Never forget: Anne Frank the refugee denied immigration to the USA twice 

Anne Frank was denied immigration at least twice. Otto Frank, her father, appealed to the Roosevelt administration.


STEVEN GOLDSTEIN: Yes, this was FDR, roughly between the periods of 1939 to 1941. Otto Frank was actually a fairly well-connected man. He was an intelligent man with friends in high places. And he was able to get communications very high up in the Roosevelt administration, saying, “Please, save my family. Save the Frank family.” It didn’t work. FDR refused refugee Anne Frank.

So, for those of us in the Jewish community, and for those of us who are not Jewish but who simply care about never again repeating what happened to Anne Frank, when we look at the Muslim ban and we look at Syrian refugees, we say, “Let us save every future Anne Frank, that we didn’t save decades ago.” And whether this kind of evil prejudice against refugees was perpetrated by a Democrat like Franklin Roosevelt or a Republican like Donald Trump, it is an unconscionable blot on the American national conscience. That’s why, in the name of Anne Frank, we have an obligation to stand with Muslim refugees and to stand with all refugees to help them come into this nation.

Source: Rejected Anne Frank Twice as a Refugee, Advocate Urges Trump Not to Close U.S. Borders Again

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