Deportation Now on Hold for Mexican Journalist Emilio GutiƩrrez Soto, But He Remains in Detention

After a visit from Texas Democratic Congressmember Beto O’Rourke and a flurry of news reports, including on Democracy Now!, the Board of Immigration Appeals has reopened the asylum case of award-winning journalist Emilio Gutiérrez Soto, vacating his deportation order and granting him a full stay of his removal order. This means Gutiérrez cannot be deported, at the moment, and that the BIA will now issue a new ruling. But Gutiérrez has still not been released. We play an excerpt from our exclusive jailhouse interview with Gutiérrez and speak with William McCarren, the executive director of the National Press Club, who visited Gutiérrez in detention and said Gutiérrez broke down crying several times, and Gutiérrez’s lawyer, Eduardo Beckett.

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Is the U.S. Exporting Its Travel Ban with Thousands of TSA & DHS Agents in 70 Countries?

A New York Times investigation has revealed how the Department of Homeland Security is increasingly going global, with thousands of agents from the Department of Homeland Security and the Transportation Security Administration stationed in more than 70 countries around the world. Hundreds more DHS workers are deployed at sea on Coast Guard ships or in the skies on surveillance planes. Stationing ICE overseas is reportedly about four times as expensive as a domestic post. Now some countries are accusing DHS of attempting to export the United States’ restrictive immigration laws, with one German politician saying DHS’s interrogations and detentions at foreign airports constitute an extrajudicial travel ban. We speak with Ron Nixon, The New York Times’s homeland security correspondent who broke the story, “Homeland Security Goes Abroad. Not Everyone Is Grateful.”

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Headlines for December 29, 2017

Alabama Officially Declares Doug Jones Winner of U.S. Senate Race, Trump Uses Winter Weather to Try to Cast Doubt Upon Global Warming Science, Trump Admin Slated to Roll Back Offshore Oil Drilling Safety Regulations, Trump on Russia Collusion Probe: “It Makes the Country Look Very Bad”, Russia Accuses U.S. of Breaking Arms Control Treaty & Interfering in Russian Election, At Least 12 Dead in New York City Apartment Fire, At Least 14 Dead in Mumbai Restaurant Fire, U.N.: 68 Civilians Killed in Saudi-Led Bombing in Yemen on Tuesday, Syria: A Dozen Critically Ill Patients Evacuated from Eastern Ghouta, Liberia: Ex-Footballer George Weah Wins Presidential Election, Palestinian Girl Faces Charges After Video of Her Slapping Israeli Soldier Goes Viral, George Ciccariello-Maher Resigns from Drexel Amid Death Threats from White Supremacists, Erica Garner Suffers “Major Brain Damage” After Heart Attack

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Genocide, Massacre, Apartheid, Resistance: Four Images of Dakota, Lakota, Palestinians as 2017 Comes to an End

As Dakota and Lakota rode in honor of those hanged and massacred, Palestinians were murdered and imprisoned because of the reckless announcement of Trump.

Man Missing Both Legs Murdered by Israeli Forces while Protesting Trump’s Reckless Announ…

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MAS trial ends after 7 years: Victory for Ethnic Studies, another costly loss for racist Arizona

A lot has happened since Three Sonorans first began in the summer of 2010. Racial tensions were heating up with the recent passage of SB1070, the Papers Please law, and with HB2281, the law banning Ethnic Studies. More than seven years later, we are glad to report that we have been there throughout the entire MAS trial and the federal […]

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