TSON News | Kristel Foster wants to save HT Sanchez’s strategic plan for TUSD this Tuesday

Kristel Foster wants to save HT Sanchez’s strategic plan for TUSD this Tuesday

Item #12 on Tuesday’s Board Meeting Agenda is to rescind the TUSD Strategic Plan.

I am alerting you to this vote because you were a participant and essential to the creation of this Strategic Plan, which won the Metropolitan Pima Alliance Common Ground Award in December 2014. This document guides and directs district staff towards the vision you set, which we should be committed to fullfilling.

Ten Accomplishments related to the TUSD Strategic Plan:

  1. Increased enrollment
  2. Increase minority student enrollment in AP, IB and dual language programs
  3. Expansion of Culturally Relevant Instruction (2923 students, 78 teachers & 123 classes)
  4. Repurposed two closed schools to create early learning centers and a pre-school pipeline to recruit kindergarteners into TUSD.
  5. Parent Link- automated digital communication with families
  6. iVisions- new ERP system that modernized our HR and Payroll Depts, which are now practically paperless
  7. Time Clocks- Hourly employees time cards, now digital and paperless
  8. FAMIS- Facilities software for work orders for all district repairs
  9. CLARITY -EBAS (Evidence Based Accountability System) software that documents academic growth and progress of all student groups, a priority set within the desegregation court order.
  10. Expanded district broadband network offering wireless connection across 100% the district.

Ten Projects that will be halted or delayed if the Strategic Plan is abandoned:

  1. Pass a bond to finance maintenance repairs and facility upgrades across the district
  2. Expand marketing of TUSD to compete with charters & private schools. This is critical with the recent passing of school vouchers in Arizona.
  3. Build curriculum version 4.0 to include gifted, exceptional ed and ELL programs
  4. Leverage State Legislature for traditional Public Education
  5. Expand legislative work to include a TUSD parent advocacy network
  6. Achieve a 1-to-1 student to computer ratio across the district
  7. Continue established partnerships with the business community
  8. Communicate with parents using multiple media outlets
  9. EdSi- continuation of EBAS to surpass desegregation order requirements
  10. Jeopardize Microsoft 365 partnership and adoption of this core operating system for students and teachers across the district

If this new TUSD Board plans to continue the ten projects outlined in red above, but votes to abandon the document that establishes the goals and timelines to assure they happen, then this…like their ousting of HT Sanchez…is personal, petty and counterproductive. Our community deserves better leadership than this.

Please visit the plan on the TUSD Website (because it will be removed if they vote to rescind the plan) and review the projects, progress and accountability reports that were submitted to document the district’s work towards building the vision you helped establish. The previous Board and superintendent were on track to complete the work by 2019. I encourage you to contact the current Governing Board members either via email or at the call to the audience at our next meeting, Tuesday June 13th beginning at 5:30pm and share your thoughts and concerns about this important decision they are about to make.

Thank you for collaborating with us, for supporting public education and caring about TUSD!

Kristel Ann Foster
TUSD Governing Board Member

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3 comments on “Kristel Foster wants to save HT Sanchez’s strategic plan for TUSD this Tuesday
  1. Reading this document, you have to wonder what Board meetings Ms. Foster has been attending. TUSD enrollment is down at least 430 students this year.

    AP enrollment skyrocketed at University High alone. Students were required to take more AP classes starting their freshman year. In the mean time AP classes declined at the rest of TUSD’s high schools. Only Pueblo increased and not by very many.

    The EREP software was recommended by the Efficiency Consultant. The software has been installed, but Finance appears not to have fully implemented it. According to the consultant’s report, TUSD Finance had 40% more employees than Mesa USD and two other larger school districts to carryout the same financial functions. Since the time of the report and the installation of the ERP software, both Finance and HR have added more employees. That’s not what would be expected, when manual operations are replaced with sophisticated automated operations.

    TUSD’s Communications and Media Outreach department already has a budget of $1.37 million! How much more do they need?

    As far as multiple media outlets go, three Magnet School directors ago, TUSD was trying to target media outlets used by parents and families. In April 2016 Ms. Stephanie Boe was the chairman of the committee that award $200,000/year with a 5 year contract to KVOA and Telemundo. I guess that’s multiple media outlets.

    A number of the other items Ms. Foster cites were recommendations of the efficiency consultant, needed to satisfy the desegregation plan or total unrelated to the strategic plan.

    I wish all 5 Board members would focus on educating the kids and staffing the schools with qualified teachers. We don’t need any more gamesmanship by either side.

    Sanchez started the two early learning centers as a benefit poorly paid, young teachers to be able to afford daycare for their young children. The majority of parents who use the centers are not TUSD employees, let along teachers. The early learning centers are not affordable for most teachers AND have lost money every year. They’re losing money TUSD needs to spend on its schools, instead of continuing to cut school budgets. There’s no evidence the early learning centers have increased TUSD’s enrollment.

    The Claris software was installed and implemented to meet the desegregation plan’s requirement to track and improve academic performance.

  2. Increased enrollment – good Lord the woman is relentless. The ECC, headed by Rachel Hockheim, who had to leave for Patagonia under nefarious circumstances after her boy toy HT left town; HT didn’t even keep his own kid there. I don’t think I’d keep tooting that horn.
    Microsoft 365 – let’s see, kids in HS couldn’t complete portions of AZMerit due to computer difficulties; yearbook and digital media classes in the HSs don’t have sufficient programs to do their assignments.
    How many pieces of the SP were not sufficiently implemented- how about Site Councils at EACH school (Utterback anyone)?
    Foster and the SP should make a move to Texas

  3. Kristel has no problem with the amount of half truths and lies that come out of her pie hole. And speaking of holes, her lies have more holes than swiss cheese.

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