Arizona Daily Star declares Raul Grijalva as the #1 “sports villain in Tucson history”

Congressman Raul Grijalva makes the #1 spot on Arizona Daily Star sports columnist Greg Hansen’s top sports villains in Tucson History.

Editor’s note: This summer, Star columnist Greg Hansen is counting down the top 10 of just about everything related to Tucson sports.

Today’s list: the top 10 sports villains in Tucson history.

When the politicians debated where to build a spring training facility for the Arizona Diamondbacks and Chicago White Sox… Raul Grijalva… insisted on an Ajo Way and South Country Club site and fought against a stadium near Interstate 10 downtown.

“We are potentially setting up a jewel,” Grijalva said on May 31, 1996. “It’s a place that will automatically attract people, whether it’s for services or entertainment. We’re establishing the magnet and the interest.”

That interest was never developed. The Kino Sports Complex was not a jewel but an out-of-the-way bust. Tucson no longer has spring training or minor-league baseball.

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  1. Why hell. I will say it. He is democracy’s public enemy number one. His far far left special brand of politics will collapse our country. Plain and simple. And I do believe that is his intended outcome. He would never say it but….His allegiance is NOT the USA.

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