Three Sonorans discusses TUSD after HT Sanchez – VIDEO

From the March 7th, 2017 WakeUp Tucson Show on KVOI-1030.

The topics included TUSD after HT Sanchez’s resignation, others jumping ship, and where do we go from here?

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One comment on “Three Sonorans discusses TUSD after HT Sanchez – VIDEO
  1. I think these “bobbleheads” should leave along with HT, and I don’t care where they go! Abel Morado, Matt Munger, Karen Kopec, Mary Alice Wallace, Jason Freed, Frances Banuelas, Sam Brown, Damond Holt, etc. All of these people served as his blindly loyal pit bulls who sold out the students, teachers and staff to get their “thirty pieces” of silver, fame and power!

    To the majority school board, please do not lease Karla Soto or Anna Maiden as ESI employees…..haven’t they done enough damage to TUSD?!

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