A hero was born in Tucson, detained immigrant escapes Border Patrol and TPD in plain sight!

Today the big news in Tucson is that the Border Patrol messed up bigly and now they are trying to blame Tucson Police and “politics” to divert attention from their embarrassing f-up. KOLD reports:

Police officers immediately responded to assist the United States Border Patrol in a more than two hour search Friday after an agent said a suspect escaped custody at Banner University Medical Center, according to a release from Tucson Police Department.

President of the National Border Patrol Council Local 2544 Art Del Cueto said Saturday that a management-level supervisor with the Tucson Police Department did not wish to continue to assist U.S. Border Patrol agents in their search for an escaped, illegal immigrant Friday.

Yes, this is the Border Patrol’s mess-up, and they want to claim that TPD didn’t help?

TPD said a total of 17 officers, including three K-9 units and an air unit, responded to help locate the suspect, identified as 37-year-old Carlos Erazo-Velasquez. After more than two hours searching the nearby area, officers determined he was most likely not within the contained area, according the release.

How much did all this cost TPD, and will Border Patrol reimburse them for it? Probably not, and they won’t even show their gratitude and instead they will try to throw TPD under the bus for their mistake.

Meanwhile, a hero was born in Tucson last night!

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I <3 Tucson! Tonight, a hero was born. Part man, part legend.

A young Mexican male escaped his hospital room, “assaulting” a BP agent (likely one of 2) on the way out in hospital garb. He was able to somehow acquire sweatpants and subsequently managed to escape the full force of the cities BP (including a helicopter) and PD cooperation swarming the area and neighborhoods around the hospital.

About 40 civilians converged on the scene through a community-run anti-BP/ICE emergency response network on bikes, foot, and in vehicles.

These people variously trolled, blocked, interrogated, and documented all of the government vehicles until they retreated like the cowards they are and regrouped back at the hospital. Again heavily surveilled by the civilians they dispersed and went back to the base.

However successful the civilian intervention may have been, it really wasn’t needed. Our hero was long lost into the sunset before they even arrived.

So remember, when anyone tells you that something is impossible, remind them of this story. Please copy/paste.

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I know the person was Honduran, but that’s just another “Mexican” to be deported by the Donald. Coming next, the Corrido de Carlos Erazo-Velasquez?

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