Three Sonorans is a blog that is a combination between citizen journalism and opinionated columnist.

After what happened to my home state of Arizona in 2010, I realized we needed to be more pro-active rather than re-active.

So I try to alert the community of important news, and I also try to use all the evidence available to forecast what is coming soon.

In addition, I provide my own analysis and thoughts on what is happening, and yes, at times you can sense the frustration, the anger, the sadness, and the hope in my writing.

Blog comes from the words “web log” and it can be thought of as a journal that is open to the public. Except for guest commentaries, what I write is my own perspective of news events; a Chicano perspective that is now banned in TUSD history courses.

I do not represent any community as a spokesperson. Many agree with me, many disagree with me. What I write are my own opinions and thoughts.

I also provide tons of evidence, from videos to documents, and I am highly educated with a graduate degree in interdisciplinary program of Applied Mathematics, so I’m not just some person rambling online. There are many things that are connected when viewed in the right perspective. Once I realized that this blog is a main source of information for those following Tucson events around the country, I have also accepted the responsibility to try to provide the highest quality information.

And of course, I still have my emotional analysis, which usually comes out of frustration for a lack of action to prevent something bad from happening. For example, Tucson is run by Democrats at every level, from city to county to school board to 3/3 Congressmembers, including a Democratic Sheriff.

Yet Tucson is the place banning books, banning Mexican American Studies, the place with the largest Border Patrol sector, a place of white supremacy, minutemen, Tucson Tragedies, and immigrant deaths out in the desert.

“Baja Arizona” is not so progressive after all.

Welcome to the world of my thoughts, my analysis, my perspective, and my passion.