HT Sanchez honored at AZ State Capitol less than 24 hours after quitting at TUSD and his lies were exposed

Update: Human Resources Director Anna Maiden and Chief Financial Officer Karla Soto have also submitted their resignations from TUSD.

On March 1st, less than 24 hours after being forced to resign or to face termination with cause that may have included serious violations of the law that HT Sanchez may have been involved with, State Representative Friese took personal privilege to introduce his honored guest on the House Floor.

He introduced his guest as “the now retired Superintendent of TUSD HT Sanchez.”

Rep. Friese introduces his honored guest HT Sanchez on the House Floor.

This appearance was curious since HT Sanchez did not even have the courage to face all his supporters that came out in the pouring rain to support him during Tuesday’s TUSD meeting. What a coward!

When asked what his plans were now that he got the shameful boot from TUSD, HT responded “wait for children to finish school year and go back to Texas.”

HT Sanchez still can’t hold his head up high after the damage he’s done, but his magic charm still works on Democratic politicians from Tucson.


Going back to Texas will be real easy for HT since he never bought a house here in Tucson the entire time he was here over the past 4 years. He never planned to stay, and now what will the Democrats do since the Magic HT, the man who Tucson would collapse were it not for his greatness, is leaving them hanging with all the lies he had them repeat.

One such lie was exposed after the TUSD board voted to accept his resignation 3-2. Yes, HT is happily walking away with no more work and with a $200,000 check, and still Adelita Grijalva and Kristel Foster refused to admit reality.

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The lie had to deal with something Kristel Foster kept repeating during her campaign last year, and that was that TUSD enrollment was up for once! Nevermind that this revelation came exactly when the TUSDStats website stopped publishing daily enrollment data. How could she know something that no one else knew?

Well also at Tuesday’s meeting was an official report of enrollment, and we made a nice chart for your convenience, complete with a linear regression model to map the decline.

The truth is hard to deny, and yet many Democrats bought the lie and repeated it. Recently Mayor Jonathan Rothschild repeated this lie during his 2/17/17 appearance on the Buckmaster Show where he doubled down on the lie that enrollment was up.

The short excerpt of this is below.

Are the Democrats ready to accept the truth, the data, and the reality that we have been warning you all about for years, and that is that HT Sanchez was a liar?

Other local educational leaders are also getting into hot water over their defense of HT Sanchez.

Hopefully now that HT Sanchez is headed back to Texas the magic charm that he had over local leaders will wear off, and their hazy eyes will start to see the truth once again.

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10 comments on “HT Sanchez honored at AZ State Capitol less than 24 hours after quitting at TUSD and his lies were exposed
  1. In fairness, on the 40th day it was up 18 students. It is on the 100th day that the subsequent loss appears. Tilting at windmills, perhaps, but it does play a role. The early hopeful statement did not prove to hold together with 3 months of enrollment. And does Sanchez height require constant reference? Not seemly.

    • Pretty soon we won’t be talking about HT at all anymore, but I do think it had an impact on why he bullied so many in TUSD

    • Let’s think about it. At the beginning of the year, parents have enrolled their kindergarteners and people new to Tucson have enrolled their children in TUSD. If TUSD is only up 18 students that is not real great. You’ve added only 18 more students than the number who graduated By the 100th day. TUSD has lost so many students, they’ve gone negative.278 students. That means a total loss of 386 students.

      Under Pedicone, only 70% of the students who lived within TUSD’s area were attending TU”SD schools. That means, TUSD could potentially add a huge number of students, if parents regained confidence in the district. Going by TUSD’s surveys of its teachers, there are many TUSD elementary schools where things are going so well, not a single teacher criticized anything about their school. There are other schools at all levels of TUSD that need help, now.

      The new TUSD Board needs to seriously motivate the highly paid senior administrators at 1010 to work on the struggling schools. The first step for many struggling schools, might be to give them, TUSD’s best, experienced principals. TUSD does have them. Strong experienced teachers should be paid an extra stipend to stay in struggling schools and to transfer to those schools. If years of bad school leadership, have driven the experienced teacher out of a school, it is absolutely necessary to pay experienced teachers to come back. Very new, teachers with only a year or two or no experience, absolutely must have good experienced teachers nearby to help them through rough spots and help them develop the skills they need. Teaching is like playing a piano. You can read about it in a book, but you only become great with years of mindful practice, innovation, and helpful advice.

  2. Drain the HT swamp. Matt Munger and Stephanie Boe both need to go. And that is just for starters. 1010 is so full of over paid under performing salaried personnel. It is a gold mine of low hanging fruit.

  3. Hey I would like to respectfully request that you fix your enrollment chart. I think we would all agree that spreading misinformation is not helpful no matter what side of the argument you may be on in this matter. It’s not your raw numbers that I have a problem with (sure if you want to pick the hundredth day, rather than the 40th that is fine, allbeit a slanted choice towards your own argument but whatever) but clearly the slope of the line changes over each year, and it changes even more dramatically if you are willing to pan out and look at it for the period of time before he started. Otherwise I find it misleading to show only his tenure, as that basically compares to nothing. Anyway I hope you are willing to correct your slopes and repost and then I hope you will also track it going forward from here. Personally I think the new board majority actions to terminate him, with this timing, and in this manner, will have a negative impact. But who knows … I guess only time will tell and we will all see. But we definitely need accuracy in our measurements.

    • I have just posted the most recent data that FINALLY became available to the board members at TUSD. The 100th day more accurately reflects the CURRENT enrollment. That’s as accurate as it gets.

  4. Little Johnny Rothschild is a total idiot. His support for HT is predicated upon baseless facts and hearsay. Clearly his attorney skills suck as well or he could see the real data for that past three years is a disaster for the kids, teachers and taxpayers alike. His old law firm should take his name off the “shingle” out of embarrassment to his profession. He is equally a screw up as mayor of Tucson.

    • And so is Mike Varney, CEO of the Metro Chamber. These men support an individual that clearly was afraid of any charges that could be brought against him. Otherwise why would Sanchez “settle” for $200,000?

      • Barney is literally a dinosaur. His vision for the business community is so bad he should be voted out on a no confidence vote.

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