TSON News | The Meteoric Rise and Fall of Bill O’Reilly

The Meteoric Rise and Fall of Bill O’Reilly

Glenn Garvin, Miami Herald
The overnight ratings are in, and Bill O’Reilly is snorting. Larry King? Whupped him again by 2 to 1. And Keith Olbermann? Please, don’t even ask. “MSNBC’s off the air, ” chortles O’Reilly, in his dressing room. “You could put on monkeys jumping up and down and get bigger numbers than MSNBC.” No spin there. Bill O’Reilly is the undisputed king of cable news. Don’t believe it? Just ask Connie Chung and Phil Donahue. Oops, you can’t: The O’Reilly Factor left their slaughtered corpses behind, forgotten roadkill in a drive to the top that has made O’Reilly’s Fox News Channel show No. 1— not…

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