TSON News | TUSD Board President Michael Hicks on new Superintendent Selection

TUSD Board President Michael Hicks on new Superintendent Selection

Statement by Michael Hicks Regarding Interim Superintendent Selection and Permanent Superintendent Selection

TUSD is now undergoing a significant transition due to the recent resignation of its Superintendent. In itself, this required a process which was spread over a three week period due to the legal confidentiality requirements and need to ensure clear communication within the process. For the last two weeks the Board has been involved in a process of selecting an interim superintendent. (Currently the District’s Deputy Superintendent, Dr. Karen Kopec, serves in this role.) These matters have brought about some level of resistance and misinformation- with what I believe to be the intent to slow down or sabotage each process. Such undermining will ultimately fail and acts only as a distractor. It is not productive to the operation of the District, its employees and students who they serve.

Change and the transitions it brings about are both difficult and I am optimistic that both our internal and external TUSD community understand that as we move forward it is in the best interest of serving its 47,000- plus- students. Critical processes such as the development of the 2017-18 budget are now underway and the Boards attention must not only focus on an immediate search for an interim superintendent but on the search for TUSD’s permanent superintendent. The fact that a person has declined to be considered for the interim superintendent position is a bump but it is one that those of us who are committed to moving forward can easily overcome.

As the TUSD Board President, I want to reassure the community that I will do all within my power to focus on moving the District forward by ensuring that processes, such as those mentioned here, continue forward to full success. I will not allow a few bumps and ill-intended distractions to detour me or others from moving forward.

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7 comments on “TUSD Board President Michael Hicks on new Superintendent Selection
  1. Mr Hicks needs to get his s$!t together asap. His ability to run the show has been at best weak. Lead. Follow or get out of the way. Tusd voters are clamoring for change. Positive change. Now!

  2. Ah, come on! The only ones in the way in promoting change are Adelita Grijalva and Kristel Foster. Adelita was refusing to vote for someone white. She has made this statement all over town. Isn’t this racist and a claim that she often makes against Hicks? Hicks is not in the way but he sure is trying to get the dead beats out of the way! He is receiving no support from the Board office (which is controlled by A. Grijalva) or the two mean girls. Who wrote the above statement anyway? Adelita? Kristel (or their zombie supporters)? Catch up! For four years the mean girls allowed HT Sanchez to do whatever he wanted to do and the District is in horrible condition for it. Change can only come about by making sure that there is accountability in place within TUSD, with the ultimate goal of supporting students. Adelita and Kristel failed flatly in accomplishing this and held no one accountable. Criticize Hicks all you want but he is making sincere effort in going forward. Seeing as to how we have essentially lost 4 years of progress in TUSD- I would say that you need to do some research on what really has been happening or that you (Adelita or Kristel) need to stop with your charades.

  3. Nina, Adelita refusing to vote for someone at this point is worth less than 1 year ago – nothing. She is in the minority, she can be overridden. Just like she did to Hicks/Stegeman in the past. And if she becomes difficult, go high order and go to the public, who voted for change.

    I agree Mr Hicks needs to get his act together, Three weeks to get a resignation, and still no interim supe. Kopec needs to man up to her job, or resign/be fired. (I mean isn’t that the definition of deputy?) Hicks’ handling of meetings is less than average. He gets a “D” for his performance so far as president. Get Stegeman in there, before time runs out, and voters act again.

    Grijalva and Foster were part of the majority that failed to: remove desegregation order, improve academics, or reduce district overhead funding. The G crew was in power far too long to make a meaningful impact. Time to roll.

  4. Mr Hicks apparently wants to do the right thing. But let’s be honest. He has not controlled the board meetings well. Too many rumble stumbles and fumbles. He MUST control the Mean Girls. They have years of dirty political experience behind them and will do everything in their power to wrest control away from the chair. Right now Ms Sedgwick seems to be the one handling this better than the rest. To be sure, we are all rooting for Hicks teachers and the kids.

  5. I never thought I would see the day that DA Morales would quote and praise Michael Hicks. My first exposure to him was when he was on “The Daily Show” with Jon Stewart and was interviewed about MAS. Although the piece was funny as we saw how dim he is, we also saw how racist he is. I guess your hatred and jealousy of Grijalva is so great that you will align with ignorant racists to oppose him. Please ask your friend Hicks to take training on parliamentary procedure and Robert’s Rules of Order. He is embarrassing in his ignorance.

    • Most people who make comments like this tend to have turned off of TUSD news in 2012, and picked up 5 years later as if nothing changed in between.

      In those 5 years, Kristel and Adelita have become the biggest enemies of the Deseg Order, even voting not to fund MALDEF $50,000 while they vote to spend $5,000,000 to fight MALDEF.

      But don’t let factual history get in the way… 2013-2017 never happened and HT was the biggest champion of desegregation efforts. Long live Grijalva because she is Latina!

  6. Excellent response 3SON to anonymous above. Clearly they are trolling your blog for the Mean Girls. Their only tactic now is to create chaos and declare “racism.” Neither helps the kids or the teachers.

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