TSON News | Dr. Trujillo is the best choice for TUSD

Dr. Trujillo is the best choice for TUSD

Three Sonorans fully endorses Dr. Gabriel Trujillo to be the next TUSD Superintendent. Below we include the reasons Betts Putnam-Hidalgo, an educational activist for years in TUSD, believes that Dr. Trujillo is the best choice from her most recent email to supporters.

I hope you are all involved in watching or attending the forums for the TUSD Superintendent: they can be seen here. There are also articles in the Daily Star on each candidate AND detailed summaries of the forums on Georgia Cole Brousseau’s (public) Facebook page.

In addition, please contact individual board members with your preferred candidate’s name in the subject line ASAP: they will be selecting the Superintendent at the Tuesday, Aug. 22 Board meeting. Addresses are here adelitagrijalva@gmail.com, azstubbs@gmail.com, ms.sedgwick@gmail.com, kristel.foster@tusd1.com, markwstegeman@gmail.com

Dr. Trujillo is the best choice for TUSD

Dr. Gabriel Trujillo.

After attending all forums, Dr. Trujillo, the current interim superintendent stands out as the best candidate.

He has already done the “listening tour” that the other three candidates spoke about needing to do and has designed a to-do list from what he heard.

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  • Focus the Board on areas that they agree on (such as putting more money into the classrooms),
  • Counselors and learning support personnel in every school so that students can get help DURING the school day,
  • Train entire school staff on the discipline system DURING the school year DURING school hours,
  • Implement the Unitary Status Plan by meeting with plaintiffs more than once a year,
  • Making sure that educators take the lead in negotiations instead of lawyers,
  • Support the magnet schools,
  • Put fine arts and sports into every school,
  • Begin the budget process early so that there is time for lots of input,
  • Evaluation and modification if needed,
  • Stop top-down management

All of these are ideas that align with the policies that I tried to put forward in multiple campaigns. So far Dr. Trujillo appears to have treated all board members the same – which the more untrusting Board members definitely do not like!

He strongly supports professionally certified teachers, unlike the other two local candidates who, with varying degrees of enthusiasm, support placing uncertified adults into the classroom to teach our students.

He supports dual language program and culturally relevant classes as we wait for a court decision on MAS.

With a few years at TUSD Dr.Trujillo is not as much an “insider” as the two other local candidates (13 and 24 years in the district)…. yet is not as much of an outsider as the candidate from Kentucky. In his time, he has managed to avoid the toxic politics of TUSD – a big point in his favor.

Finally, he is the only candidate who can really hit the ground running. For a host of reasons, I honestly believe that he is the best candidate for the job. Whoever YOU think is best, I encourage you to get involved and send input into the Board ASAP!

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8 comments on “Dr. Trujillo is the best choice for TUSD
  1. Really. He had a chance to get rid of Augie Romero and did not. He was the final approval for Sanchez to appear at Mary Meredith – a clear violation of the termination agreement. Sanchez still gets his $200K. My observation is Trujillo plays the game the way he is instructed to by Grijalva and Foster. Shameful, shaneful.

    • Do you have any evidence that he signed off on Sanchez visit, because I thought that responsibility was on the board per the contract?

      • It is common knowledge Sanchez was in communication with Jaeger – a contract violation. Jaeger punted the decision to Trujillo. Sad that the General Council that helped craft the agreement didn’t even abide by it.

    • Will make no excuses for Auggie Romero still being an administrator within TUSD but it is really stupid to blame Trujillo. 1. Auggie Romero’s file was allegedly wiped clean by Sanchez with the help of Maiden. 2. Legal Counsel would not allow Board members near the investigation report (on the grade-changes) that was completed on Auggie. It was regarded as “attorney-client privileged” but the clients weren’t allowed to do anything with it. If you want to blame someone, blame the new Board majority for not demanding that the report be made available during executive session and for allowing legal counsel to treat them like crap. Trujillo worked with what he was handed, which was not a great deal.

      Todd Jaeger gave the thumbs up for Sanchez to attend the graduations by giving Trujillo partial and, therefore, incorrect information.

      You are being way too obvious about your animus toward Trujillo. Talk your bigotry down and let go of the need to control this.

  2. Why do you continue to harass Dr. Romero? He is overwhelmingly liked by staff, students and parents. You all don’t give a crap about kids because if you did, you would support him. You care about you and your bullshit agenda! Please, on behalf nearly all staff and parents and most certainly kids, please leave pueblo alone. There are great things happening there.

  3. Pueblo Parent,
    It sounds like you have, most unfortunately, guzzled the Auggie-Kool-Aid. I am a teacher at Pueblo and the staff is split on Auggie. Half of the teachers know him for who he is and the other half are newer and naïve about him or get his favored treatment. He has established several quid-pro-qui relationships with teachers wherein he gives them more than other teachers and they wind up being indebted to him. You see it as support when it is just a comfortable and sick set-up. He is far from being an instructional leader. He does not supervise instruction at Pueblo the way that a leader should. I have not known of a single instance where he has re-directed some of the poor teaching that we have taking place at Pueblo. Lesson plans are pretty much optional. He ignores discipline problems to keep his numbers low. He shoves kids into AP courses, some cannot make it but he leaves them enrolled in AP even though they are moved to a non-AP class. He has pressured teachers (along with Frank following the same philosophy) to change grades for students who are failing. This includes countless athletes. Even when a teacher complained that he had changed the grades of half a dozen students in her class and had the evidence to verify this, the District did nothing.

    He has been at a national conference and had a horrible, public outburst during which he used profanity. He lost the master keys to Pueblo and then made up a story to cover himself, blaming kids for stealing the keys. The drug overdose situation that took place last year was all due to the lack of supervision that kids have when they are ALLOWED to wonder the campus while ditching their classes.

    Auggie is a user. He is self-serving. This is really all anyone needs to know about him. He has been trying to get a job outside of TUSD since he came to Pueblo. No one else will touch him.

    You should know that the great majority of those with whom he worked in Mexican American Studies have cut all ties with him for his lack of loyalty to the issue and his optimum level of self-serving. He is a vendido, more interested in Auggie’s well being than that of our students or community.

    Auggie has been at Pueblo for 4 years and has done nothing to move academic achievement in the right direction; UP. He is totally responsible for losing Pueblo’s magnet status. But he aligned with Sanchez and considers himself part of Adelita Grijalva’s family, who protect him at all cost. He thought that he would be protected no matter what he did and so far it has worked. But his lack of leadership and knowledge about instruction has cost the school and students dearly. Meanwhile, Auggie is still at Pueblo politicking his survival not paying attention to the fact that this school is failing the majority of its students. Just look at the achievement scores for Pueblo. That should convince, if nothing else does.

    If I am wrong, I apologize, because I do respect parents and the important role they play at Pueblo, but I can’t help but wonder if you are Auggie or his ghost-writer.

  4. I hope the Board will select Dr. Trujillo as the next superintendent.

    I went to some of the public forums he gave shortly after he was appointed acting superintendent. I was impressed with how much he knew and understood about TUSD’s ongoing problems. He had practical, doable answers for addressing TUSD’s ongoing issues.

    Coming from another large Arizona district has given him more insight into TUSD’s problems and what needs to change. At the candidate forum, he hit question after question out of the ball park. You can watch the videos posted on TUSD’s website to find out what he and the other candidates had to say.

    Mr. Trejo talked without answering about 9 of his questions. He was in favor of hiring teachers who don’t have degrees at all. Imagine a teacher without certification who has not earned any degree at all!

    Even with 24 years in TUSD, he didn’t appear to have thought hard about solutions to TUSD’s issues. I wondered, if he even wanted to be TUSD’s superintendent. It’s going to be a tough job with plenty of critics.

    Ms. Marin had a good attitude about many of TUSD’s issues, but too many times she said she would do research. As superintendent, she wouldn’t have enough hours in the day and TUSD lacks the feedback systems superintendents need to be effective. She’d be stuck with looking for answers from people who might not want her to have the information.

    Neither Mr. Trejo nor Ms. Marin are ready to lead a large school district. If we get the right superintendent, Ms. Marin is in a good position to learn. If we don’t get a smart superintendent, she should look for a job in a large, well run district. Mr. Trejo could do that, but he seems to be excited by the opportunities in his present job.

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