TSON News | TUSD Whistleblowers attend HT Sanchez’s farewell party

TUSD Whistleblowers attend HT Sanchez’s farewell party

We grant our permission to publish this letter and to distribute it widely.

Open 53st Open Letter

From:  Whistleblowers– Comprised of a Large Group of Extremely Concerned TUSD Administrators, Teachers, Retired Administrators and Parents, Grandparents

Subject: HT Sanchez’ Farewell Party

The Sanchez farewell party felt more like a funeral than a party.

We do hope Sanchez takes his many, many lessons with him of things NOT to do in his next gig. He will never have it as good/easy as he did while under the UN-supervision of the former Board majority: Kristel Foster, Adelita Grijalva, and Cam Juarez. He probably had the time of his life and we think that the lyrics in the song, Good Riddance, says it well. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CnQ8N1KacJc

We could stop here, but let us share just a little more.

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Those who cry- cried. Those who laugh- laughed. It was not a relaxing or comfortable environment and within the various circles standing around, there was a lot of tough talk – although whispered- about why HT was pressured out. Everyone had a guess and a lot of the guesses were good guesses. In other words, most have not been fooled. If anyone approached any of these circles whose loyalty to Sanchez was dripping off of them, the conversation turned to anything but Sanchez. And then there were those who remain enamored with the short Texan who had 2 months of interim supt. experience when he took (robbed) the TUSD supt. position- who will remain in La La land. They don’t get it and we doubt that they ever will. They are locked in forever. Both Adelita and Kristel are the joint queens of Sanchez’ La La land but Kristel- poor, poor Kristel is there for personal reasons, while for Adelita, it is purely political.

Not a single person openly stated any of the most obvious reasons why the man found himself in a corner, with only one escape: resignation. No one spoke openly of his failures, yet most in the room could recite many of his failures, starting with how their specific school suffered under his UN-leadership. Maybe that would have been too tacky. No, actually, there was a lot of tacky stuff going on. No one openly spoke of HT Sanchez’ failures because they were afraid to say a single word in this world of TUSD, where everything said and done is noticed by the likes of Foster and Stefanie Boe.  People just do not trust one another and given the environment that Sanchez has created, they should not trust those who will “narc” them out to show their loyalty to HT.

One principal did laugh as s/he shared that the last three years have been the very worst of his/her profession. Yet, s/he never stated the obvious correlation, leaving it up to those of us who were listening to him/her to connect the dots. As many of us, independent of one another, made our way around the various groups, it became more and more evident that there are a core group of Sanchez followers (zombies) who are known for taking back their tattles to Boe and Foster. Like Foster, they salivate at the mouth while they speak about Sanchez and give him credit for things he never accomplished. But of the total group, this is a small group of indoctrinated people who were “given” their position, or their promotion, or their salary increase or their bonus or mere attention from the lord of La La.  They are a cult if there ever was one! Maybe with the loss of the lord of La La the cult will find fascination in more appropriate places. (The warlock is dead! Figuratively speaking.)

Most principals attended, not because of our desire to bid farewell to a man who did little to make our schools better but because we knew that there would be a few with their sharpened pencils and notepads accounting for each and every one of us.  The final toll was turned over to Mike Varney and Varney wrote about it in his last gush about Sanchez. We were obligated to attend and no one should think otherwise. Some of us attended begrudging every moment but then there were some of us who were just damned curious about what would take place. As part of the Whistleblowers, we attended in quiet celebration. We hope that this miserable farewell is the welcoming of sound accountability.

We recommend that you read the following guest opinion of March 14, 2017 in the Arizona Daily Star:


We thank Three Sonorans for posting each of our letters and the Arizona Daily Independent for posting some and referencing many of our letters. We are grateful to all of our readers.

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2 comments on “TUSD Whistleblowers attend HT Sanchez’s farewell party
  1. Glad he’s gone….now let’s show Stephanie Boe, Sam Brown, Matt Munger, Abe Morado, Mary Alice Wallace, Frances Banuelas, Karen Kopec the door!

    • Ditto to above.

      Lots of dead wood at 1010.

      And let’s vote out Adelita and Kristel when their turn comes up.

      And anyone who is a member of the tucson chamber should decline renewing their membership as long as Barney is running the show. Their board should be ashamed of him. Vantage west TEP and Beachfleischman directors must not be very smart business people.

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