(VIDEO) Kristel Fostering hypocrisy while riling rallies on race and religion just to save the HT Sanchez; a look at recent TUSD herstory

(In the video below, HT Sanchez talks about Creationism, Climate Change, Affirmative Action, and why MAS was banned during his one and only public forum before he was chosen to be TUSD’s next superintendent; it’s hard to understand why such a clueless idiot was chosen.)

Remember back in January 2012 when TUSD Superintendent and the then board majority voted to eliminate the highly successful Mexican American Studies program?

That was back when I was still friends with Kristel Foster, and I remember her tears that night. I remember that she did not like John Pedicone. She decided to run for office as a “pro-MAS” candidate along with Cam Juarez.

We will ignore the fact for now that candidate Kristel Foster then changed her tune during the election, saying that she ALSO would have voted kill MAS on that night (listen to her own words here for yourself). With Kristel that night, and the following day on the Steve Leal radio show, was Cam Juarez who said hell no, he would have voted to save MAS. Suffice it to say, Cam is no longer on the board while Foster got re-elected, but it has nothing to do with race, right? (I mention this because Casa Maria’s Brian Flagg will look at the board and say it is mostly “white” and thus racist, while never acknowledging that his good friend Kristel Foster ran against Cam Juarez and defeated him soundly in last year’s election. But don’t let logic get in the way here folks.)

No more late-night meetings and the Foster household with HT?

In June of 2013, it was time for the new board majority in TUSD to get their own superintendent. John Pedicone saw the writing on the wall and resigned.

John Pedicone saw the writing on the wall and resigned.

He allowed TUSD to have an opportunity to move forward and heal.

Unfortunately, the racial wounds worsened when Kristel Foster and Adelita Grijalva brought in someone with zero superintendent experience, who just recently served as an interim superintendent in Odessa, Texas.

Apparently, that lack of experience was enough for Donald Trump… err… I mean HT Sanchez, both extreme narcissists who demand loyalty and execute retaliation to the highest degree, to run a government entity.

What a Top FBI Profiler Taught Me About Extreme Narcissists Like Donald Trump

“Flawed individuals will victimize you.”

Navarro’s book warns that if a “person has a preponderance of the major features of a narcissistic personality,” then he “is an emotional, psychological, financial, or physical danger to you or others.” As the book The Narcissism Epidemic explained, “A recent psychiatric study found that the biggest consequences of narcissism—especially when other psychiatric symptoms were held constant—was suffering by people close to them.

July 2013 brings a new era thanks to the new board in TUSD

Kristel was not bringing out the entire Democratic establishment to argue for “continuity” to save Pedicone. The new board majority got their new superintendent, one who Kristel was enamored with, who could do no wrong and who walks on water.

One year later in the district where Kristel works, Sunnyside, there was a recall of the school board, which was successful, and a new board majority was elected.

In June 2014:

(Article continued below)

After a seven-hour long executive session the Sunnyside school board voted 3-2 to buy out superintendent Manuel Isquierdo and agreed to pay him $499,500 to terminate the contract that was set to expire in two years.

Kristel Foster was in the audience that night in Sunnyside, and she was in support of the termination of Isquierdo. Yes, it was expensive to buy out his contract, yes he still had two years left, but once again Kristel was an advocate for change after a new school board majority comes into office.

It is interesting that Isquierdo was a Latino who Kristel wanted to go, and you never saw Casa Maria or folks coming to his defense and crying racism. His buyout was $499,500, which is coincidentally almost identical to the $499,700 HT Sanchez made last year in TUSD.

So the white leader of a Catholic soup kitchen, Brian Flagg (because South Tucson has no Latino leaders of its own, and Flagg knows what is best for the poor brown folk?) is coming out full-force with his followers to defend the man, HT Sanchez, who makes half-million a year, who lives on the richer whiter side of town instead of in the Ochoa community with his “gente,” the man whose fault it is that Ochoa is losing their magnet status, who has been fighting the desegregation order since day one… HT Sanchez waving his White Flagg before his defeat…

Now fast-forward three years to today

Change comes to TUSD; a new superintendent for the new board majority. Image: ADI

First of all, TUSD would have been better off spending 7 hours IN ONE SESSION, working out a termination contract with HT Sanchez, but instead, they have drawn it out over three board meetings.

This was the topic of our last article; a huge mistake by the new board president Hicks. However, a worse mistake would be to keep the ever-lying HT Sanchez around.

The main point here is that we have the formula for change that Kristel has always followed.

  1. New board majority in TUSD in 2013, oust Pedicone before his contract ends.
  2. New board majority in SUSD in 2014, oust Isquierdo before his contract ends.
  3. Now we have a new board majority in TUSD in 2017…

… and are Kristel and her Dems being consistent with their own past actions?

New board majorities lead to new superintendents even if their contract is not up.

Yet now Kristel Foster is being hypocritical and her followers including the Mayor Rothschild, are crying “continuity” as if she was never an advocate for superintendent regime change once new boards are elected. Funny how politics and a desire for power corrupts people who were once good activists…

Rising star DaMond Holt takes orders from whitey? Black parents at Utterback wonder where he has been this whole time.

This week HT Sanchez will receive hundreds of thousands of dollars to get his short little body into his big black gas-guzzling truck; The Narcissist with a Napoleonic Complex.

Kristel Foster will have spent more energy rallying the community to save just one slighted and sinful man, yet she will continue to ignore all the teachers that will never ever get paid the Prop 301 money that HT Sanchez hoarded from them and lied about.

Speaking of sin, to rally all those black Christians from the church near Utterback, not to defend the Desegregation Order or to save the magnet school status of TUSD’s most neglected school, but because the black pawn DaMond Holt has been ordered to save his white queen in this political game of chess.

What is truly sad and vile is that we will hear, once again this Tuesday on the last day of Black History Month, black folks coming up to say how Kristel’s opponent’s words reminds them of being in the segregated schools of yesteryear, all while the three people – HT, Kristel, and Adelita – who have been the biggest opponents of the Desegregation Order ACCORDING TO THE LATINO AND BLACK PLAINTIFFS will be praised.

It is sick and twisted, and all done in the name of God.  All to defend one rich man for political gain. All while using the poorest communities in TUSD to defend wealth, racism, and segregation.


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6 comments on “(VIDEO) Kristel Fostering hypocrisy while riling rallies on race and religion just to save the HT Sanchez; a look at recent TUSD herstory
  1. As African Americans we should be protesting how our children are not getting a quality education under his superintendency! HT’s Strategic Plan found that African American students could NEVER catch up to their Anglo peers! That is the real crime facing TUSD!

  2. I am sad that they are prolonging his stay in the superintendent’s position. I am one of those teachers who will never get paid the 301 funds due me but I got tired of jumping through hoops to earn what should have been rightfully mine in the first place. I got tired of dealing with my administration and their hypocrisy and feeling I had a target on my back. I resigned from TEA because I felt they were no longer effective in representing me. I got tired of no disciplinary action being taken against disruptive students. Most of all, I got tired of all the appearances where administration and board members would stand there and tell bold faced lies about their caring about students when they know they didn’t. I went to both Adelita and TEA about saving the Cadets-at-School program at Doolen Middle School which was not costing the District a cent to run, taught the STEM subjects and made a difference in students’ lives and a spiteful administrator cancelled it because she felt she was hurting me. Today I got an email asking me to go to a website and give voice to helping this person keep his job. Why? I didn’t get to keep my job and I certainly never got the magnanimous salary he gets or even a raise. I feel most sorry for the children, the students, who are being deprived of a quality education by retention of this person. They deserve better. Unfortunately the ones who aren’t big enough to play the games are the ones to lose. TUSD students. All who vote to keep him should be ashamed of themselves. That’s not the solution.

  3. Ollie, who sent the email? Curious how the Grijalva/Foster machine is working. I know they had previously had an email campaign, and also bussed people in for last Tuesdays’ meeting too.

  4. Marybelle walks the walk. Talks the talk. Lockstep with the GCrew. So much so she got herself a new school named after herself.

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