An open letter to Tucson about complicity in White supremacy

11/18/17 – An open letter to Tucson about your complicity in :

is receiving a warm welcome today by 80-degree temperatures and an immobilized indifference by the liberal self-image of Tucsonans. While emotions are high about the ceremonalizing of fascism, bigotry and hatred in our town, very little has been done to prevent the event from occurring both within the political establishment of Tucson and the recently established white liberal groups chasing the white supremacist tiger by the tail. Bannon is receiving an award for ‘Courageous Journalism” from Border Patrol affiliated Brian Terry Foundation for right-wing news outlet’s Brietbart coverage of the corrupt and failed covert operations known as “Fast and Furious”.

Bannon and the Trump Administration have repeatedly used the shooting death of Brian Terry to further promote hatred and racism towards immigrants, using this story as a foundation for trumps infamous campaign rhetoric that all undocumented immigrants are violent criminals. The facts of the shooting death of Terry have been manipulated to obscure the actual immigration crisis of migrant deaths in the Sonoran Desert that has escalated to the humanitarian crisis that it is today.

While some local officials have rightly condemned Bannon’s visit we need to see more conviction from our elected officials than social media posts. This is the exact divide of Tucson in this moment—relying on individual positioning of liberal values and messaging in only words while being complicit in the normalizing of fascism in the united states.

As we see an increase in the criminalization and incarceration of immigrants, the expansion of militarism in the borderlands, and expanding attacks on Sanctuary cities, We Demand:

  • Tucson elected officials make public statements against the presence of Bannon and his white supremacist agenda
  • No more collaboration between Tucson Police Department and Border Patrol
  • Sanctuary City status for Pima County and an end to Pima County Sheriff honoring ICE holds
  • City Council immediately pass and implement a municipal identification card
  • Pima County deny access to private security contractor G4S employees to any county owned facilities and properties

-L.U.P.E Tucson, Action Committee

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