote to not even pay the MALDEF attorneys year after year.

Oh but you can be sure she will be at the LULAC banquet with her eyes filled with tears as her man HT gets an award, thinking back to all the times HT would come over to her house to take care of business.

Too bad he is going to be fired tonight; too bad for HT and Kristel that is, since this is great for the district. TUSD is breaking up with HT Sanchez on Valentine’s Day, where he will be going from the Tunnel of Love to down the intestines and straight out the bowels.

HT has lied about the budget, about his misuse of Prop 301 funds, about substitute teachers getting a pay raise by privatizing them, about none of his Cabinet getting raises when they get $10,000 bonuses, and more.

By fighting the Deseg Order, he has made things much worse when it comes to student discipline in TUSD, telling principals not to report violence so that the numbers magically go down overnight.

He has neglected magnet schools, and 6 are losing their magnet status this year. Then he lies to the community affected, such as those from Ochoa, and they end up defending the wrong side of a desegregation issue, praising the man and the board that was taking money away from them… but he wouldn’t lie to them, would he? For violating their trust he should be fired and run out of South Tucson forever.

He has ushered in an era of extreme fear in TUSD, with mostly new principals afraid of losing their jobs being super-loyal to him, and teachers fear retaliation. One principal at Booth-Fickett spoke up and he was fired immediately. One member of the audit committee wrote a letter to the editor about TUSD and they got rid of him.

The list goes on.

Sadly the local Democrats have all sided with the wrong side of a school desegregation issue. They defend their own who fight efforts to desegregate. They have become the reincarnation of the Dixiecrats who filibustered the Civil Rights Act in 1964. Congressman Grijalva and former Congressman Barber, Mayor Rothschild, the entire city council and all the Democrats on the county board of supervisors promote and defend the guilty party on a desegregation issue, all while fighting the Latin@ Plaintiffs.

HT Sanchez is a disaster. He needs to go.

Come out to the TUSD meeting tonight at Duffy which starts at 5:30pm, on the NE corner of 5th St and Rosemont (just east of Rincon/University HS), and show your support during the call to the audience. Then after the vote, let’s all grab a late-night happy hour since we all missed our Valentine’s Dinner and drink a toast to the change that is coming to TUSD! All on Arizona’s birthday!



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  1. Oh my gosh yes, that was the first board meeting I have ever attended and I about lost my lunch! As far as I’m concerned, they can’t get rid of those two and a few more, soon enough!!!!! What is it with people? Are they clueless? Do they honestly think they give a crap about them? 1010 wants loyalty but they wouldn’t know what loyalty was if it bit them in the butt!

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