‘Go F*ck Yourself’: Watch Larry Wilmore Pulverize Milo Yiannopoulos on ‘Real Time’

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The former "Nightly Show' host hasn't forgotten his attacks on Leslie Jones and the transgender community.

Conservative provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos joined the panel on the HBO Real Time Overtime segment and, to the surprise of no one, managed to make it all about himself, but not without getting a severe smack down from commentator Larry Wilmore who repeatedly told the Breitbart editor, “Go f*ck yourself.”

After Yiannopoulos launched an attack on the transgendered, Wilmore attempted to explain that the same rhetoric Milo was using was once used against the gay community.

“I think it’s just sad because these are that same arguments that were used against gay people, like they were aliens who just wanted to f*ck anything that moved, and that’s why we should avoid them,” Wilmore began as Milo attempted to cut in, only to have Wilmore cut him off with a curt, “Well, then let me finish my thought please.”

“There is a difference without a distinction,” Wilmore continued. “It’s like when people try and compare gay and black. Yeah, they’re not the same thing, but we share the same invisibility. People didn’t see us in society, and gay people hid out from society. But there are a lot of the same issues that you have to deal with when you’re marginalized.”

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After some back and forth, Milo complained to host Maher that he needed to have guests on with “higher IQ’s.”

By then, Wilmore had had enough.

“Hold on, Bill,” Wilmore said as host Bill Maher attempted to move the conversation forward. “First of all, you can go f*ck yourself. If your argument is that these people are stupid, you didn’t hear a word this man [former intelligence analyst Malcolm Nance] said. Because he can talk circles around your pathetic douchey little ass.”

Wilmore later brought up Milo’s well-publicized attacks on SNL cast member Leslie Jones, and once again told him: “Go f*ck yourself.”

Watch the video below via HBO:


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