TSON News | “Mexicana from South Tucson” open letter to Cesar Aguirre at Casa Maria

“Mexicana from South Tucson” open letter to Cesar Aguirre at Casa Maria

Three Sonorans: I am so upset that Cesar Aguirre, Brian Flagg, Adelita Grijalva, Kristel Foster and their train of supporters and followers are claiming that HT Sanchez’ “demise” was race-based.

I am a Mexicana from South Tucson and I saw HT get his job because he is Mexicano- not because he was the best person for the job. I don’t believe in tokenism! It tells us that we will never be as good or better than others and we know this is a fallacy.  His many offenses just caught up with him. While he was under the former Board majority he was not held accountable. He has done himself in through his own long list of violations.

He misused District funding to pay off many District administrators while giving token raises to teachers. He held 301 funding from teachers in order to balance the TUSD budget. He was caught lying to the Board several times. He failed to implement the desegregation court order. I could go on and on but we will never really know what was on the list of wrong-doings. We do know that the list convinced HT to resign. If the list was not valid- why would he leave? In my frustration, I wrote the following to Cesar. He really needs to stop himself. If you would like to post I am OK with it.

Cesar Aguirre

Cesar Aguirre:

Aqui estoy otra ves.

South Tucson has been my home much longer than your few years of living off the charity of Casa Maria/Catholic Church. I had lots of compassion and even respect for you when you first made Casa your home with your girls. But now I see you as a user who allows himself to be used only to gain status.  I am here to tell you that there are many here within our own South Tucson and also in Tucson who have your number: ZERO.

You so desperately want to be el fachero de South Tucson. Get real! You are a bigot and for that matter I think you are an exploitive male chauvinist. Do you think that we do not notice that when we have community meetings you are never around to help with the “women’s work” and that pot-luck work is a domain for the female gender?  Que piensas? Don’t be such an obvious hypocrite.

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And vato, do YOU really think we do not notice how slick you think you are when you flirt with the pretty chicas while you raise your voice and arm while trying to be a real activist? It is just more oink- oink behavior. The time when these behaviors were part of our cultura are over vato. You’re no legit activist. You are a pawn. Come on, you know it as well as many of us know it. Me das tanto lastima.

I know of many of us who have heard you repeat what HT Sanchez said over a year and a half ago- that he did not have to sit next to a white person to learn. You have repeated it so many times- over and over again- and it is wrong. You have convinced Ochoa parents that the statement is the bottom line to desegregation.

But for those of us who have taken the time to learn more about desegregation and not just make demands from TUSD based on its court order based on nonsense, we see right through your nonsense. Integration of students has nothing to do with gaining intelligence or learning from someone of another race just because someone sits next to a person of another race.

Your hero, HT Sanchez, you know, the one who just left the District with his tail between his legs, had such little knowledge about desegregation that he poisoned you with his ignorance and bigotry. But he was the big jefe from TUSD who gave you the time of day. And for that you owed him so much. You sold us out. You sold our kids out. I think the term is VENDIDO.

You constantly make negative and insulting comments about whites, but in your isolationist- see nothing but brown head- it is perfectly OK for you to make these statements because you see yourself as the victim; the oppressed one; the homeless one; the struggling one. You even play off being a single dad.  Single women have been doing single parenting forever and they do not paint themselves as being great! How long are you going to stay stuck in your victim role? How long are you going to live in housing provided by Casa Maria/Catholic Church? Charity should not be abused. You pretend to be an activist but any activist worth anything does not put themselves in a position of owing anyone. The way you have set it up, you owe Brian Flagg and the long line of people who he owes.

You spout hate which is obvious to a lot of people. Is this what you are teaching your children? Regardless of what you say to them, what you actually model makes a much bigger dent. It is interesting that when HT makes a racist comment or when you repeat it, there are no consequences to the unconcealed bigotry. Yet, Rachael Sedgwick made a flippant comment in response to a person who works in Oracle and chooses to make his money off condemning pale people as white supremacists and you decide you have the right to judge. Not so fast!

My God Cesar, you were so taken in by HT Sanchez that you never questioned why his administration had cut the Ochoa budget by over $50,000 last year. You believe that the principal that is now in place as an “interim” is perfectly all right for our kids. You protest testing of students without understanding that there have to be achievement outcomes. You ignore how Ochoa is at the bottom of the barrel in academic achievement but refuse to understand that without a consistent experienced principal and without a fully qualified faculty, the students are not receiving what they should. Pulling the kids out of their classroom instruction to go to the Reggio studios during the day contradicts all good educational practices but you and those who follow you think that Reggio is the shit. I think Reggio gets in the way of academic instruction and if our parents were empowered to understand the value of actual quality classroom instruction they would not be backing you.

I think what bothers me the most about your hateful actions is how blatantly they contradict any of the core teachings of the Church and Christ. It is time for you to grow up and get real. Be a real man. Stop playing the racist card every time you turn around. If you were interested enough to get the facts you would read and listen enough to know that  HT Sanchez was confronted with legitimate documentation of his infractions. Rather than take the consequence of an improvement plan he opted to leave TUSD like the coward that he is. He was a dishonest person and he played you like a fiddle. Fess up to this fact. Then maybe you will be able to move on as your own person and not Brian’s chump; not HT’s puppet; not Adelita’s front for her claim of racism. HT is gone because of his own actions and not because he is Mexicano. Hell, when he was anywhere east of Swan he transformed himself into an elitist snob.

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3 comments on ““Mexicana from South Tucson” open letter to Cesar Aguirre at Casa Maria
  1. Mexicana from ST, we love you. You have said what some have been thinking for a while. The Eckstrom/Grijalva strong-hold make it hard for us to be empowered. G’s daughter is not her own person and she doesn’t give a damn about us. I will say that Mona, Grijalva’s wife, who worked in ST, was genuine and kind. It is too bad Mona has been relegated to nothing but full time baby sitter for her daughters. She is smart and a good human. None of it has rubbed off on Adelita. Cesar and Brian make sure we are all kept uninformed about TUSD and the sorry-ass principal at Ochoa is just going through the motions. They all hate 3 Sonorans because it provides a reality they don’t want us to hear. Ochoa is no better off than it was before HT made all of his promises. Sedgwick, be careful. They are saying that you are in agreement with them (Cesar and Flagg). Do NOT trust them!

    • Must strongly disagree with you on the current principal. She is highly skilled and is doing a nice job under the circumstances.

  2. If Sanchez was so good with the barrios and cared so deeply for the children there, why did he rent a house in the Fruchthendler neighborhood and send his children there instead of Ochoa?

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