TSON News | Learning to Love Leviathan: Teachers and students bear down on the costs while Tucson pays leaders top dollar

Learning to Love Leviathan: Teachers and students bear down on the costs while Tucson pays leaders top dollar

I remember when the recreation fee first began, and it was only $40. We had no library fee and had access to all the scientific publications without cost. However, this was back in the days when tuition was $10,000 less… and that was just in the last decade!

It appears the Regents are Robbins from the poor to feed the growing monster in the Cult of the Executive.

The marquee dollar figure on the Arizona Board of Regents’ agenda this week is $988,000.

That’s the total annual compensation that Dr. Robert Robbins, the UA’s new president, is set to receive, including $188,000 in pension payments, a housing allowance and a vehicle allowance. If the contract is approved Friday as expected, he’ll be by far the best-paid university president in Arizona history.

But an equally telling figure is $100. That’s the new annual fee that the regents would impose on all UA undergraduates to help pay for intercollegiate sports. If they do so, that will pay for stadium renovations, among other things, and dispense forever with the fiction that the university’s athletic programs pay for themselves.

The athletic fee is just one of several fees the regents will consider raising Thursday, under a proposal from the UA.

  • The health and recreation fee would go up by $125, or 42 percent, to $425.
  • The information technology/library fee would go up by $55, or 11 percent, to $535.
  • The student services fee would go up by $70, or 88 percent, to $150.

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For many students, the situation is infuriating. The obvious question is: Why can’t they pay the president and all the other administrators and coaches less, and that way help keep student fees down?

Source: Steller: Arizona president worth big money if student costs are curtailed | Latest Tim Steller columns | tucson.com

Steller ends his opinion piece in today’s paper by saying:

If Robbins is able to help them do that, then his high salary will have been well worth it. It’s just too bad we have to spend all that money to find out if he really can do the job.

We DO NOT have to spend all that money for a person to do their job!

It is possible for a president to do the right thing without needing a million dollars per year, just as it is possible for the TUSD superintendent to do their job without a total compensation package of half-million per year while teachers and students bear the brunt of feeding Leviathan.

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4 comments on “Learning to Love Leviathan: Teachers and students bear down on the costs while Tucson pays leaders top dollar
  1. Absolutely right, Three Sonorans! Where is the word getting out that Tucson is such a high-rolling town in the high-rolling state of Arizona, where the education is easy and well paid for? This just blows my mind! And meanwhile at the level of the students…..?????

  2. Both the proposed fees on students and the presidents salary are totally unacceptable. The UofA, Pima County, TUSD, and Pima College’s top management including their CEOs are grossly compensated. The wage disparities within employment ranks within tax funded institutions in Tucson are both sickening and unjustifiable. I believe it boils down to their respective governing boards lack of oversight, and/or lack of understanding of their roles.

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