2016 Endorsements

As a citizen of Tucson, I believe that the two biggest changes needed are to #ChangeTheBoard on both the TUSD School Board and on the Pima County Board of Supervisors.

These endorsements come with the caveat that just as I am taking a risk to endorse people way to the right of me, I hope that if any of these candidates win that they also take a risk to do the right thing and distinguish themselves from the Party currently headed by Donald Trump.

Contested OfficeMy endorsement
TUSD governing boardBetts Putnam-Hidalgo
(and any two people besides Foster & Juarez)
PCC Board Dist5Luis Gonzales
Pima Board of SupervisorsDist1: Ally Miller
Dist3: Kim DeMarco
Dist4: Steve Christy
Dist5: Martin Bastidas
Pima AttorneyCynthia Tuell
Pima SuperintendentMargaret Burkholder
Pima AssessorSuzanne Droubie
Pima RecorderMike Cease
Pima SheriffMark Napier
LD3Sally Gonzales & Macario Saldate
Prop 205 (Marijuana legalization)Yes
Prop 206 (Minimum wage raise and paid time off)Yes
PresidentJill Stein

The list of all candidates is below.

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