The 4 options for HT Sanchez – Bill Buckmaster Show (VIDEO)


Dr. Robert Hendricks discusses the options available for Dr. HT Sanchez, the current TUSD Superintendent, on the Bill Buckmaster Show, 2/23/2017.

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4 comments on “The 4 options for HT Sanchez – Bill Buckmaster Show (VIDEO)
  1. After the last two weeks I predict resignation, with a settlement. Both parties can walk away and not engage in legal action. The last straw had to be the ambush of Stegman. If HT was anywhere near that set-up he should be sent packing. Now, who takes HT’s place? Who wants it? Given a school board at war with itself and provocateurs like Grijalva and Foster playing the marionette strings of the minority communities. My money is on Maria Marin. Female, Hispanic, can be tough and local. The imported superintendent hasn’t worked well for TUSD (2 of the last 3). Maria may be able to bridge some of this stuff. Except that she did her Superintendent internship under HT.

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