TSON News | Donald Trump’s Approval Rating Slides to Historic New Low

Donald Trump’s Approval Rating Slides to Historic New Low

Republicans are still behind him, but the rest of the country is growing weary of its new president.

President Trump loves numbers as long as they tell him what he wants to hear. During a Thursday press conference, he was all too eager to tout a right-leaning Rasmussen poll that had his approval rating hovering at 55 percent. This despite the fact that his top national security advisor resigned in disgrace just three and half weeks into his term. 

The Pew Research Center might beg to differ. A separate poll released the same day finds the president's approval rating has plummeted to 38% in the wake of Michael Flynn's resignation. 

To put this in perspective, it took George W. Bush over six years to become that unpopular with the electorate. And while Trump is still hugely popular with Republicansfewer than 1 in 10 Democrats hold a favorable opinion of the president.

Meanwhile, Barack Obama holds a 39% approval rating with Republicans, one percentage point higher than Trump's with the whole of the country.


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