TSON News | TUSD Whistleblowers: Teacher fed up with Kristel Foster’s petty whining during school board meetings

TUSD Whistleblowers: Teacher fed up with Kristel Foster’s petty whining during school board meetings

From: Whistleblowers– Comprised of a Large Group of Extremely Concerned TUSD Administrators, Teachers, Retired Administrators and Parents, Grandparents

55th Communication

Subject: What is Wrong With You Kristel Foster?

A teacher in our group was outraged by what she witnessed during the TUSD Governing Board meeting on May 9, 2017. She wrote the following note to Kristel Foster. We hope Dr. Gabriel Trujillo gets his eyes on this and pays attention to how he was set up last night and will be set up in the future.

Open Note to Kristel Foster:

What is wrong with you? Really! What is wrong with you?

During the Board meeting on Tuesday, May 9, 2017 you literally interrupted the meeting during a presentation given by the African American Task Force Chairperson to ask Dr. Gabriel Trujillo, Interim Superintendent, to make Rachael Sedgwick stop recording the Governing Board meeting with her cell phone. You said it was inappropriate but you did not say why. Dr. Trujillo stated that the Board meetings are video recorded, therefore, recording of the meeting might not be necessary.

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Again, you interrupted the meeting and moved your question onto Mr. Todd Jaeger, asking him to make Racheal Sedgwick put her phone away and stop recording the meeting. He gave a legal response which was that in the State of Arizona during a public meeting anyone can record the meeting, including board members. His response shut your efforts down.

You then went into your typical snickering with Adelita Grijalva, whispering your gripes to her. Mean-girl style, you shrugged and attempted to turn away from Rachael Sedgwick, as though she did not exist. You should know that when you are whispering and snickering we can hear the noise and it is disruptive. It is immature and it usually you instigating it.

Why, Kristel, would you interrupt an important presentation to ask a 3rd-grade type mean-girl of a question of your newly acquired “daddy”- figure to force Rachael to stop doing something simply because of your tattling?

You should never turn to a subordinate of the Board to direct the Board. It shows your perverse perception of your role and function. You do not report to the Superintendent even though you have acted as you do for the last 4 years and 5 months.

This was a stupid mistake on your part and Dr. Trujillo should not have fallen for your trap. He should never place himself in the role of directing any Board member. You are so immature and it so disrespectful! You should get out of the subordinate role that you have lived out under the Sanchez regime. If you want to subjugate yourself (as you did with Sanchez), certainly it is your sick choice and it is your problem but do not drag other people into it.

You seem to not know when to stop. You go on, whining to make Rachael stop recording the meeting but then when you are told that she has every right to be doing what she is doing, do you apologize? Of course not! You sulk and complain to Adelita. Naturally, she is going to agree with you since she is made up of the same mean-girl DNA as you.

You have been tagged as a mean-girl for a very good reason. Why not make some effort to change your behavior and represent yourself as a mature and professional woman? Who knows, you may end up liking yourself more and actually add some value to the TUSD Board. Until then, I and many others recognize your behavior as despicable. Stop the mean-girl antics and, please stop the whispering and snickering during Board meetings. It is annoying, it is unprofessional, and it is unwarranted.


A teacher who is embarrassed and disgraced by your conduct

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7 comments on “TUSD Whistleblowers: Teacher fed up with Kristel Foster’s petty whining during school board meetings
  1. Maybe Rachael was recording this presentation because she felt it was important enough to revisit multiple times in order to address it properly. Foster clearly found no importance in the presentation as she rudely interrupted it. Foster’s behavior is extremely unprofessional, and I’m Glade others are noticing. What has happened to the recall effort that was supposed to have been file against her.

  2. Kristel Foster has stooped to her lowest of low in a feeble attempt to gain attention. She has resorted to a whole new level of Mean Girl tactics such that the other board members talk bad about her not only privately but some even publically.

  3. I watched the Board meeting and was really taken aback when Kristel pulled her stunt. She is a classless person with no self-reflection or self-discipline.

    Rachael…you do what you have to do to protect yourself and TUSD but keep it classy. Do not stoop to Foster’s or Grijalva’s level!

    Dr. Trujillo do not let the mean girls fool you!

    Todd Jaeger- thanks for being true to the law and not the politics (this time).

    Hey TS- the note to Kristel has a couple of paragraphs duplicated. Just FYI

  4. As a member of the Tucson African American community, I take issue with Kristel’s disrespectful actions during this very important presentation. The people who served on this committee did so on their own time after work. You should have at least respected the committee, Dr. Richardson and Dr. Clash and try to resolve this (non) issue after the presentation.

    Kristel, you are always eager to ensure the undocumented TUSD students are protected. What about the African American students in our district? I am sadden that Adelita may have engaged in these shenanigans with Kristel, as I’ve been told her family has bi-racial children of African American descent. I hope this is not true.

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