TSON News | I-11, which would cut through Avra Valley, forums are this week

I-11, which would cut through Avra Valley, forums are this week

ADOT MEETINGS START MAY 2 & 3 – Help Spread the Word!

As part of a three-year, $15 million study to identify a “preferred alternative” route for a new interstate highway in Southern Arizona, I-11, the Arizona Dept. of Transportation is holding another series of public meetings to unveil its proposed alternatives.

ADOT’s alternatives are online as of April 28:  i11study.com.

Unfortunately, they have not done a very good job of informing the public about these public meetings.  Some ads were set to run after the local meeting, and very little media coverage has been seen.

A reason may be that the first round of “scoping” meetings attracted over 500 people who were overwhelmingly opposed to I-11 or an Avra Valley I-11.

The big meetings are Tuesday, May 2 at Tucson’s Riverpark Inn, 777 W. Cushing Street (off the I-10 Frontage Road south of Congress) and Wednesday, May 3 at Marana Middle School cafeteria, 11285 W. Grier Road.  Meetings start at 5 p.m.

Additional public meetings are set for May 4 at Nogales High School, May 10 at Dorothy Powell Senior Adult Center in Casa Grande, May 11 at the Wickenburg Community Center, and May 16 at the Buckeye Community Center, all at 5 p.m.

It is up to the media to publicize these meetings so that a fair cross-section of opinion is registered.  The taxpayers are paying for the study and will pay for any new highway and they deserve to be heard.  Comment cards can be filled out the meetings or online ati11study.com.  Consider these facts:

  • I-11 IS ABOUT JOBS – IN MEXICO! I-11 planners state their commitment to “nearshoring” and “integrative manufacturing” in their “Purpose and Need Final Memorandum” posted online February 28.  “Nearshoring” is attracting US companies from China to Mexico, where wages are even lower, and “integrative manufacturing” means R&D in the US with manufacture and assembly in Mexico.   Read it for yourself at i11study.com, click on Arizona, and then on Reports.
  • I-11 WILL DESTROY EXISTING AMERICAN JOBS along the present I-10 corridor as truckers are forced on a longer route to the west.  Shipping is to be attracted to the expanding Port of Guaymas from the West Coast of the US.
  • I-11 WILL HURT TOURISM at Saguaro National Park, Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, Ironwood National Monument, Kitt Peak, Tucson Mountain Park, etc. costing even more jobs.
  • I-11 WILL RUIN THE AVRA VALLEY, turning it from a place of rural peace for thousands of families into a polluted, noisy hazardous cargo route, unsafe and unhealthy, with more smuggling.
  • I-11 THREATENS WILDLIFE from desert tortoises to mountain lions to bighorn sheep.
  • I-11 VIOLATES PIMA COUNTY POLICY as stated in Supervisor’s Resolution 2007-343.
  • I-11 THROUGH THE AVRA VALLEY COSTS ABOUT 2/3 MORE THAN DOUBLE-DECKING JUST SIX MILES OF I-10.  ADOT’s own numbers show that double-decking I-10 from Ruthrauff to I-19 would save taxpayers nearly $2 billion.

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2 comments on “I-11, which would cut through Avra Valley, forums are this week
  1. I do not for the life of me understand why Tucson would support an alternative route that allows all traffic to avoid Tucson! Plus we all know what will happen to the area between the two highways–it will fill in with the worst of all possible development styles.

  2. This is crony capitalism at its best. Chuckleberry and Don Diamond cut their deal long ago. Diamond makes his millions. Chucky gets his supervisor majority much needed campaign cash. A little payola for Chuckys favorite cause (himselve.). And voila! The taxpayer picks up the tab. They win. We lose.

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