TSON News | New TUSD Board member gets official complaint of harassment filed against her

New TUSD Board member gets official complaint of harassment filed against her

The TUSD Governing Board has only three employees that report directly to them; Superintendent Dr. Gabriel Trujillo, General Counsel Todd Jaeger, and Mary Wallace.

An official complaint of harassment against TUSD board member Rachael Sedgwick has been filed by Mary Alice Wallace, the Director of the Governing Board Office.

There are only three TUSD employees that report directly to the Governing Board, and Wallace is one of them, filing her complaint with another of three, Todd Jaeger.

Jaegar leaves at the end of next month to become the superintendent of Amphi school district.

Wallace has 5 bosses, all the members of the Governing Board, and thus it alarmed many people that she was donating hundreds of dollars in last year’s school district race to Kristel Foster. Cam Juarez lost his seat and thus the majority of the board shifted with Kristel now in the minority and with Wallace betting on the losing team.

It is our opinion that Wallace should have stayed out of politics and betting against your bosses with your own personal money. It was a gamble for sure; if Cam would have won re-election then Wallace would have gambled strategically. Since this was not the case, with Mary Alice Wallace betting against her current bosses, along with other allegations of her working against the previous minority board members before the new majority was seated… well it appears that Wallace took a gamble and lost.

She’s lucky to still be around since she works for the new board. Former superintendent HT Sanchez is gone, Jaeger is about to be gone, and it’s a miracle that Wallace is still around. She is the only one that will remain after June 30th… or will she?

Despite the past, this does not mean Wallace should be harassed or bullied in any way. If that is the case, then the new board majority become like the “mean girls” we still have to watch in disgust at every board meeting with their petty tactics and whining. It takes a lot of courage to speak out against your superiors if you are being mistreated. Sanchez complained but ended up resigning in disgrace.

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Many qualified people have left TUSD in the past few years because of harassment. Remember the MAS issue and the teachers that are no longer with TUSD or the many whistleblowers who were fired?

Well, now Wallace is fighting back, filing an official complaint with TUSD’s attorney that she is indeed being harassed by TUSD board member Rachael Sedgwick. We post that complaint here for the reader to decide on their own.

DATE:              May 15, 2017
TO:                  Todd Jaeger, General Counsel
FROM:              Mary Alice Wallace, Director of Staff Services to the Governing Board
SUBJECT:           Complaint of Harassment by a Board Member

For the record I wish to register a complaint of harassment by Board Member Rachael Sedgwick.  From the beginning of her term on the Board, she has made unfounded accusations, threats, attempts to intimidate, and created a hostile work environment for me.  I believe she intended to have me terminated from the time she was elected since her behavior toward me has been demeaning, accusatory and an attack on my performance although I have attempted to establish a professional relationship.  I don’t believe I have done anything to engender such behavior toward me.  I have had exemplary evaluations every year I have been the Director of Staff Services, done by many different Board members.

I regret having to file such a complaint, but her behavior has caused stress for me and Board Staff since there is uncertainty of how Ms. Sedgwick will behave at any time.

Documentation can be provided to substantiate this claim.

Please acknowledge that this complaint has been received.

Thank you.

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9 comments on “New TUSD Board member gets official complaint of harassment filed against her
  1. It’s too bad, Mr. Hicks didn’t file a complaint of harassment against Ms. Wallace. She was beyond rude to him when he was part of the Board minority.

  2. Based on the information on the article it is difficult if not impossible to agree or disagree on whether Ms. Wallace is being harassed. Ms. Wallace makes allegations, then she further states that “documentation can be provided to document this claim”. It would seem to me that if one files a complaint, documentation should be provided with the complaint. On the surface it looks like, hey guys I might have a complaint if you’re interested call me and I will give you details. In the meantime I just want to give Ms. Sedgewick a bad rap. If there’s a problem spell it out, and deal with it. Let the chips fall where they may.

  3. I was expecting for this to go public and I am sorry that it has.

    The mean girls- Kristel Foster and Adelita Grijalva- are out to get Rachael Sedgwick and this is just part of their plot. Adelita is behind Mary Alice Wallace filing the complaint with Todd Jaeger.

    I work at 1010 in a situation which allows me to receive a lot of information.

    Since November Mary Alice Wallace has anticipated that her position would be at great risk. She gambled on the losing end of a Board majority and with the new majority in place she is clever enough to know her days are numbered. She is also clever enough to figure out that she could stop the Board touching her position by going after one of the three who have no use for her based on her treatment of each of them. She was stupid enough to contribute to Foster’s campaign ($300.00) and even stupider to show her constant allegiance to Adelita Grijalva. Mary Alice Wallace worships the ground she walks on and she, long ago, aligned with her along with Adelita’s tag-alongs, Cam Juarez and Kristel Foster.

    Mary Alice has not treated all Board members equal. For years, she has shown nothing but favoritism. If Adelita or Kristel need something, they get it. If Mark Stegeman or Mike Hicks need something, she makes them wait (until they became part of the Board majority in January). Along comes Rachael Sedgwick who understands that Mary Alice Wallace is supposed to support all Board members and who clearly sees that Mary Alice does not play fair. Of course, it is within her right to press Mary Alice for responses and to be treated professionally. Instead, Mary Alice just dug her heels in and ignored many of Sedgwick’s requests as well as treated her with disdain.

    Mary Alice did not want to be pushed out though, so she headed Adelita’s advice to file a complaint against Sedgwick. It is a disgusting and corrupt plot to stop the Board majority from reconfiguring the Board office. It is a stoop to the bottom of the barrel-desperate move for Mary Alice to end her career by going along with such a malicious plot.

    I read Mary Alice Wallace’s complaint and it is so general and vague that it should not be accepted. Because of Mary Alice’s ongoing relationship with the legal department and the attorneys in the office, especially Todd Jaeger who sits in executive session meetings along with Mary Alice, it is a conflict for him to accept or investigate her claim of harassment. He cannot be neutral.

    Adelita and Kristel are focused on “getting” Sedgwick. Most of their attacks have become transparent. Here we are again.

    Mary Alice, stop disgracing yourself. It is known throughout the community that you are Adelita’s patsy (and not too far from being Kristel’s). Have some level of dignity. The stellar reputation that the Board office used to have has been tarnished by you, your lack of ethics, your overt favoritism, and this most recent shameful level of corruption.

    Of course, she will deny everything that is said above but it is all true. What is said between Mary Alice and Adelita is no more a secret than what Trump said to Foreign Russion Minister Sergey Lavrov.

  4. Ms Wallace is over paid and under worked. Time for her to be put out to pasture. She is long overdue enjoying her golden years.

  5. If you have ever asked for information that the Board office does not usually provide, you know that it guards its lack of transparency carefully. I still recall how Dr. Stegeman was treated as a slavedriver for asking for minutes to be provided in a timely manner. Amazingly, once it was called impossible (Adelita was quite clear on how it would cause absolutely unWARRANTed strain on the workers)—yet when there is a reason that the power structure wants minutes to appear, such as those of the meetings where Sanchez’ career with TUSD came to an end, they appear almost momentaneously.

    Mary Alice Wallace’s complaint IS very vague, as pointed out by many commenters. However, the comment stream is extremely informative and I am grateful for it.

  6. I have witnessed Ms. Wallace’s disdain of stakeholders, parents, volunteers. She is clearly not a happy person and if she is not happy fulfilling her job duties then she should quit.

  7. Ms. Wallace can always be re-assigned to another position in the district. As long as her pay is not impacted she has no complaint. Maybe a nice position as an office manager at a school site.

  8. Ms Wallace, time to get that “Green Valley Grin, where living’s good again”!
    Terminate her contract, let her file a lawsuit, hire an ambulance chaser, and settle up!
    Time to cut off all of the cancer of the Sanchez disease and move forward to a healthy district.
    “Thunder thighs”, you’re next!

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