#ShitHoleDon Captures Disgust After Trump’s Racist “Shithole Countries” Remark

Jon Queally, staff writer
First reported by the Washington Post, and then confirmed by various other outlets, President Donald Trump's racism sparked renewed outrage on Thursday—and the #ShitHoleDon hashtag—when it was learned he referred to Haiti, El Salvador, and African nations as "shitholes countries" during  a closed-door meeting with Republican lawmakers.

Originally posted from Common Dreams - Breaking News & Views for the Progressive Community which can be read here.

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  • President Trump should not use that kind of language in office. He should resign for that kind of behavior for saying it in front of millions of Americans who watch him on TV.The White House may or should have rules for that type of behavior in office for a setting president. Donald Trump is now the first U.S. president in U.S. history ever to use that kind of language in office.

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