Deportation Now on Hold for Mexican Journalist Emilio Gutiérrez Soto, But He Remains in Detention

    <a href=""><img alt="Seg-emilio-award" src="" style="float:right; padding-left:5px;" /></a>After a visit from Texas Democratic Congressmember Beto O&#8217;Rourke and a flurry of news reports, including on Democracy Now!, the Board of Immigration Appeals has reopened the asylum case of award-winning journalist Emilio Gutiérrez Soto, vacating his deportation order and granting him a full stay of his removal order. This means Gutiérrez cannot be deported, at the moment, and that the <span class="caps">BIA</span> will now issue a new ruling. But Gutiérrez has still not been released. We play an excerpt from our exclusive jailhouse interview with Gutiérrez and speak with William McCarren, the executive director of the National Press Club, who visited Gutiérrez in detention and said Gutiérrez broke down crying several times, and Gutiérrez&#8217;s lawyer, Eduardo Beckett.

Originally posted from Democracy Now! which can be read here.

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