TSON News | TUSD: We will not bring back MAS even if Federal Judge rules in their favor

TUSD: We will not bring back MAS even if Federal Judge rules in their favor

According to the Arizona Republic today who interviewed TUSD’s Stefanie Boe, Mexican American Studies will not be coming back to TUSD even if they win this case. It seems Dr. Trujillo may sadly continue in Dr. Pedicone’s footsteps when it comes to the transformative program that saved lives. 

If Arce [Court case plaintiff] prevails, Huppenthal’s decision that the Mexican American Studies program violated HB 2281 would be voided.

Stefanie Boe, Tucson Unified School District spokeswoman, said regardless of the outcome, nothing will change at the district.

The district has a culturally relevant curriculum that has been approved by state Superintendent Diane Douglas and her team, Boe said.

“We are in compliance with state law while still bringing a multicultural approach to learning,” Boe said. “We don’t need to change. We found a way to work with the state and meet the obligations of our court order at the same time.”

Source: Mexican-American studies ban back in court

Prediction: MAS will prevail in federal court and this will be the pivotal issue in next year’s TUSD school board elections when Grijalva and HIcks’ seats become open.

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11 comments on “TUSD: We will not bring back MAS even if Federal Judge rules in their favor
    • MAS students scored significantly higher on the math, writing, and reading on the AIMS Test compared to other TUSD students who did not take MAS

  1. It’s always been local. If the community wanted MAS, the board would have no option. With or without a court decision.

  2. Is Stephanie Boe’s statement the official position of the policy makers (the governing board) of TUSD???

  3. If Stephanie Boe’s statement is NOT official, then it should be considered immediate grounds for dismissal as her actions are insubordinate coming from the Director of Communications.

    But hey. What do I know? I am just a lowly taxpayer who wants results from the largest school district who spends the most per capita and gets the least from TUSD.

  4. Either Boe is speaking as a lone wolf, still pretending that she is empowered which is a hangover from the Sanchez era or the current Board voted and gave her direction to proclaim that MAS would never be brought back to TUSD. If such a vote took place I must have missed the Board meeting and I have not missed a Board meeting since before Boe was hired by TUSD. Therefore, Boe does not have Board action or direction from the majority of the Board to be speaking on behalf of the District.

    It is about time that she learn her role and function and it is about time that she be held accountable.

  5. It has never been “local” when it comes to TUSD, if by “local” you mean those who live within TUSD. Those who fought hardest against MAS were those who live in Oro Valley, Catalina Foothills, and the surrounding non-TUSD boundaries.

  6. It’s hard to understand what motivated Stephanie Boe to make her statement about MAS. I can’t believe Acting Superintendent Trujillo directed her to make the statement and the Board can’t do that without a vote.

    Dr. Trujillo would be unlikely to make a public statement on TUSD’s position n MAS without consulting the TUSD Governing Board. No single member, not even the president of the Board is authorized to take public positions for TUSD.

    Besides, there’s no reason for Dr. Trujillo or the Board to make any statements about MAS before the Court has announced its decision!

  7. Stefanie Boe is to TUSD what Steve Bannon is to Donald Trump. Her bias, as it pertains to people of color is one which has been quite obvious for quite some time. Her prejudices probably go beyond people of color. She flaunts her PR power anytime she can and no one has stopped her so far. It will be interesting to watch Supt. Trujillo put the brakes on this run-away PR train. Her mission, until HT High Tailed out of Tucson, was to make him look good through any and all means possible. She is now going to have to actually earn her keep by selling our schools to the public. Since she has not one single idea about what goes on in our schools, she will have to learn a lot. She is getting paid way to much to be learning what her job is at this point. Remember, too, that this PR person lobbied to get her husband hired at PV High School on an emergency teaching certificate. HT pulled the needed strings.

    Any PR person who uses her position to do what she has should be dismissed.

    Her comments about MAS are reflective of her anti-Mexican attitude.

  8. IF the Court rules in favor of the plaintiffs in this case, it will mean that the actions taken by Tom Horne and John Huppenthal, while in their official State of Arizona positions, INTENTIONALLY singled out MAS based on ethnic malice and discriminatory reasons, with the purposed of eliminating it. IF these facts are proven to the level required in a court of law, TUSD should and perhaps, MUST, re-examine the harm that was caused by the State in “suspending” (code word for killing) MAS, banning MAS textbooks, and being forced to develop new CR curriculum. History has proven that when discriminatory actions are taken (hate-based actions) harm results.

    Boe does not understand any of these legal implications and should stop speaking from her bigoted framework. She is actually agreeing with what are socially proven bigots- Horne and Huppenthal- who will hopefully, soon to be legally proven bigots- which makes her one and the same.

    Is this who should be the spokesperson for TUSD?!

  9. My daughter was fortunate enough to be able to attend MAS classes at Tucson High Magnet School.The MAS teachers and courses changed her life. Actually, the impact of the courses impacted all of us in very positive ways. We are an upper middle class white family who never paid much attention to other cultures. MAS literature and social studies inspired my daughter to value and appreciate her own culture while also valuing and appreciating the Mexican culture, its rich literature and history. There was never a hint of hate spewed in her classes. Her MAS classes opened the door (and our hearts) to the study and appreciation of other cultures and religions.

    My daughter blossomed intellectually because of the MAS courses she took but more importantly, she blossomed socially and took us along with her.

    My youngest son has been enrolled in Culturally Relevant courses this last year. I do not see the same level of engagement from his teachers and his experience is totally different than my daughter’s. He says he got cheated and I agree.

    I think TUSD has gone backwards during the last 4 to 5 years with administrators like Boe. As a taxpaying TUSD mom, I do not agree with her message and hope that someone will hold her accountable.

    MAS as it was and its teachers, as they were, need to return to TUSD.

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