5 comments on “Dr. Trujillo responds to concerns about HT Sanchez visit to TUSD graduations violating termination contract
  1. What a disappointment Dr. Trujillo is becoming. Does he think his doublespeak elevates the public’s opinion of him, or did he not realize this letter would be widely distributed?

    Maybe he thinks “who is C.A.R.E. anyway?” I’m wondering too. Does anybody know?

    • CARE has met with three board members and Trujillo. He knows who they are. They are just starting their grassroots efforts but you can following Care4tusd on Facebook

      • I’m pleased to see betts’ photo on the Care4tusd homepage. She is more passionate about doing good for TUSD’s kids and teachers than any superintendent, administrator, or board member.

  2. From what it is being said about the principal from Magee is true! Sad thing is the leadership didn’t do anything about it and he continues to be the same person and hasn’t changed. Fact is half of the school staff have left and he continues to be the same incompetent person leading a school who has cried for help. And those who stayed back are afraid of retaliation because he has gone after staff before. How is this helping our schools become more successful when you have people like this person? The staff has spoken and asked for the districts help and nothing has happened.

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