ACLU: Tucson Police violating Constitutional Rights under SB1070

American Civil Liberties Union of Arizona said Monday its review of Tucson police records found the department is, with help from the Border Patrol, prolonging traffic stops beyond necessary to check the immigration status of people it stops.

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TUSD Whistleblowers on Fostering Campaign Lies, and is HT Sanchez busted?

To: The Tucson Community- 27th Open Letter
From:  Whistleblowers– Comprised of a Large Group of Extremely Concerned TUSD Administrators, Teachers, and Parents, Grandparents and Growing with Each and Every Letter

Subject: Kristal not-so-clear Foster’s Campaign Lies- Do Not Let Another Public Relations Person Fool You About TUSD

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How Ted Cruz might become President: American votes still don’t directly elect POTUS

This is still a heavily red state and we will keep electing the Sheriff Arpaios and Deadbeat Duceys to office even if it hurts us. What matters is that they go after immigrants in front of our eyes, so we can see them stabbing us and our kids educational futures in the back.

Thus there is a high probability that Arizona will go red just as it always has this century, and that means that 100% of our electoral power, even if Hillary wins hundreds of thousands of votes, will all go to the Republican.

That Republican may be Ted Cruz after the GOP Convention.

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Understanding the current crisis in Puerto Rico

For the past 118 years, Puerto Rico has existed as an anamoly, geographically closer than Hawaii or Alaska to mainland United States, yet ruled like distant Guam or American Samoa. In keeping with America’s somewhat self-deceiving anticolonialist ethos, the island was deemed a “possession” during World War I. For most Americans, the island is known best for the 20th-century migration of Puerto Rican families to the mainland, mostly to New York City, a byproduct of the deal that extended the draft to the island’s young men. Now, the migration has begun anew, again to New York but also to Florida, Chicago, and the American southeast. Driven by an economy in free fall, more than 50,000 people have been leaving for the mainland each year, and disproportionately represented in those numbers are the most ambitious, educated, and employable Puerto Ricans.

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