Will Kristel Foster recuse herself from renewing ESI contract today after receiving thousands in kickbacks from their VP? 

Last summer the Democrats running TUSD (Adelita, Kristel, and Cam) decided to:

  1.  Outsource substitute teachers to a…
  2. Private corporation out of…
  3. Phoenix,  blaming…
  4. ObamaCare as the reason for their decision.

They paid:

  1. Over $20 million to do so…
  2. The subs got no health benefits and…
  3. A decrease in pay,  meanwhile…
  4. Kristel Foster and Cam Juarez received a kickback donation to their re-election campaigns,  the highest from any donor, from the wife of the VP of ESI who lives is Paradise Valley.
  5. Mark Stegeman voted no on the contract and received no donation.

The pay-to-play scandal made news.  Kristel was finally shamed into returning the kickback.  Cam still has not despite promising publicly at least three times that he would.  As a result Juarez,  has not filed his campaigns finance reports as required by law since September of last year.

Today TUSD will be voting on whether to renew the esa contract for yet another year. The ESI contract was a referendum on last year’s election campaign since the public throughout incumbent cam Horace after he failed to return his $5,000 Kickback donation. Furthermore the members of the new board majority also stated in the past that they would be against renewing the ESI contract.

Either way it is clear that Kristel Foster should recuse herself from today’s vote on the ESI contract due to her tainted kickback donation that she received without remorse until she was caught with her hands in the cookie jar.

Cam Juarez should also file his campaign finance reports especially since the Democrats supposedly love transparency and hate dark money from private corporations. Plus it’s the law and as a federal employee he should know better.

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6 comments on “Will Kristel Foster recuse herself from renewing ESI contract today after receiving thousands in kickbacks from their VP? 
  1. not a betting man, but if I was, she will go with the renewal of ESI as $5k is riding on her campaign promise!

  2. Kristel Foster said that she returned the money after she found out who had contributed to her. This is not true. Kristel had to know that the $5,000 check she received was “pay to play” money. Foster is not the innocent “teacher” that she makes out to be. First off, she is NOT a classroom teacher. She floats from school to school and provides no direct services to students.

    No governing board candidate receives $5,000 without having some knowledge of the contributor. If they do not immediately know, they should immediately find out. Duh!

    What happened with KF is that she got caught. Plain and simple. She only agreed to return the money to the contractor who has a $10,000,000 plus contract with TUSD.

    Shame on her for her continued dishonesty.

  3. Kristel did return the money. Kristel should have recused herself from this vote. She still bears the taint of that act, especially because it has damaged so many people.

  4. Kristel “Mean Girl” Foster continues to damage her political image and more so, the pima county democratic party as well. She has made so many missteps in her personal brand of politics she is rapidly becoming radioactive to those around her. Even Adelita would be wise to distance herself from this unhinged person. With her eventual demise so goes the reputation of all the Ds who endorsed her.

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